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  1. Same shoes as you guys had a arma epoch server and ark server of them, no reply for weeks. I don't believe that person' shannon' had any right to even give out that info so its most probley a lie that she was told to say, you would never say that from a business perspective.
  2. use the beta as its doesnt require CBA, ive added the key just so people who want or have the file can join, Nice feature and this should be stock as its most realistic
  3. with rf3- objects taken from the world and moved will respawn back to where they were taken from, map object or custom buildings does not matter. this has always being he case with rf3 from what ive experienced over the few years. with vehicles you have to update the position by entering the vehicle and starting her up to save its position into the DB. Objects do not have this enterable feature and just by the player moving an object will not save its position by releasing it
  4. pfff how long has infistar being doing antihacks and how long has the epoch team being doing this? seems like they overlap in the time epoch started a3. i baught both sets for a2 and a3 and they are the most usefull tool going for servers i reverse enginerred your code RHE Validate the Code from infistar and Epoch this is the same Code, only on Epoch has some Code on another position. !! Get infistar will save you many hours pissing around
  5. Hope there designing a zombie!! no terroists please. loving the mod so far
  6. get infistar is the best option if you require admin tools as he updates reg, problem with built in antihacks is you have to wait for the next update to be fixed or partly then find out the problems yourself. i had this problem a while back and havnt looked back. epoch should make the antihack seperate to the files so updates could be on the fly by downloading them here if they have update
  7. isnt zombies what made epoch what it is today?? taking this away from epoch its just a wasteland with intergrated basebuilding and suicide bombers. zombies are probly 2012, without them back in the day this mod would of died within a click
  8. loving the mod one for waves of sappers and cultists, more you kill more crypto you earn. just an idea :) make a bit of a surival theme plus encourage PVP\PVE to work together or to kill on sight, players choice "sector zulu"
  9. A*** for your ancer you can find his needle in his haystack then question was i get kicked for this i do not know what is this so delete to fix is an ancer === No kicks is what he wants?? my advice to keep BE filters go to the log of the kick publicvar or scripts etc and so and check the log of the publicvar or scripts etc and transfer that log from there to the file on the line erm #21 mabey #22 "cough" faf i dont use BE so enjoy
  10. remove/delete all filters from battleye folder and leave bans.epoch, bans, BEclient.dll ,BEserver.dll, BEserver no more kicks for any script. Youll need to restart after removing them and make sure you backup all deleted files There are tips/ways for adding the line to your filter on this site hope this helps for you
  11. was using this in with a3eai and sem on problem i seen with this WAI is that the A3EAI dynamic vehicle just despawns within 600m of you so you dont get see the vehicle I removed this and there is no problem with any ai at the minute. and some error on a file that is not found too customsettings.sqf? everything else seems ok and i removed the nuke mission as OTT for epoch I would wait for a more stable version as i like WAI for a2 and wish it for a3 and work with other missions together
  12. very nice. loving the disabledconvoy missions all perfect just players joining after the mission spawned show no markers Manythanks
  13. isnt MGT an official hoster ? They use infistar? now they sell gear for $£ haha and epoch still support them load of b£$$ s$£t
  14. try adding in these Pmarks ("I_MRAP_03_F"), <comma doesnt apply to the last one n the list.. the stomper will need the terminal to use
  15. @Schmeeto Add the mission to a seperate sqf and call it from the init if that doesnt work remove the mission and backtrack to where you had it working last and go from there @[email protected] Make a seperate folder and call it from the launch parameters Put inside the @epoch or the Addons to start without adding launchparameters
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