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Found 69 results

  1. This is a rewrite for the old Hotwire Safese/eLockboxes .. all credits for @SchwEde Fixes by @A Man and @Shawn was added. (tnks guys) And is fully dedicate for @PillBox_ remake it was his idea! INSTALL: 1-You need a custom fn_selfactions.sqf 2-In a custom variables.sqf 3-Create forcevault.sqf ( drop into mpmissions\yourinstance\custom ) and its done. Remember you need have a itemhotwire in your inventory. See ya epoch communty im going on vacations

    *This is based on old manual execution events credits for @Sandbird UPDATE 01/10/2017! *Include 1.6 epoch events in download folder: FEATURES: Download: HOTFIX EVENTS http://www.mediafire.com/file/s7z9gwa49qgequ5/HOTFIXevents.rar 1-open your server_functions.sqf 2- Place folders: 3-open your init.sqf 4-Drop your publicEH.sqf ( Located in: \@DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\init\ ) into mpmissions\your instance\custom\ 5. open the custom publicEH.sqf 6-in a custom variables.sqf (only if ure using elis book event and u have some kind of rpt error about undefined variable s_player_ebook = -1;) 7- in init_adminevents.sqf (admineventsclientside folder ) add your adms id adminsList= ["76561198257****"]; //An array of adms replace with your admins ids 8- BE FILTERS tnks! @Cherdenko and @Grahame any issue with your battleye restriction add !="PVDZE_adminevents" in your publicvariable.txt
  3. THE Z-IMS

    HELLO. THIS IS THE SECOND VERSION TO TEST. ITS FULLY WORKING JUST RIGHT NOW. BUT NEEDS SOME TESTS IN REAL SERVERS. SO I GONNA POST HERE TO EVERYONE WHO WANNA USE THIS MOD IN HES SERVER AND WANNA SHARE HERE ABOUT HIS EXPERIENSE (cause lag, rpt errors, etc). https://ibb.co/jkBAo5 *WHAT ITS THIS: *Players need piss: ( every time you drink thers a chance to need pee. Get a tree to make pee) *Players need poop: ( every time you eat thers a chance to need poop. Get a tree to make pee) (use toilet paper and waterbottles to get a better clean) *Players need fix tooths: ( every time you drink or eat thers a chance to get a broken/rotten tooth) (use a knife, string and nails to fix your tooth) (use antibacterial wipe and antibiotics to get a better fix) *Players need sex: (every time players spawns thers a chance to need sex) (sex alone, sex with death animals, dead zeds, others players). (get a tent to masturbate if u don like zeds,humans or animals) *Woman characters can be pregnant: (pregnancy gonna made loose blood) *Womans need abort her child: (you will need the sames items to fix tooth to made your abort) *Randoms Heart attacks on players: (get epinephrine to stop the heart attack) Tnks to @iben (take a look on this guy i think he gonna be the next zupa here) for find some errors and fix them. Tnks to @Hooty , @S4M @Kimarik for tests and ideas They was very helpfull. Tnks to @oldmatechoc for helpme with icon positions. And Tnks to @Sandbird this idea becomes to me when i was updating his walk amongst dead mod, So this mod have a strong base on his code. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o9eb7h99202zv5s/zims.rar UNINSTALL THE FIRST TEST REALIZE (only if u already install it) TO GET THE LAST VERSION. *INSTALL THE LAST VERSION YOU GONNA NEED A CUSTOM VARIABLE.sqf and CUSTOM COMPILES.sqf and CUSTOM FN_SELFACTIONS.sqf (i guess you alredy have one or know how to do it.) 1-Open your init.sqf and at VERY BOTTOM PASTE: 2-Open your description.ext 3-Custom Compiles.sqf 4-In your variables.sqf (custom) 5-Changing your custom PublicEH.sqf 6-In your custom fn_selfactions.sqf 7- Paste the zims folder into mpmissions\yourinstance\scripts\
