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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, your are a bit unhappy with the "R3F_ARTY_LOG" from "madbull ~R3F~", because it is not made for DayZ/Epoch..? No problem here is my reworked version of "madbull ~R3F~" script.. WHAT I DID? - cleaned up, no more 100 of sqf files - one config file - the vehicle position is now saving to the db - no glitch through buildings, when you drop a lifted vehicle - only tow and lift - and some little things 1.) Dowload 2.) unpack "logistic.zip" and copy the "logistic" folder to your "/MPMissions/DayZ_Epoch.Map" folder. 3.) open the "init.sqf" in your mission folder and add following on the top, after: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders.sqf"; ( optional ) if you have a "custom" compiles.sqf, you can put it there instead. call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "logistic\init.sqf"; enjoy && have fun ;) **** LOGISTIC - TOW / LIFT **** by Nightmare @ n8m4re.de Based on R3F_ARTY_LOG by "madbull ~R3F~" @ www.team-r3f.org A SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO *** SKARONATOR @ http://skaronator.com for helping me out with the hive write *** Jeff @ http://casual.fr french translation *** Blite - German Translation reworked *** Anarior - Tow reworked
  2. Birgitte

    heli lift, tow etc

    Howdy folks, I asked in another thread i hijacked but wanted to elaborate a bit so here i am. The Epoch 1.0.6 server is going well. it's a little tough finding information regarding changes so i hope i am not repeating too much. You have all been an excellent help so far. I am looking for a way to configure what gets lifted and what does the lifting with the current heli lift system and remove the requirement for a person on the ground or a way to use the previous system which is compatible with 1.0.6. R3F something and something, lol. I also seem to remember some script which allows bicycles to be put away in your pocket or something. Any ideas? Thanks again and I hope all is well with you.
  3. Hi, We currently have R3F running on our server, we have Tow, Lift and Cargo configured and working but i recently decide to add some move-able by player objects to the list. My plan was to add searchlights and static machine guns to the trader, which I have done. They can then be loaded as cargo into a truck or heli, driven to a location and unloaded. This is where the problems lie. When unloaded, the Static M2 gun seems to be automatically attached to the player, i'm unsure if this is a bug, or if this is how its supposed to be. But the problem is that you can't drop it. There is no option on the scroll wheel to select drop. Also, it should be possible to pick up and carry a stationary object, walk with it to a vehicle or location and drop it. There is also no option to pick up or move. I had problems with the Battleye filters when I tried to load or unload a 'Static' object, but after editing the BE filters, it is now fixed, I have checked the RPT log, no errors. This is what my settings are within the script. /****** MOVABLE-BY-PLAYER OBJECTS ******/ /** * List of class names of objects moveables by player. */ //R3F_LOG_CFG_objets_deplacables = ["Land_Teapot_EP1"]; R3F_LOG_CFG_objets_deplacables = [ "M2StaticMG", "MMT_Civ", "Old_bike_TK_INS_EP1", "Barrels", "USSpecialWeaponsBox", "USVehicleBox_EP1", "TKSpecialWeapons_EP1", "BAF_BasicAmmunitionBox", "SearchLight_US_EP1" ]; /*
  4. shote

