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Found 7 results

  1. oSoDirty

    Static ammo crate

    As some of you know the newest WAI update no longer supports static ammo crates. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to pull certain scripts/files from the older version to make a system made to just spawn in a few static crates throughout the map? or a way to merge and edit some files from old to new to make it work again? i tried the 1st but i dont really know what im doing so it was a fail lol. I need this to work for my Bandit/Hero ai camps. without the crates its really not worth people risking heli/vehicle patrols and a 12 man paradrop to raid the camps. Im ok with editing out the missions from the original as well if there is a way to make them work alonside one and other. ANY help is appreciated, thank you in advance!
  2. Ok, I went around Taviana and found all the crates that are part of the map. These are the ones that the circuit boards spawn on. Since in epoch they have no use. What I would like to do is spawn very good loot on them, but out of the 35 crates, every restart it will only spawn 6 items. Leaving 29 crates with nothing on them. Does anyone have a script that can be modified to do this. I have the world space cords needed and will share.
  3. harcosgoogle

    Loot box spawn

    Hi. How to spawn Box Unique cordine? And How to setting Box loading delay?(Or loot delay)
  4. BoleParty

    Crate Trader

    This is my first script so i am asking the smart guys for some assistance. I know that there is an option to merge all scripts and call each single one with a switch do function but i wasn`t able to get it working. I would highly appreciate it if somebody could point me into right direction. I just started with this whole scripting stuff and what i found out so far is that i dont know nothing. Now i have even more respect for the real coders. As said, this is my first script and i am sure there are much better options out there and once i got more knowledge i think i will be able to release better ones. Feel free to use and to modify this work but please don`t remove the credits. Thank you. By adding these files to your server in each spawn zone (East/Central/West) on Altis there will be an A.I. unit. This A.I. offers medical treatment and from this A.I. you can buy crates with different loadouts. Once purchased the crate will spawn in front of you. You can buy as many crates as you want as long you have enough Krypto. In each script you can change the content and the prices to you liking. Two options to install the script: 1.) Unpack your mission and copy the \CrateTrader folder into your mission root.Then copy your unpacked mission to: C:\Users\Yourusername\Arma3\Missions Start your arma and go to the editor. Choose Altis map and load your epoch mission. Place as many units or objects on the map wherever you want the action to be activated and add this code to the init field: "this addaction [""Crate Content"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\CrateContent.sqf""}];this addaction [""Soldier Kit - Price: 200"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\SoldierKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Sniper Kit - Price: 300"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\SniperKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Elite Sniper Kit - Price: 1200"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\EliteSniperKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Diver Kit - Price: 350 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\DiverKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""MG Kit - Price: 375 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\MGKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Heavy Gunner Kit - Price: 1250"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\HeavyGunnerKit.sqf""}];;this addaction [""Combat Medic Kit - Price: 300 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\MedicKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Demolition Kit - Price: 1000 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\DemoKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Supply Crate - Price: 400 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\SupplyCrate.sqf""}]; this addaction [""Medical Treatment - Price: 50 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\Heal.sqf""}];this disableAI ""move""; this allowDamage false;"; Save your mission and go back to Desktop and then to C:\Users\Yourusername\Arma3\Missions and repack your mission.. Upload your pbo to your servers \mpmissions folder. 2.) Unpack your mission and copy the \CrateTrader folder into your mission root. Replace your mission.sqm with the attached one. Repack your mission and upload to your server. Battleye - add these exceptions to scripts.txt: !"this allowDamage false;" !"_crate allowDamage false;" to allowDamage line !"_player setDamage 0;" to setDamage line !"_crate addWeaponCargoGlobal" to addWeaponCargo line !"_crate addMagazineCargoGlobal" to addMagazineCargo line !"_crate addItemCargoGlobal" to addItemCargo line !"_crate addBackpackCargoGlobal" to addBackpackCargo line Download here: https://github.com/BoleParty/CrateTrader Have fun! Regards
  5. Hello everyone. I know that this problem is widely known and that everyone already posted a topic like this, but i've been experimenting around with this add-on for a long time now (did my research), and I just can't get it right. To be clear, I am using the no bank version on the default hive and I have had this add on work on a Chernarus server, but I am now trying to get it to work on a Overpoch Taviana server. In my RPT file I can not find any error and I have tried to use the mission PBO and server PBO provided by Zupa. When I look at my database in the character table, it does not add anything for the coins pouch. This is obviously the problem but I don't know the fix. So if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please help me out because me and my friends really want this working on Overpoch Taviana aswell as Chernarus. This are the files that I have right now, Zupa's PBO's edited to the settings for Taviana (stuff like spawnzone and instance number): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_r9wDtGfEBwSjRHLVFhekZ6MjA/view?usp=sharing EDIT: Found another post with a potential fix: Tried to add the trigger, did nothing. I will test the other solutions stated on that post later on. Not allot of hope left atm :P EDIT EDIT: Just found out that there is not banking_data table in my Database. There was nothing stated in the tutorial that I needed to make this manually. Maybe this is the problem? If so, how do I create it and with what setup? EDIT EDIT EDIT: Okay, I guess that banking_data table is only needed for SC1.1 and SC2.0, but where does the SC3.0 add-on save the money for the players and vehicles/objects. And what is the format/syntax for this (in other words, how do I add this because there is nothing being added right now). Thanks in advance, NeusAap.
  6. Hello :) i use a lootspawner script so spawn some crates in different buildings.. So.. i open the crates but they contains no loot... My mate added the LS script.. so i don´t know which script he used.. But i think it was the LS script which spawns more weapons too (@MAS) I want to add new items to this crates but i cant find the file where the loot is defined... Crates: Box_East_Wps_F Box_East_Ammo_F Box_NATO_Wps_F Box_NATO_Ammo_F Box_IND_Grenades_F How can i spawn random Weapons, Ammo, Items, and so on... in this crates? Please excuse my bad english.. Hope you understand my problem :) Best regards Tom :)
  7. What is this wooden box or crate that I keep finding by the side of the road, what can I do with it, and how do I interact with it? I've tried shooting it quite a bit, mousewheeling over it, right clicking my crowbar (both on toolbar and in-hand) when near it- nothing happens.
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