  4. *Allow players to attach zombies in open vehicles class. *To make it the players gonna need an "equipe_rope" in inventory. *Be near of a vehicle type in this list _allowedVehicles = [ "hilux1_civil_3_open_DZE", "datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE", "hilux1_civil_1_open_DZE", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE", "V3S_Open_TK_CIV_EP1", "V3S_Open_TK_EP1", "KamazOpen_DZE" ]; *Aim to a zed to get the option "attachZed" *When players detach zeds, they (zeds) comes with 15seconds of godmode. and while they are attached have a godmode. *Vehicles in _allowedVehicles have the option to release zeds from inside. INSTALL: 1-create this path mpmissions\your instance\attachzeds\ 2-in this new path create this sqfs attachzed.sqf detachzed.sqf create detachzed_veh.sqf 3-now go to your custom fn_selfactions.sqf (this part is based on takes clothes and salival´s bury /butcher) 4-in a custom variables.sqf if u have some kind of error on rpt about undefined variable ..find: dayz_resetSelfActions = { below add: s_player_zhide4 = -1; s_player_zhide5 = -1;
  5. Trader Convoy

    This script creates a caravan of traders who travel around the map - open a small market somewhere for a while, and they leave away to next city. (it's like "Traders In Move" in Install: 1. in your dayz_server.pbo, add a sqf file named "TraderConvoy.sqf" contains below: 2. in the bottom of dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf , add a line to spawn TraderConvoy.sqf that you added like this: this file must be run by "execVM," not "call compile bra-bra-brah" --- Nown Issue: The traders get deleted in safezones by AI remover of SafeZone script.
  6. AxeCops Elevators in

    Hello Epoch Community i have installed AxeCops fantastic elevator mod and it works great with some tweaking on, what my issue is if i keep using MetalFloor_Preview_DZ as the stop class they disappear. My question is has the name of this item changed in the update, or is there a setting that disallows this item to remain persistent? i have not seen anything in InfiStar that is blocking it either.
  7. Based on Hacked Vehicles release by @Bricktop and Additional code by @Hooty from here: This is my first release This mod and code is not all my original work. Credits to: @Bricktop for the "Hacked Vehicles" https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43750-hacked-vehicles-1061/ @Hooty for his input in Bricktop's release on how to install it differently and to add support for Virtual Garage. What I did is took their information and made it modular and easier to install / customize. This way, you just need to #include which weapon systems you want to add into each vehicle that you want to modify. >> DOWNLOAD HERE << CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO UNFORESEEN ERROR Install Directions: 1. Copy the Vehicle_Weapons directory into the root of your dayz_server directory 2. Next paste #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf"; in dayz_server\system\sever_monitor.sqf under 3. Then paste #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf"; in dayz_server\compile\server_publishVehicle2.sqf under 4. Then paste #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf"; in dayz_server\compile\spawn_vehicles.sqf under Installation with Virtual Garage: If you have @salival's Virtual Garage installed then add : #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf"; to dayz_server\compile\garage\server_spawnVehicles.sqf under How To Customize: If you would like to create your very own weapons pack for a vehicle, use the following instructions: 1. Make a copy of "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\vehicles\Generic_Add_Weapon.sqf" rename it like "<vehicle_classname>_Add_Weapons.sqf". Replace the <vehicle_classname> with the actual classname of the vehicle you want to add weapons to. 2. Comment out or Delete the Weapon_Systems that you do not want to use on your new vehicle. 