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  1. depends on what you mean "you put it in your custom compiles".. you need to change the path to it from fnc_veh_ResetEH = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\veh_ResetEH.sqf"; //Initialize vehicle to something like this. fnc_veh_ResetEH = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\init\veh_ResetEH.sqf"; //Initialize vehicle
  2. Also, would anyone be interested, or is it possible, to make a script that lets players wearing certain skins (ones with masks) not be affected by the tear gas? I was about to attempt that with stalker clothing but never got around to it... thankz for reminding me I will try getting around to it now... _dis=100; )this is how far from _press you must be) _sfx = "repair"; // I know this is the sound effect while crafting _chance = floor(random 100); (this is well chance of success.....) _press = nearestObject [player, "Land_Ind_Stack_Big"]; (this is the smokestack on cherno map. it WAS needed for smelting from a script I ripped it from) (I forget who or where now.._ _sounddist = 1 (this is the distatnce _sfx can be heard ) use the 6 round grenade launcher with 6rd ammo or single ammo, it has the gas effect without me having to use a different script for the grenade launcher ammo. Perhaps the SmokeShell is the ammo effect ?
  3. most of the features you want are here in the forums.
  4. my server does not show up when I add aftermath to the launch but does show when its just overpochins... any thoughts why it wont show online when I add aftermath to the mods ?
  5. fr1nk is correct however this may help
  6. I use deploy anything instead of extraRc it does all and I like it alot more... in overwrites\click_actions\config.sqf ["ItemMap","Locate Lost Vehicles","execVM 'custom\locate_vehicle.sqf';","true"],
  7. calamity

    Server Error

    pastebin is your friend! http://pastebin.com/3b0AcD1f
  8. here are the origins vehicles.... should be all of them or do you mean the weapon /loot spawns ?
  9. maybe you need to Delete or rename the dayz_code.pbo and associated bisign key from the @DayZOverwatch folder and replace it with the dayz_code.pbo and bisign key from the @DayZ_Epoch folder remember to backup overwatch dayzcode first
  10. possibly step 7 or 8 double check your description.ext you have in your description.ext..... #include "dzgm\groupManagement.hpp" is the path correct ???
  11. hey what happaned? server looks out. since saturday

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