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Taviana - Military base north Kameni 1°step

thankz soo much for this... It works and well done...


I would love to try to do this myself...


could you link me to a tutorial or create one ??

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    • By dr_j0nes
      Kraxus Overpoch Origins Taviana|PVP|Spawnselect|Housebuilding|SSD|many more!

      Hello lovely community,
      I would like to introduce you to our new DayZ Overpoch Origins Server.
      The server was already working as a DayZ Epoch Server for a while and turned into
      into a DayZ Overpoch Origins server since the 18th March of 2015.
      We already worked on the server for one year to improve diffrent issues and we are
      still trying to develop several things.
      Now we are happy to have a server which is working as we expected it to, so we are
      looking for new Players!
      You are welcome no matter if you are a noob or a DayZ-Veteran!
      In addition to that we are also looking for some experienced admins.
      Just let us know in case you are interested.
      We really put our heart and soul into this server and it is important for
      us to try to suit everybody who is playing on it.
      Basic data:
      Server-IP:         :2301 (Dayz-Commander|Six Launcher|Dayz Launcher)
      Server-IP:         (Arma Multiplayer Menue)
      Slots:                          32+
      Restarts:                    Every 6 hours (0, 6 AM/PM [GMT +1])
      Map:                           Taviana
      Mods:                         DayzEpoch, DayzOverwatch & DayzOrigins
      Epoch Version:
      Overwatch Version:  0.2.5
      Origins Version:
      Multiplayer-Mode:     PVP
      Our server runs on a dedicated-Server, which means that we do not need to share it with
      others as it is for example on or other server-hoster.
      This has a positive effect on the FPS, so we have absolut access and optimal
      control on our server.
      We have our own experienced programmer and instead of copying scripts blindly we try to
      adjust them reasonably with other scripts or to improve them for our purposes.
      Some special scripts from our server you will not find on other servers.
      In case you are disturbed by something, you have ideas or suggestions please visit us at:
      Features and Scripts:
      • HOSTED ON SSD WITH 8x 4.0GHz CPU!
      FPS and performance are a important part of the gaming experience so we decidet to host our server on a high end dedicated machine.
      It is important for us to provide you a fair gaming experience so we abstain from
      Prefab-Bases or overpowered Startgear through donations!
      Anyway if you want to help us to improve the server you are welcome to give us a small

      Exclusivly adjusted for the Taviana-Map. Never again you need to loose time for unnecessary

      Exclusivly adjusted amongst other things like buildings/walls/towers from the Dayz-Origins Mod.

      Exclusivly adjusted. Every player has the possibility to open the house as long as he
      knows the code.

      • CUSTOM HUD
      Annoyed by huge debug-monitors? We use a Dayz Origins likely and clear HUD!

      Did your vehicle flipped? No problem with our Action Menue! Also the Group-Management can be controled with it.

      • EAR-PLUGS
      Your Vehicle is too loud and you can't hear your Teammates? Just use the Action Menue to plug in your Ear-Plugs.

      If you are a freshspawn or your vehicle is crashed, build a bike from the toolbox and save time!

      No matter in which situation, adjust the viewdistance to your advantage and enjoy even more FPS!

      Never again friendly fire or loose a teammate out of sight!

      The situation is hopeless or you get stucked? No more problem with suicide!

      • MANY ZEDS
      Annoyed by running zombies? Ours just walk.. but there a plenty more of them!

      We have them all! If normal Epoch-Vehicle, Nissan 350Z, Firetruck with siren or Flying-Fortress!

      • HIGH LOOT
      Want to join the battly instantly? Or searching basebuild stuff? With our High-Loot-System you will mostly find the right stuff!

      • SECTOR-B
      Playing alone or all other teams gone sleeping? With our mission system there is always something to do!
      3 Missions at the same time + Sector-B!

      Hours of trading belongs to the past with the Fast-Trading-Script!

      • PLOT 4 LIFE
      We worked very hard to give you the possibility to build your very own dreambase!
      Additionally there are over 200 new Building-Objects for your base! Just try the 2 Crafting-Books at the tradercities!

      Because of our short day/night-shift the night is not to long or to short.