3. Make a new #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\vehicles\<Class_Name>_Add_Weapons.sqf"; line with your new vehicle file and add it to "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf"; 4. In the new vehicle file you just made. Rearrange the Weapon_Systems in an order that makes sense to you. For example, list all guns, then all missiles so they are grouped together in your scroll menu for easier selection. Adding / Restricting an Ammo Type For Weapon_Systems that have multiple ammo types, You can go into that specific file and comment out an ammo type or make an extra file with just the ammo you want if you want to restrict it from your server. Example: In the file: "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Vehicles\Weapon_Systems\D81_125mm_Cannon.sqf". You could comment out an Ammo Type as shown Below. If you do this, you will want to save that as a new file such as : "D81_125mm_Cannon_SABOT_ONLY.sqf. List of Vehicle Weapons and Ammo: WARNING: Not all Weapon Systems work with all vehicles. For example, You obviously do not want to put a "GBU12_Bomb_Launcher" on an "ArmoredSUV_PMC", or "MLRS Rocket System" on the "ArmoredSUV_PMC". These weapons spawn on the vehicle when purchased and remain after restart. This does not work with admin spawned vehicles nor does it work (for now) with the Deploy Anything Mod. I do not have Virtual Garage installed on my test server,so I am unable to test that but it should work. Have Fun
  8. [Starter Pack]

    This is a starter pack (box-crate filled with custom loot). (Basically add a scroll menu option in fresh spawns to spawn a crate) Was taked from a lost question in scripting section. Upload it here to not lost the script in the other section. Original Post: INSTALL FOR ESSV3 USERS: INSTALL FOR NON ESSV3 USERS. Remember suicide you until test it.. cuz only fresh spawns are allowed to spawns crates. *Note: If u only wants to add the crate to new players on server then : in init.sqf change: ( by @salival) PVCDZ_plr_Login select 2 or 3 by: PVCDZ_plr_Login select 8
  9. Hello everyone this is a rebuild of workshop for epoch 1.6. // Pics: Video: ( the video is the old for but its the same) WORKSHOP OPTIONS: IMPORTANT!!!! THIS IS ONLY FOR DZE_PERMANENT PLOT IN TRUE. (configvariables.sqf) DZE_permanentPlot = true; // Plot ownership saves after death. Enables Plot for Life by @RimBlock and Plot Management by @DevZupa. INSTALLING: download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/pcisekr88aduqwt/workshop.1.6.1byJuandayz.rar (download folder was updated with all the fix in the comments.) ***You will need a custom: fn_selfactions.sqf//compiles.sqf//variables.sqf 1-MAKING CUSTOM COMPILES.sqf/VARIABLES.sqf/FN_SELFACTIONS.sqf (if u already have it skip the step) 2-IN INIT.SQF 3-IN DESCRIPTION.EXT 4-NOW IN CUSTOM FN_SELFACTIONS.SQF 5-IN CUSTOM COMPILES.SQF 6-IN CUSTOM VARIABLES.SQF 7-NOW YOU NEED GO TO YOUR dayz_server.pbo UNPACK IT. 8-CREATE THE PATH AND PLACE DOWNLOAD FOLDER 9-ONLY INFISTAR USERS AND ITS DONE. hope you enjoy it if u sufffer any kind of problem with be filters then see @Grahame filters:
  10. NEW WAY: USING KEYBOARD AND ONE SINGLE FILE Lock/unlock/start/shutdown engine vehicles just pressing "E" key.. (range of action 50mts). vid: INSTALL OPTIONAL IF U WANT GOD MODE ON LOCKED VEHICLES. ( by @Cherdenko ) 1-open your custom compiles.sqf find: OLD WAY: USING RIGHT CLICK ACTIONS
  11. Well credits for @FragZ, @oldmatechoc and ZeroKool Remake for epoch 1.6 1-Download and place drugs folder into mpmissions\instance_11.chernarus\ DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5c2z39x2sf5za7t/smoke-hemp.rar You will need choose if u gonna execute it with a extra_rc.hpp system or deployanything mod. Using Deploy anything (tnks @Cherdenko) Open \MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\addons\bike\config Using extra_rc.hpp 2-IF U ALREADY HAVE A extra_rc.hpp skip this step. If not. follow this guide. 3-Open your extra_rc.hpp.. and paste lines in blue: 4-Now you will need launch the event to get fiber plant to harvest. So place de weedfarm.sqf (located in download folder) into dayz_server.pbo\modules\ 5--Open your init.sqf enable your events EpochUseEvents = true; and below add only lines in blue do not forgot see @theduke remake here!
