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  1. Thanks for this, but my scroll wheel finger hates you now. :P
  2. Krusty I will take your config and put it on my server and do some testing tonight to see if I get the same results. I asked some of my players last night if they had experienced this and they said no. However I will try it myself, again with your config and see if I see the same thing. I'll let you know.
  3. Again, I don't think that is intended; maybe I am wrong. :D
  4. I don't think that is intended. And I don't think it is the only way possible as this was not the case in R3F (at least not for me).
  5. He is talking about the vehicle he is using to lift or tow with, not the towed vehicle. The setting you're referring too is for the towed vehicle not the towing vehicle. I have not seen or had this problem, I will do some testing to see if I have that problem as well.
  6. Cinjun

    AI Flying

    They hardly notice players on the ground (unless said player shoots and hits the heli), players in vehicles though is quite another story they are ruthless at times.
  7. Cinjun

    need help with DZAI

    DZAI_airWeapons = [ //Air vehicle classnames (Remember: no comma for last entry! Otherwise, separate each string with commas) ["UH1H_DZ","MH6J_EP1","Mi17_UN_CDF_EP1"]; <---- THIS SHOULD NOT BE HERE! , //Corresponding weapon classnames (Remember: no comma for last entry! Otherwise, separate each string with commas) ["Helicopter1_Example_Weapon","Helicopter2_Example_Weapon"] ]; This array is invalid, you have a semicolon between the first and second set of internal arrays.
  8. Open the service_point.sqf (this is mine by the way, not the default one): _refuel_costs = [ ["Air",["ItemGoldBar",2]], ["AllVehicles",["ItemGoldBar",1]] ]; // free for all vehicles (equal to [["AllVehicles",[]]]) So it would look like this (do this for any or all of the options you want to be free): _refuel_costs = [ ["AllVehicles",[]] ]; // free for all vehicles (equal to [["AllVehicles",[]]])
  9. You can add whatever class name you wish to the lists in the config. The 350z's are not standard Epoch so you would definitely need to manually add them.
  10. Okay I won't tell you it's that simple. :)
  11. You know you can add it yourself, right? Here is the class name: CH53_DZE
  12. Some hosts you have to manually add it; and set it to -1 to disable. As explained here under the [Objects] section.
  13. Is the dropbox link you posted updated? If so I will take a look when I get home.
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