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    • By Birgitte
      Howdy folks, I asked in another thread i hijacked but wanted to elaborate a bit so here i am. The Epoch 1.0.6 server is going well. it's a little tough finding information regarding changes so i hope i am not repeating too much. You have all been an excellent help so far.
      I am looking for a way to configure what gets lifted and what does the lifting with the current heli lift system and remove the requirement for a person on the ground or a way to use the previous system which is compatible with 1.0.6. R3F something and something, lol.
      I also seem to remember some script which allows bicycles to be put away in your pocket or something. Any ideas?
      Thanks again and I hope all is well with you.
    • By Zetland Survivor
      Hi, We currently have R3F running on our server, we have Tow, Lift and Cargo configured and working but i recently decide to add some move-able by player objects to the list. My plan was to add searchlights and static machine guns to the trader, which I have done. They can then be loaded as cargo into a truck or heli, driven to a location and unloaded. This is where the problems lie. When unloaded, the Static M2 gun seems to be automatically attached to the player, i'm unsure if this is a bug, or if this is how its supposed to be. But the problem is that you can't drop it. There is no option on the scroll wheel to select drop. Also, it should be possible to pick up and carry a stationary object, walk with it to a vehicle or location and drop it. There is also no option to pick up or move. I had problems with the Battleye filters when I tried to load or unload a 'Static' object, but after editing the BE filters, it is now fixed, I have checked the RPT log, no errors.
      This is what my settings are within the script.
      /****** MOVABLE-BY-PLAYER OBJECTS ******/
       * List of class names of objects moveables by player.
      //R3F_LOG_CFG_objets_deplacables = ["Land_Teapot_EP1"];
      R3F_LOG_CFG_objets_deplacables =
    • By shote
      Hello, first, sorry for my bad english.
      So im here to ask something about the TOW LIFT script. I added this script ( http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14934-logistic-tow-lift/) I do exactly what this tutorial do and i have one iusse. 
      Tow vehicle its working perfectly, but lift one .. sometimes dont work, i dont know why honestly. I will upload photo (gyazo if its allowed) to show u guys how I have coded it.
      there---> dayz_private_1.epoch.chernarus\logistic     https://gyazo.com/8217781746656b1df3526e315a3a33d5
      there---> inside the init   https://gyazo.com/0c8a0d8998d08466e1aae7bb6875e1a2
      I dont knwo if what i show its enought or not, but i dont know what is worng. 
      Honestly i dont have much knows about Scripting.

      Thanks all for support
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