  12. [Update] Admins Custom Skins

    An oldie by Zupa. Credits for him. (i just change the way to call it.. the old post works well ..but i revive it cuz is lost in somewhere of Legacy´s parallel universe) Be care infistar users.. infistar should be ask for filters. PIC YOu will need a custom keyboard.sqf, and custom compiles.sqf. 1-In your custom keyboard.sqf (or if u know how.. you can add it to your adm menu.,..i have it in my adm scroll menu .. but i dont know what you using so give you the code to use pressing a key) at bottom but before the last " _handled" paste: 2- in your custom compiles.sqf into if (!isDedicated) then { section paste: 3-init.sqf at very bottom paste: 4-create adminskin.sqf in: (mpmissions\your instance\scripts\) 5-Be filters open your publicvariable.txt and add !="PVZ_adminSkin" at the end of the line who start with 5 6-Im ussing here the "Assistant" model get his skin base from: \steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2\AddOns\characters2\Civil\Doctor\Data\Doctor2_co.paa Onces you finish to edit this.. save as adm.jpg and place in Mpmissions\your instance\scripts\ Original post:

    Well this is the result of my best enemy "what if?". I just start it as a simple mod.. but with the running of the days the "what if" appear more and more, ending in a mod who uses all epoch files. Many tnks to @iben @oldmatechoc @Hooty @Th3-Hunter333 for all support and tests. *What is DEATHMATCH: Is a mixture of Wasteland and Epoch with a system of Ranks Exclusive only for UTES map. You can choise between play a clasic DeathMatch or Epoch-DeathMatch *Mission Cache Size: Less than 500kb. *Install: The install is pretty simple, you just need 10 minutes for create a fresh server files, create a database, overwrite all with DeathMatch files and edit some paths. *What´s inside?: *What´s was writed exclusive for DEATHMATCH? Important!: this not was writed thinking in infistar. You can use it with infi but you will need entry a lot of filters. VIDEO: heres the rpt: https://pastebin.com/mtV4Ppk1 Install: dowload latest version from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yhls7avnhatq7b8/UTES+DEATHMATCH+v2.rar OUT OF DATE DO NOT USE IT: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jekbn6o45wxm1g6/UTES+DEATHMATCH.rar DETAILED CONFIGS by @Cherdenko https://mega.nz/#!yMADTRwb!l9OUVYDXwQFtbBBhtKhsZE8Xmwr5ndk4A-hgUXEr_xw
  15. ALL CREDITS FOR @Sandbird Walk Amongst The Dead - (Hide from zombies like "The Walking Dead") original post *Allow players to walk through zeds and they dsnt been detected. *The diference with the old walk amongst is that you get the cammo directly from zeds, not using itemzombiepart. *Also i remove the rain wash (sory sandbird) (this was awesome but burn my brain ) but i added an option to wash the cammo in lakes. *Another diference is when you shoot a weapon the cammo go away inmediatly, and the icon is diferent. *And thers an scroll menu option to loot the zed corpse. INSTALL: 1-init.sqf 2-A description.ext (FOR GOLD SYSTEM) if ure using Coins skip it and go to step 2-B 2-B Description.ext (ONLY IF URE USING COINS) 3-custom fn_selfactions.sqf 4-custom Variables.sqf 5-Download from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9d74axmfym1tz16/zedutility.rar and place the "zedutility" folder into mpmissions\the instance that youreusing\ 6- Open the config.sqf located in \zedutility\walkamongstthedead\ to add more or less time to your cammo before he wash automatically DZ_ZCAMO_USE_TIME = 30;//30 seconds for default.
