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  1. Honestly, i have no idea what are you talking about :wacko:
  2. Im still here :lol: Aaaand how exactly should i do it?
  3. I'm sorry, i meant in my dayz_code. There is no R3F_CfgWeight.h.
  4. No such file there. Where those parameters can be found now?
  5. Planes and helis flying full speed, how can i make them slower?
  6. What's the point, if it's similar to yours? :) As i said, the problem is in debug_monitor.sqf, specifically in StructuredText class. I guess it's just CAN'T be toggled off the way Hint class can. Here's my script (well not mine actually, but anyways): Original commands are commented out.
  7. Well, i did exactly as you explained in your tutorial, and when i changed command to "hintSilent", than ON/OFF switch worked just fine. Of course, debug monitor got shrinked and has that ugly brown background. And if i'm changing to "ctrlSetStructuredText" back again, it becomes an eyecandy, but solid like rock. Need to get ability to turn this freaking thing off...
  8. Hi, Nox! Thanx for tor this debug, was using it for a couple months. Now i have my own with "StructuredText", and it don't turn off like "Hint" do. How can i make it work?
  9. Works only for players, not for Zeds and NPC's. But anyway, i appreciate for your help. Thank you.
  10. It's a terrible mistake indeed... But i'll use this Admin Tools anyways, coz it's freaking great :D
  11. Thx for the tip mate, but i guess that file manages some general damage parameters. What i want to do, is to change characteristics of specific weapons. Or bullets. Yeah, sure, and to know what's Anglerfish, i should dive 500 m deep into the ocean. Gone to buy myself a gun and a bathyscaphe. Be back soon.
  12. Yeah, pretty sure. I'm getting this all the time. Well, actually there's also an empty line after the last object, so it looks like this: ["WoodSmallWall_DZ",[-6.18066,-2.22021,-0.452087],347.447], ] ]
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