    Tow / Lift Vehicle

    Hello, first, sorry for my bad english. So im here to ask something about the TOW LIFT script. I added this script ( http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14934-logistic-tow-lift/) I do exactly what this tutorial do and i have one iusse. Tow vehicle its working perfectly, but lift one .. sometimes dont work, i dont know why honestly. I will upload photo (gyazo if its allowed) to show u guys how I have coded it. there---> dayz_private_1.epoch.chernarus\logistic https://gyazo.com/8217781746656b1df3526e315a3a33d5 there---> inside the init https://gyazo.com/0c8a0d8998d08466e1aae7bb6875e1a2 I dont knwo if what i show its enought or not, but i dont know what is worng. Honestly i dont have much knows about Scripting. Thanks all for support
  5. Latest release: https://github.com/matt-d-rat/mf-tow/releases/latest Bug reports: https://github.com/matt-d-rat/mf-tow/issues Install guide: https://github.com/matt-d-rat/mf-tow/blob/master/README.md MF-Tow enables vehicles to be towed by others. It has been designed to be highly configurable, allowing server admins to define which vehicles can tow, and what types of vehicles they can tow. This script builds upon the ideas laid down by the built-in tow system in DayZ Epoch, but with more features and a better configurable ease of use. MF-Tow was inspired by the great work done by the R3F team on their '[R3F] Artillery and Logistic' addon, and serves as an alternative tow script for admins who just want to add towing functionality to their DayZ Epoch server. MF-Tow is also fully compatible with the popular '=BTC=_Logistic (DayZ Epoch Version)'.
  6. does anybody know the ExecVM code or line to activate the script please help me
  7. I'm having a problem with the R3F Tow/Lift Script. I'll link it at the bottom of the post if I can find it again. I'm not sure why it's not working so hopefully some one on here will be able to help. I'm installing it on Overpoch and when I spawn in fresh vehicles the tow script works but once those vehicles have been on the server thru a restart, the lift tow script will no longer work on them. It's strange because the script itself is working fine as long as the vehicles have not been on the server thru a restart. I can spawn in a SUV and it will let me tow it. Then I will restart the server and that SUV can no longer be towed but I could spawn in the same model SUV right next to it and the script will allow me to tow that one. I do not understand why a restart makes the vehicles untowable. The script is running and the vehicles were able to be towed right before the restart and the same model can be towed if I spawn a new one in. If anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. link to Tow/Lift script I'm using: http://opendayz.net/threads/release-preconfigured-r3f-logistics-towing-and-heli-lift.13743/
  8. Hey together, So i was thinking about, if i lift a verhicle, is it not possible to lift it with a player inside with the R3F Script? Does anyone know anything about the possibility? Thank you!
  9. You know that DayZ feeling when you have been out doing missions for 3 hours and finally coming back to base, flying your black hawk with a SUV in tow, rich and full of gear? Then when you drop the SUV, instead of dropping bellow the heli like it usually does it drops above it. You see that and realize that everything is going to hell in a matter of milliseconds and there is nothing you can do to stop the gravity of the situation. Black Hawk gets hit by the SUV, tossed into nearby trees and explodes, then to make matter worst some jackass hears the commotion and loots whatever survived of your misfortune. The icing on the cake are the admin who refuses to assist you because they decided to go on strike :-/ So, anyone else experienced something similar in DayZ?
  10. Hey Guys, I want to present you a new Epoch server, There are AI Missions, Tow/Lift, Special Sector, and so on. Its a new server and we are searching for new players who play fair and know this game. its a German Server, but the time is GMT -2. so i hope we can see you ingame. Greetings. Adress: Chainsaw Wood Massacre
  11. First of all, thank you to everyone who helped me with my server on this forum. I got so far and now the only thing that is left to do is Correct some minor issues. I have made a list of things that I need to do in order to have the server "perfectly" setup :D Green = Fixed Red = Not fixed 1. BattlEye Restriction Kicks Random Kicks from the game by BattlEye with various restrictions when Lifting/Towing/Shooting etc. 2. Side Chat names not displaying When someone uses Side Chat, I am unable to see their names so I cannot warn them in anyway. Is there a solution to this? 3. No "Red" missions with Sarge AI's I have 2 missions per server restart (every 3h) however all of the missions are "Green" and not a single one was "Red" Yet. Is there something missing from my Sarge AI's scripts? How can I enable the red missions? 4. Modify Sarge AI's Bot difficulty Players are able to walk and take loot in front of the AI's on the server. I want AI's to shoot players on sight. How can I change the difficulty on AI's to maximum? 5. Fix Tow/Lift Helis seem to lift everything they see even tho my code states that they should only be able to lift planes. Axe Cop is currently helping me with this however let me know if you came across this before. Axe Cop fixed my problem. Please reach out if you have similar problems with Tow/Lift script. I will help you out as much as I can. 6. Vehicles disappearing from Sarge AI missions The minute a player completes the AI mission, the vehicle that was spawned with the mission disappears immediately. The loot stays however only vehicles/helis are vanishing. How can that be fixed? I want players to have the spawned vehicles until next restart. If you have some ideas on the problems above please reply with the number corresponding to the issue and it's title. Once specific issue is solved I will mark it Green and will show How it was fixed for others that might have similar problem. Thank you in advance!!!
  12. Guys, Anyone knows how can I enable a lift option for c130 plane? Thanks
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