  16. Legally Binded is a brand new community running a Arma 2 : DayZ Mod Overpoch server in the UK with admins always on and some amazing new mods with the help of oldmatechoc IP: WEBSITE: http://legallybinded.co.uk Blow up doors (Base raid) Set view distance (Right click binoculars/rangefinders) Suicide + Suicide bomb (Right click dog tags or press Home) Plot 4 Life (Build a base) Plot Management (Maintain it every 7 days) Door Management Gold Coins & Banks Advanced Fast Trading Nomad Roaming Trader Enhanced Spawn Select Spawn Classes Fast Build Snap Pro Vector Angle Building Fast Crafting & Building (1 step construction) Group Manager (F5) Walking Zombies Service Points (Refuel and repair from fuel pumps) Missions & Supply Drops Vehicle Locator (Right click GPS) Safezones Deploy Bike & LittleBird from Toolbox Tow & Lift Custom Areas Teabag corpse Campfire dance
  17. well maybe you want it or not.. really dont know.. its very usefull for me.. so share it. [Use in test servers only] 1-You need a custom keyboard.sqf at very bottom but above _handle paste: ////////////ADV TRADING MENU if (_dikCode == DIK_TAB) then { execVM "dayz_code\actions\AdvancedTrading\init.sqf"; }; /////////// 2-go to \@DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\actions\AdvancedTrading\ and copy init.sqf 3-paste init.sqf (the one in adv trading folder) into mpmissions\yourinstance\dayz_code\actions\AdvancedTrading\ 4-at least open this new init.sqf and change this line: Z_traderData = (_this select 3); by: Z_traderData = menu_Functionary1 select 0; *Note : Functionary1 is the one trader ID that i use for test the traders items and all of this you can change it for any other. *For infistar @oldmatechoc have a bypass.. and a great idea to use it in a player range system. *@Tnks to @iben for his support with this.
  18. LostandCrazyGamerZ Presents DayZ Epoch All on a Dedicated Workstation Hosted By DizzY Himself. Specs Dual Xeon Quad Core Processors 8GB DDR3 RAM SSD Featuring: ESS - Enhanced Spawn Selection Hero and Bandit Selects. Group Management – Talk in group and know where your friends are Plot Management – Add yourself and your friends to your plot pole for easy building. Door Management – Eye scan and easy adding friends and removing – No more sharing combos Alchemy Crafting with GEMS – Buildable’s with functions, Working Vending Machine, Working Stove, Working Fridge and more to come. (still in progress on the 106 update) Walking Zombies – Don’t think that they are any easier though. Plot Pole 4 Life – Don’t ever have to pick up and place plot pole down for GEM crafting or regular building Plot poles also are Zed Free Zones.. NO more Zombies in Bases. Snapping Pro – Snap your base together in now time. Build Vectors – Rotate your walls and floors in any direction. Elevators – only useable by plot pole owners and friends. (still in progress with the 106 update) Custom Add-ons to Map Custom Traders Carpenter Trader – A place to buy wooden things (chainsaw as well) RPG and GEM Trader – A place Where you can buy RPG’s and Grenade Launchers and Much more!! The Junkyard – A place to buy all your junk needs (Sledge head, Handle, bulk cinder blocks and more!!! Lost and Crazy’s Gun Emporuim – A trader that has almost ever variant of gun the Epoch!!! Safe Trader Zones Anti backpack Stealing, Godmode, Vehicle God while in trader. Custom Missions The Missions on this server is one that sets them apart from the rest Red missions are minor missions 62 variants of missions to keep one busy, These are low loot missions, small box, medical supplies, building supplies, guns, food, and ammo. You never know what the box will be. you might get a set of bandages or might get some cinder. come test your luck Green Mission are major missions 30 variants to keep one busy. These missions have large crates at them with lots of guns, more building supplies, more medical supplies and so on. these have more ai at them to create a larger challenge then the red missions. Orange missions are black-market, gun emporium mission, Junk Yard Trader Missions, and more specialty missions, missions with hot-wire kits, Cinder Walls, Gems and more!! These missions have AI at them that carry M110s, MK17's and more. Watch out because the AI might have a RPG and take out that vehicle you try to run them over with. Then the BIG BLUE missions, these are team missions, hardest