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Found 5 results

  1. Sector Addon Completely new and/or rewritten on August 2015 Version 0.5.0 by GBR Suppe What is the Sector Addon ? A Missionframework to create your own Zone/Area/Sector with AI. Like the good old Arma2 Origins Sector B. So you can easily create your own unique Zone/Area/Sector. So you have plenty of opportunities. Features: - Easy setup and Configuration - Millitarize, Zone/Area/Sector with AI - Spawn easily AI Group's, Helicopter's, Vehicles's, StaticVehicle's, StaticMG's, StaticAI's on every Position you want - Create easily a Lootbox or Mapmarker on every Position you want Download: https://github.com/GBR-Suppe/Sector-Addon-Master Installation and Settings: 1.0 Open the sector_config.sqf in the "a3_epoch_sector" folder 2.0 Open the sector_positions.sqf in the "a3_epoch_sector" folder 2.1 More info in the file itself (sector_config.sqf and sector_positions.sqf) 3.0 Pack the "a3_epoch_sector" folder into a .pbo (a3_epoch_sector.pbo) and copy the "a3_epoch_sector.pbo" into the "@epochhive/addons/" folder. 4.0 (Optional) Add Mapcontant in \a3_epoch_sector\mapcontant (Build with A3 3D Editor, export .sqf) *place Jammer to stop the Lootspawn and to stop player to build in the zone.* Cooming Soon: - A new simpleCache function - A better Patrol Script (AI and Vehicles) - A better fill Lootboxfunction Coordiations helper: Greetz GBR Suppe
  2. Ok, I went around Taviana and found all the crates that are part of the map. These are the ones that the circuit boards spawn on. Since in epoch they have no use. What I would like to do is spawn very good loot on them, but out of the 35 crates, every restart it will only spawn 6 items. Leaving 29 crates with nothing on them. Does anyone have a script that can be modified to do this. I have the world space cords needed and will share.
  3. Rekpoint

    Coin Currency help!

    Hello I own a Dayz Epoch Taviana Server and i cant seem to find out how to install coin currency on it. So i am here to offer someone 20$ Or less to do install it (Will Pay after we see it works) If interested contact Gadget Or Rekpoint In this teamspeak for more info dal-voice1.fragnet.net:10062 Poke us! Thanks
  4. Right, I've been trying to set up a DayZ Epoch Taviana Private server for some time now. I've done everything, and I mean everything. First of all, whenever I try to join my server, the console gets spammed with "Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory" and then I'm stuck on "WAiting for host" for the rest of my life and Battleye complains that I'm using a wrong version, even though DayZ commander begs to differ. I did some fiddling and I realised I was missing a few files/folder/whatever and put them in (@Tavi_DayZ_Epoch), then I was getting "Files... tavi.pbo, taviana.pbo, usec_rig_a/pbo, etc. are not signed by a key accepted by this server" so I looked up and down a few posts and someone stated that removing the files would fix the issues, so I did that too. No avail. Beforehand I could join ANY Tavi Epoch server no problem, and no complications. Whereas after removing the files, I would be instantly kicked for servers that worked before; joining my server didn't work either, since I suffered the same fate. Checking DayZ Commander, all the files were corrupt, so I guess I shouldn't have done that, so I reinstalled them. Hey presto, now I could join the servers again, including my own... to then have " Files... blah blah blah" thrown at me. Fun. For what I could tell there was no tut/inscructions telling me what files I needed or where everything was going wrong (no logs from console). So I did a little digging in to the .ini 's and other files of the like and then I realised, I didn't have the six_tavi.bikey and whatever the other one was called, so I plopped them in there... Perhaps this was the problem? Nope, chuck testa. Now I'm annoyed. The console was still spamming me with "Halp, mission file ist kaput" Or whatever it said before. Then connecting to the server was all like "nah m8, these files are going to be your demise" and other file related nonsense. So I gave up. What did I do next? Go back to good old Chernarus. So I deleted all the Tavi folders/files and put the appropiate Chernarus ones there; it worked. First time. I swear it does this on purpose. So now I'm confused and annoyed. So I've been trying to get Tavi to work for over 4 hours straight, to then get Chernarus to work, first attempt and I can join and everything. If someone for the love of god tell me/link me to a tut that can actually get my Private DayZ Epoch Taviana server working. Properly, I'll owe you my life. I think I'm going mad. If you need any files details or ANYTHING that I can easily copy/pasta then I'll try to replicate the tragedy from before.
  5. When I launch my server and try to join, my game gets stuck on "Waiting for Host" and the server console starts spamming "Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory" I'm not sure what is wrong and how I can fix this. I have provided the server log below. If anyone know how to fix this please let me know. server_log.txt