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Taviana - Military base north Kameni 1°step

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thankz soo much for this... It works and well done...


I would love to try to do this myself...


could you link me to a tutorial or create one ??

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    • By Drokz
      Hello Epoch community,
      I just created my own Epoch Chernarus Server because there was no other pvp&pve Chernarus Epoch server existing at that time.
      Here are some Server features:
      Increased Epoch Loot, added ground loot and increased object loot Vector Building Armed Vehicles (up to 40mm Grenades) Zombies and Hordes (Ryanzombies) AI Patrols (Cars and Helis) Added Military Buildings and Skalisty Bridge Changed Trader Positions and added Advanced Safezones with Vehicle Protection Rearm/Repair/Refuel options at Tradezones CUP Vehicles and CUP Weapons Advanced Towing Shorter building delays 6 Days of Base maintenance 45 Slots Vehicle and Gun Traders Ghillies, High Tier Gears and Guns higher than 7.62 can only be looted and are more rare then usual guns I also created a website for that server, feel free to visit it for more Info and Updates:  Server Homepage
      Everybody is welcome ( excludes Glitchers, Haxors etc. :P ) 

      Hope to see you soon! :)
    • By Bubby
      Hello im trying to setup a dayz overpoch server with taviana. The mod from taviana is the latest Dayz Taviana 2.0 but when im trying to join im getting a error that the server needs a key or i have to remove some files. i tried searching google but i didnt had much succes with that.
      My question is, can someone send me the valid keys for the latest Taviana dayz mod? Or if you know what im dealing with please help me.
    • By Cherdenko
      So hello and welcome here:
      Let´s get started:
      Btw: you can use Dayz Epoch as a base mod. That means: install Epoch first on your server and then move the other addons inside the root folder and and replace the Mpmission file and the dayz_server.pbo and run the query.sql in your database
      after downloading these files please unpack/ upload them to your server in the root directory...
      you wil get all the important files from me to make the server actually work.
      All of the files i that you can download are fully functional. They were tested by myself and there shouldn´t be any problems
      Don´t forget to add them in your start.bat as server mods
      Mpmission + Dayz_server + query + Battleye Filters.
      I hope that were all the files i´ve used.
      If you need anything just post it here.
      Hope you enjoyed.
    • By i3lackoutHD
      Hello guys,
      I have a big problem.
      All Bases on my Server despawn after some time.
      Im really confused - anyone with the same problem? Maybe already a fix.
      Hope someone has a answer.
    • By BigEgg
      Hey everyone! Recently, I have been making some new map additions for my community and I decided that I would release this military base.
      It features:
      6 Barracks
      1 Aircraft Control Tower
      3 Medical Tents
      I like a simplistic look so if you are like me, you will love this addon!
      The base is located near Mogilevka, hence the name Mogilevka Military Base.
      Pics: Mogilevka Base
      Marker (make sure you change the class item # to the appropriate # for your mission.sqm):
      class Item15 { position[]={7769.396,0,4485.5698}; name="MogilivikaBase"; text="Mogilevka Base"; type="Depot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; };  
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