of all and has best payout.. Briefcases/building supplies and lots of them. Larger Big blue missions spawn in custom map locations built in map editor and have m2 emplacements and a heli that patrols them, the smaller blue missions are in the large cities such as Cherno and they have m2 emplacements and a m113 tank that protect them All these missions have been modified so they have to be done on foot. To hanance the feel of missions and increase those skills. Claim Vehicle – Claim mission and map spawn vehicles. TOW/LIFT Tow/Lift with all vehicles, Locked vehicles will not tow or lift Auto Refuel – Auto Repair - Reammo Self-Blood Bag – right click and action menu No DECAY!! Server Rules: No whining It’s DayZ You Die Keep S*** talk to a min Keep Trolling to a Min and No Spamming Side Chat and no Talking on Side chat No Racism No Raging, It’s DayZ – A Game DayZ has Bug’s and Glitch’s So Deal with it! No camping major trader cities and no camping or killing around Novy Sobor Parking Lot in cherno! No stealing in major trader cities (vehicles included) No leaving vehicles in trader cities (Bash, Klen, and Stary) Vehicles Can be left in the public parking lot.. Please no Helis No bases or safes or lockboxes within the novy sobor town or 500m of traders on tavi and cherno 200m on namalsk. Do not trust anyone Do not talk in side You can build anywhere but blue mission locations. You can raid any base - Protect them Plotpoles Do not put plotpoles inside of things such as walls and trees and rocks - You must be able to remove them yourself. Hold peoples base hostage - request ransom is allowed Camping bases is allowed Blowing Up vehicles is allowed Remember These are PVP Servers.. WATCH YOUR BACK!! Being A Bandit is allowed - if you do not want to be killed then go to a PVE server Please only bother the admin on real issues. No asking the Admin for free stuff Learn to make copies of your keys The Admin is not a Key Maker No Duping, Glitching or Hacking - If caught you will be banned no warnings or mercy will be shown. Acting or impersonating a hacker can cause you to be kicked, and possible temp ban or perm ban. Maintenance Rules: Vehicles laying around and untouched for 10 + days will be deleted - keep them updating by accessing them or unlocking and locking them. If noticed a player has not been on in 30-60 days then the base and safes will be removed. Databases can only grow so big so unused items can cause massive database lag. - Do not ask admin for players valuables that you did not earn. Thanks and enjoy Come Check Out The Hard Work in Action Overpoch Cherno - Overpoch Namalsk Server Server Owner: DizzY DizzAsteR Server Admins: Apex, Baibro, Geriatiric Hero Server Team Speak:
  19. Im bored so write this small script. The code find a random coords for gas station and create a explotion. nothing awesome. very simple. 1-gasstations.sqf (into mpmissions\instance_11.chernarus\custom\) 2- in init.sqf or if u wanna use it as event.. then place gasstations.sqf into dayz_server.pbo\modules and entry the line in your Epoch events. EpochEvents = [["any","any","any","any",30,"gasstations"],["any","any","any","any",0,"crash_spawner"],["any","any","any","any",15,"supply_drop"]];
  20. [Release]Traders In Move 1.6

    Traders in move only for epoch 1.6 Spawn Traders into Stary,Bash,Klen. The traders arrives , stay for X time and go out. this is why i call it traders in move. This traders have a fluctuating prices. So for example a plot_pole_kit can be bought for 4ItemGoldBar10oz or another price. Install: 1-Open your server_Traders.sqf located in Mpmissions\instance_chernarus_11\ change your line by this: #include "custom\CfgServerTrader\chernarus11.sqf" 2-Open your description.ext located in Mpmissions\instance_chernarus_11\ find "CfgServerTrader.hpp" and Change your line by this: #include "custom\CfgServerTrader\CfgServerTrader.hpp" 3-Open init.sqf and find: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf"; bellow paste: //TradersinMoveV1.6 _tim_execute = [] execVM "custom\tim16\tim_execute.sqf"; // 4-Open \@DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\Configs\ and Drop "CfgServerTrader" folder into Mpmissions\instance_chernarus_11\custom\ 5-Open \@DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\server_traders\ And Drop chernarus11.sqf into custom\CfgServerTrader\ 6-Create this path Mpmissions\instance_chernarus_11\custom\tim16\ 7-Create tim_execute.sqf paste inside the code bellow. and paste (tim_execute.sqf) into tim16 folder. 