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  1. any reason why this just stopped working suddenly?
  2. I would love to help - I just shut down my dev and live server....sad times. Now I need to find a good server to play on. Anyone know of a good server?
  3. I hear ya bro! This sucks so much. I have put seriously so many hours into my server...and Im also at the point of killing it.
  4. I can't wait for 2.2.0! Was hoping it was going to be ready tonight :( Keep it up guys! :)
  5. Oh trust me I do! I hate DZC...it has single handedly killed my once fun server.
  6. ^^This right here! We went from a totally healthy server with 25+ regulars and new players joining all the time to a ghost town with maybe 4 people who still play on the server. I have tried to contact dotjosh several times via his website...but believe it or not but his contact me form on his website is broken as well. IF you do mange to contact him let me know. I am a web/mobile designer - front end dev for 11+ years and I am sure I can help in some way... Again^^^^^^ Would LOVE to know what you did. I have been working with James from Vert hosting to get our server listed without luck. We have been off DZC for about 3 weeks now and the server is pretty much dead... MY guess is that you guys are on IPs that are on the cached list of DZC - and thats why you are showing up. Even more so if you guys are all agreeing that it's stuck @3923 servers. Before my server changed IP's all I had to do was add the steam ports to my config and wait a few hours...
  7. Put this on my test server and it ran great. Only two issues I've noticed so far: The vehicles despawn no matter what. Even with you in the vehicle driving away it will despawn with the mission And a few times the static gunners would not shoot at me. Keep it up guys! Cant wait to use this on a live server!
  8. I will try it. I don't use dzc bit it seems like 98% of my players did.
  9. The server has been up for a week....still not on DZC.
  10. It's true. And it's sad. We went from a minimum of 15-20 people online and that was the min we could get up to 30+ all the time. Now we are lucky to have 4 people online.
  11. Hello all, So all was fine - server was showing on all launchers - had players and new players joining all the time. But we got a new IP. Ever since the server will not show on DZC. Nothing at all has changed but the ip. Still have the steamports in the config, etc. Anyone have an idea? Server info: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  12. This worked great! Thank you. I am totally looking forward to!
  13. Hello Ray! I am actually using your kickbutt snap build pro. Could I somehow change it with that? Why you ask? Players on my server have been abusing how much they can build...ALOT.
  14. Weird thing is I have tried this and it still doesnt work. I did exactly this: // disallow building if too many objects are found within 30m if((count ((getPosATL player) nearObjects ["All",300])) >= DZE_BuildingLimit) exitWith {DZE_ActionInProgress = false; cutText [(localize "str_epoch_player_41"), "PLAIN DOWN"];}; and added it to "custom\player_build.sqf" in my custom compiles.
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