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  1. It seems to me that those options are going to be in dayz_code.pbo, which cannot be changed unless you change the same file within the client files as well. Am I right guys?
  2. Birgitte

    Bouncing Helicopters

    I find that helicopters are only stable on completely flat surfaces that are buildings. They eventually move off any structure with a grade, even peaked structures. I can, however land on hospitals, fire stations, gas station canopies, and wooden structures built using the snap build system. I was even able to land an Mi17 on 2 shipping crates and they were stable enough to hold the chopper in place. Hope this helps.
  3. ok this recent one was one I added from arma2, that may be the problem. Any fixes?
  4. So this didn't fix the missing corpse problem. It seems to occur after crashing a chopper. The latest one I witnessed the corpse indicator was showing the corpse at the crashed chopper but there was nothing there.
  5. Birgitte

    Cloth change

    I am not having this issue on my server. Can you explain exactly what is happening with more detail?
  6. These are in no particular order, I flew around the map checking any water body I saw except ocean of course. These are the GPS coordinates, I can translate them to database format if you like. I am running, not 1a or 2. Non working ponds, reservoirs: 109,123 096,113 105,098 115,072(2 ponds) 122,059 128,060 138,080 088,057 099,062 106,157(big dam by traders) 088,120 Working ponds, reserviors: 128,057 141,084 142,082 088,058 098,064 141,084 I will add more when I find them. =o)
  7. There are several, I will get some coordinates for you.
  8. So if I change this: // 40 minutes = how long a player corpse stays on the map if (diag_tickTime - _deathTime > 40*60) then { to this: // 60 minutes = how long a player corpse stays on the map if (diag_tickTime - _deathTime > 60*60) then { I can increase the time to an hour?
  9. So can some fantastic code writing guru come up with a fix? Or is that link referring to a fix? OK I see that this is code for upcoming then?
  10. OK, is this supposed to work after you die and re-spawn? If so, it does not work. I'm assuming you add it to your init.sqf file, right? This is what I added: DZE_defaultSkin = [["FR_Marksman_DZ","RU_Soldier_Crew_DZ"],["SurvivorWcombat_DZ","SurvivorW3_DZ"]]; Also, I run
  11. OK cool, so where can I find that bit of code to edit? Pretty please =o) I do not know if it is an issue with the group function, I was trying to convey that sometimes the group function shows a corpse on the map and is accurate because if it doesn't show the little RIP, that means your corpse is gone.
  12. I agree! If you choose to play that way.
  13. Players and myself have been having trouble looting our corpse in We are using the group system and sometimes when we load in there is no corpse, other times, you can see it on the map and when you get there it disappears or disappears in the middle of looting yourself. Is there a time limit on how long you can take to get back to your corpse? If so, how do I adjust?
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