8-Create NeutralSALES.hpp and paste inside the code bellow. Now paste the file (NeutralSALES.hpp) into \MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\CfgServerTrader\Category\ //use this file to config your prices and your items. 9-Open cfgServerTrader.hpp located in \MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\CfgServerTrader\ and at very bottom but before the last bracket add: #include "Category\NeutralSALES.hpp" 10-Open chernarus11.sqf located in \MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\CfgServerTrader\ A- find at very top: serverTraders = [ add only lines in blue: B-at very bottom add: // Traders in move menu_RU_SchoolTeacher = [ [["SALES",3000]], [], "neutral" ]; menu_INS_Bardak_DZ = [ [["SALES",3001]], [], "neutral" ]; menu_TK_CIV_Woman01_EP1 = [ [["SALES",3002]], [], "neutral" ];
  21. An update of Fred's Zombie Bait all credits for http://opendayz.net/members/freaking-fred.2836/ original post: *To set the bomb players will need: 1xHandGrenade_West or 1xHandGrenade_East && 1xItemBloodbag. (the bomb call the zeds around) *To set the frecuency players will need: 1xequip_scrapelectronics & 1xPartGeneric. (this frecuency kills the zeds around the player for a few seconds) *If u have the items will see an scroll menu option to realize the actions. INSTALL 1-in a custom fn_selfactions at very bottom: 2-Create in mpmissions\your instance\zedutility\ antized.sqf zedbomb.sqf zombie_findTargetAgent.sqf 3-in your custom compiles.sqf 4-in your variables.sqf if u got some kind of rpt spam about undefined variable then add: (tnks @salival for the advice) s_player_zfrec = -1; s_player_bomb = -1; below of //Player self-action handles dayz_resetSelfActions = { BE FILTERS (any kind of issue just add the !="Microphone2_ep1" !="Land_Vase_loam_EP1"
  22. All credits for @mudzereli i just upload again the old version for all guys who still needs this. New version for epoch 1.6.1 here: INSTALL: 1-you will need a custom compiles.sqf (If u already have one skip it) 2-Download the folder from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ayhd8dpagz9a0s/deployAnyDropthefolderinsidetoyourmpmissions-instance-.rar VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! paste the "overwrites" and "addons" folders into mpmissions\your instance\ 3-Now open your custom compiles.sqf 4-open your init.sqf again the install its done. Now if u need add some click actions open : \MPMissions\your instance\addons\bike\ config.sqf follow the original guide into this file to know how add new click actions.
  23. Hey few days ago i posted a new and stupid mod "whistle" ,but from here comes the idea to made a tie up players and whistle zeds to come and eat the player tied up. I ask for help of everyone here, can be nice made a new script/mod thogeters I think use the old knock out system as base to write it: BASE MODS: INSTALLING: (WORKING): (07/3/17)
  24. *This uses the dayz_Survived (survived days) to let trader knows if he is your friend or not. So if u survived more than 2 days you have a friendly relationship with this trader and he wanna talk with you. *If u wanna use it.. then you will need a custom Cfgtraders folder , a custom traders menus. and a custom fn_selfactions.sqf INSTALL: 1-Create the Cfgtraders folder (Skip if u already have one) 2-Create your custom traders menus (Skip if u already have one) 3-Time to add our friend trader. 4-Ok now you need add your new trader at custom traders menus. so open: custom\CfgServerTrader\chernarus11.sqf 5-Now open : \MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\CfgServerTrader\cfgServerTrader.hpp 6-Now we need create the friendshipCategory.hpp (place into \MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\CfgServerTrader\Category\ ) 7-At least we need define the friendship in the custom fn_selfactions.sqf so open it: Go to stary trader city and try to talk with she.
  25. [pRay for Heal]

    an update of Pay for heal. by @oSoDirty his post: Install: 1-Create pray.sqf (mpmissions\instance_11.chernarus\churches\) in a custom fn_selfactions,sqf find: Now open ...\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\traders\chernarus11.sqf add only lines in blue: DONE!. OPTIONAL: IF U WANNA ADD A TRADER MENU TO THIS PRIEST