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Found 12 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone has or could implement the parachute drop thats in =btc= logistics in r3f_arty_and_log. BTC has the ability to drop cargo and vehicles with a parachute if you drop from a certain height. Thanks to whoever can help!!
  2. Hi, Can you guys help me with solving the problem that only admins can lift and tow? I got players who ask to lift and to themselfes. I am lost for now, I checked infistart, in the allowed dialoges the R3F is in. Do I have to edit stuff with battle eye too? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!!! THX. in advance Templer
  3. Hello, Recently I got my own Epoch server. I decided to add in more vehicles to the R3F script. Since this restart I cant get the Script to work under any condition. I resetet the script but nothing happened. Can you guys help me? Regards.
  4. Hi, We currently have R3F running on our server, we have Tow, Lift and Cargo configured and working but i recently decide to add some move-able by player objects to the list. My plan was to add searchlights and static machine guns to the trader, which I have done. They can then be loaded as cargo into a truck or heli, driven to a location and unloaded. This is where the problems lie. When unloaded, the Static M2 gun seems to be automatically attached to the player, i'm unsure if this is a bug, or if this is how its supposed to be. But the problem is that you can't drop it. There is no option on the scroll wheel to select drop. Also, it should be possible to pick up and carry a stationary object, walk with it to a vehicle or location and drop it. There is also no option to pick up or move. I had problems with the Battleye filters when I tried to load or unload a 'Static' object, but after editing the BE filters, it is now fixed, I have checked the RPT log, no errors. This is what my settings are within the script. /****** MOVABLE-BY-PLAYER OBJECTS ******/ /** * List of class names of objects moveables by player. */ //R3F_LOG_CFG_objets_deplacables = ["Land_Teapot_EP1"]; R3F_LOG_CFG_objets_deplacables = [ "M2StaticMG", "MMT_Civ", "Old_bike_TK_INS_EP1", "Barrels", "USSpecialWeaponsBox", "USVehicleBox_EP1", "TKSpecialWeapons_EP1", "BAF_BasicAmmunitionBox", "SearchLight_US_EP1" ]; /*
  5. Latest release: https://github.com/matt-d-rat/mf-tow/releases/latest Bug reports: https://github.com/matt-d-rat/mf-tow/issues Install guide: https://github.com/matt-d-rat/mf-tow/blob/master/README.md MF-Tow enables vehicles to be towed by others. It has been designed to be highly configurable, allowing server admins to define which vehicles can tow, and what types of vehicles they can tow. This script builds upon the ideas laid down by the built-in tow system in DayZ Epoch, but with more features and a better configurable ease of use. MF-Tow was inspired by the great work done by the R3F team on their '[R3F] Artillery and Logistic' addon, and serves as an alternative tow script for admins who just want to add towing functionality to their DayZ Epoch server. MF-Tow is also fully compatible with the popular '=BTC=_Logistic (DayZ Epoch Version)'.
  6. I have a problem and its with the tow/lift. R3F was working great with 103718 125548 I can find a vehicle and tow or lift and that part good. I can spawn any vehicle with keys and without keys and i can tow or lift, that part good. But and yes i started with a but. When you buy any vehicle you can not tow or lift at all with them. Any help at all please, thank you in advance Thug
  7. I'm having a problem with the R3F Tow/Lift Script. I'll link it at the bottom of the post if I can find it again. I'm not sure why it's not working so hopefully some one on here will be able to help. I'm installing it on Overpoch and when I spawn in fresh vehicles the tow script works but once those vehicles have been on the server thru a restart, the lift tow script will no longer work on them. It's strange because the script itself is working fine as long as the vehicles have not been on the server thru a restart. I can spawn in a SUV and it will let me tow it. Then I will restart the server and that SUV can no longer be towed but I could spawn in the same model SUV right next to it and the script will allow me to tow that one. I do not understand why a restart makes the vehicles untowable. The script is running and the vehicles were able to be towed right before the restart and the same model can be towed if I spawn a new one in. If anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. link to Tow/Lift script I'm using: http://opendayz.net/threads/release-preconfigured-r3f-logistics-towing-and-heli-lift.13743/
  8. Hey together, So i was thinking about, if i lift a verhicle, is it not possible to lift it with a player inside with the R3F Script? Does anyone know anything about the possibility? Thank you!
  9. I have R3F Arty and Logistics working with the exception of an oddity I have noted. Vehicles can be towed to other vehicles successfully, but the often will be intersect front to back or one on top of the other. See attached screenshots. I am trying to figure out where I can specify a follow distance, but I am coming up short. Anyone else seen this behavior? CodeWarrior
  10. so i got an "ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG\desc_include.h not found." on start up after adding in R3F Init.sqf - http://pastebin.com/v18DM1vJ description.ext - http://pastebin.com/VSfQQSqM config.sqf - http://pastebin.com/NV5ai8uK 1- are the entries for R3F in my files correct ?? people on forums weren't specific as to the location in where to put the code for description 2- is the placement of my R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG folder in the right spot? right now its at ..."[TTP]server"/dayz_mission... or do i need to drag further down into the 'addons' so it would be [TTP]server/dayz_mission/addons... ? any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED
  11. Hello all, So I'm not new to hosting or setting up servers. I've used DayZCC for a long time, thought I'd try doing an Epoch Server. I am NOT using DayZCC currently for the epoch server. It is a clean install, no other servers running. It has its own database. It is a dedicated machine with capable hardware. So the base server works fine. No issues, no problems. Running it as instance 11 on chernarus. I added the R3F Arty and Log mod (Removed the Artillery option, as well as towing, cargo holding, and allowing players to pick items up and store.) The only functions I currently have available is lifting enabled for the heli's. No towing until I figure out how to limit how many vehicles can be towed. So my question is, does anyone currently have a server set up running R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG and can I snag your scripts.txt file from your BE directory? It is currently really time consuming to log in, get kicked, edit the scripts.txt file, load the scripts, and re log in. Or is there a tutorial or something I can go read to set up my own scripts.txt? Thanks in advance. Dark_Drake
  12. Hello, i am running 3 Servers (Chernarus, Lingor and Takistan) and added the R3F Arty and Log to all of them. It works perfectly on Chernarus and Lingor, but on Takistan it causes major problems. Every time a Player wants to drop a vehicle it bounces off the ground and crashes into the chopper causing a Explosion and the death of the Player. Anybody else encountered this issue or knows what causes it?
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