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  1. We're not populated yet but that's exactly the way we admin the [AM] servers. If you want to be one of the first on our A3 server and help build the population feel free to join us. Dedicated server, no BS admin style, and anything added to the server will be done with game balance in mind. We do run indestructible bases but you'll never see deployable heli's, quad's, etc. Death needs to have consequences. Other than that we have multiple AI systems and capture points. Running stock loot right now and there is plenty of loot if you take the time to look for it, even as a solo player. amgaming.net A3 Server: port 2402
  2. Shelf's that are near lootable furniture items are being deleted when the furniture is cleaned up. I built a brand new shelf tonight next to a fridge that I had looted. Went away for a bit, returned to base to find the lootable objects had been cleaned up of course, but my new shelf that was right next to it was also gone. This was in a dev environment with no one else on the server.
  3. Anyone able to work this out yet? Mine are still broken at high pop.
  4. One of the devs addressed the issue on ATL 2 last night. He told some trader campers to move on or they would be removed from Alpha. I'm all for some PVP myself but you're really not giving people a chance to test anything if you're killing them at spawn. Kind of defeats the purpose of Alpha testing IMO.
  5. I look at it the same way as Rocu. I already have 2 DZMS missions that are easier on my server at all times. I use WAI for large missions with much better loot. This creates great PVP battles with only 1 WAI mission at a time. I'd love to see a config option to toggle simultaneous WAI missions on/off.
  6. Sorry if I've missed the fix, but has this been addressed? Possibly fixed in 2.1.0? I'm still on 2.0.5 for my prod server and sometimes you only need to deal with mounted AI to get a crate because the rest run so far away and huddle around a vehicle. It's really noticeable on bandit base missions because the groups try to follow the humvee patrol around.
  7. This isn't related to the mission. You're seeing that because you already entered the code "0000" which is also the correct code for all the other safe's your SQL event has unlocked.
  8. Double check your config files. Can lift has some littlebird class names still and Liftable has ch47's
  9. Looking forward to adding this to our server soon, thanks for the update. We're having a problem with people biking into missions now and the AI, even at their hardest skill level, do not respond quick enough. They can make it to mission vehicles and drive off in most cases with no issue. Anyone know of anything that can be done to fix it? I'd love to see something that auto ejects you from the bike if you are within X distance of an AI.
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