      For sure we also added the most commonly scripts! So you won't miss anything!
      - No abusive or racist behavior!
      - Only english and german in sidechat!
      - No voice in sidechat!
      - No hacking, cheating or bugusing!
      - No basekamikaze!
      - Don't build bases in the center of big citys!
      - No locked vehicles at the traders!
      - Parked vehicles in savezones will get deleted after serverrestart!
      Disregarding the rules can lead to a bann!
      We would apreciate to welcome you as a new guest to our server! :)
      For further information and a easy tutorial concerning the installation of "Dayz Overwatch Origins", visit us at:
      Have fun and enjoy our server!

    • By BigEgg
      Hey everyone! Recently, I have been making some new map additions for my community and I decided that I would release this military base.
      It features:
      6 Barracks
      1 Aircraft Control Tower
      3 Medical Tents
      I like a simplistic look so if you are like me, you will love this addon!
      The base is located near Mogilevka, hence the name Mogilevka Military Base.
      Pics: Mogilevka Base
      Marker (make sure you change the class item # to the appropriate # for your mission.sqm):
      class Item15 { position[]={7769.396,0,4485.5698}; name="MogilivikaBase"; text="Mogilevka Base"; type="Depot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; };  
    • By Nocturnal Entertainment™
      Epoch Origins Namalsk on Taviana (MEGA-MASHUP)
      This is long overdue and so we wanted to get things off to a good start. We are happy to announce we have just launched Harks new monster mash-up server featuring the very best of "DayZ" type mods and addons and combining them into an epic, harsh zombie survival experience. For connection details and an extensive list and description of all the mods, addons and features included in this monster mashup server click here.
      Short Description:
      "This server is not for the rage quitters or those looking for an easy server. You will be challenged. Survival is extreme and with the added mutated zombie monsters from Namalsk hidden around the world, vigilance is key. Will you get ambushed by a mutant zombie? Killed and robbed by another player? or slaughtered by the ruthless AI Bandit gang that has taken up residence here on one of the islands. You may just find yourself stranded during an electromagnetic storm and take the easy way out. There is so much to do this server will keep you on your toes for hours. For an extensive list and description of all the mods, addons or features included in this monster mashup server click here".
      DayZ Epoch+Origins+Namalsk on Taviana
      Server Info
      IP -
      To connect search "Mega-Mashup" in DayZ Launcher
    • By GoatSlayer
      Lastchance Overpoch is a server that was mainly focused on Epoch until only recently we switched to Overpoch and with this the Lastchance goal followed which is having a PVP focused server but at the same time allow PVE players to enjoy themselves through other means of gathering money fishing, lumber, hunting, mining and of course just doing missions! We like the idea of people working hard to be able to play hard! so that their money gained from farming can be spent on fun toys which is why we have almost every vehicle in arma 2 available!
      SERVER IP:

      some of the server features!
      Fully militarized meaning we have tanks/jets/attack choppers available at traders Dual currency meaning goldbars for most vehicles/items but also gems for the high end military vehicles Custom traders that allow you to sell/buy vehicles/items that other traders do not have access to but only accessed by a certain amount of humanity Custom server events that changes location/type every restart holding best loot on the server with loot that scales with amount of players online Humanity ranks that give access to higher tier traders that unlocks more vehicles and weapons but also custom skins for each rank and different starting weapon Ability to craft and build static weapons to your base for defending it or attacking players passing it by Special trader that is not protected by a safezone and moves around the map each restart buying/selling building supplies/gems and much more  Newly wiped with great FPS and also added in server wide view-distance at between 1k to 1.3k Very active admins ready to help with whatever issue you encounter Anti-theft and safe-zone script is enabled at most traders but not all of them Patrolling AI that drives randomly all around Chernarus with Armed SUV's, BRDM's and even UH1Y easy money for those who seek a challenge Anti Combat-log script is on the server making sure that anyone combat-logging will ALWAYS drop their gear in a neat little box for the attacking player to have  Group system enabled through Radio No more running simulation, Bike building script enabled on the server allowing players to build their own bike with a toolbox and much more features!
      Starter pack is available for those who need it, all you need to do is contact an admin!
      hope too see you guys online!
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