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  1. I'm recently back after ending my server about a year ago, i'm fully back now and want to start my server up again. I was with verthosting from the beginning and now they're gone, what are the hosts being used right now? Can anyone help me with this? Friendly greetings, Ext.
  2. After a while they stop working i heard, i have no idea how that would work but you should try a fresh install or just re-buy it :)
  3. Add my skype if you want me to help you out, alot easyer than just talking over here, i'm also dutch which can maybe be better for you? :D
  4. It happened today and kicked everyone with lower than 200 Bandwith nothing worked, this is a piece of my server.rpt log; 21:49:12 Client: Remote object 114:0 not found 21:49:17 "infiSTAR.de PlayerDisconnected: _uid: xxxxxxxxxxxx _name: xxxxx" 21:49:17 "nil player object attempting PV, :["uidxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","namexxxx"]" 21:49:17 "get: STRING (), sent: STRING (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)" 21:49:17 "DISCONNECT: xxxxxxxx (xxxxxxx) Object: 2f25a040# 1061675: man_survivor.p3d, _characterID: 17510 at loc [12689.6,12284.2,0.00141907]" 21:49:17 Client: Remote object 109:1 not found 21:49:28 "CLEANUP: Deleted 127 Loot Piles out of 818" 21:49:37 "infiSTAR.de PlayerDisconnected: _uid: xxxxxx _name: xxxxxxxx " 21:49:37 "nil player object attempting PV, :["uidxxxx","namexxxx "]" 21:49:37 "z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_onPlayerDisconnect.sqf: nil player object, _this:["uidxxxxxxxxx","namexxxxxx "]" 21:49:37 Client: Remote object 91:1 not found 21:49:39 "Purging player: 583bc080# 1067243: overall.p3d" 21:49:41 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: _uid: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx _name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" 21:49:50 "Purging player: 52784080# 1066930: man_survivor.p3d" 21:49:56 "nil player object attempting PV, :["UIDxxxxxxx","Namexxxx"]"
  5. Will try if it comes up, thanks mate! :D
  6. Dear survivors, I have a common bug on my server, every once in like 5-6 days it comes up. There are like 30-40 players online at that moment and from one on the other moment, other joined players can't get in the server anymore. It just says waiting for character to create OR must be close to a rock to mine. So fresh joined players can't play and get in but the ones playing right at that moment can just play untill they leave, so i have to restart the whole server. Any ideas?
  7. Turn off battleye which i wont recommend ^
  8. Both the bandwith lines can just get deleted.
  9. Would this work with vanilla dayz 1.8.2?
  10. Click on Sql and run its as a daily querry :) search on youtube for more stuff. :)
  11. I have the same, alot of players can't join my server since battleye kicks them for not being updated, i see them logging in the lobby and popping out a second after.. i think we just have to wait for a fix :D
  12. He must have some kind of hacks on hes pc even though its not for arma it can still get banned for it i think.. :)
  13. i saw this one for chernarus with same loadouts as u said its made by "ebay" :)
  14. What does it say in the logs? Or on battlewarden?
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