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Found 13 results

  1. Hi! plotpole bug. Base maintanied ,The base has disappeared. Why? He was paid in vain Thanks!
  2. Hi, sorry for asking this but i need your help. i looked for solutions but couldn't find one. So here's the thing: Someone took the plot pole ownership of our base, now we have found anotherone and it could be from the one who took ours a few hours ago. We want revenge and so we are trying to take the plot pole ownership of his base but it is impossible to do. How do we get this ownership? (I dont know if someone asked it before) Thx, Sholk
  3. Hi folks, Im getting myself in a mess trying to trim my database down from abandoned bases. What Ive done so far: All bases are indestructable. I want to keep this the case. On the 18th, I ran a script to update all objects 'last updated' time to be the 18th. I edited my init.sqf to have maintain when damage is 0 I editied fn_selfactions to make maintenance free Ive pre warned all players that they must maintain thier bases every 7 days starting from the 21st. What I want to acheive.. I thought I had saved an sql event in my bookmarks that would delete all objects that havent been updated in the previous 7 days, however I cant find it. I found this one But I tried it on my test server and it didnt delete anything. I changed the interval 24 day and interval 42 day to 1 day to try and it still didnt delete anything. SQL isnt my forte and I dont know what Im doing wrong. I just want a scipt I can run that deletes anything that hasnt been updated in the previous 7 days, be it automatic or one I have to run manually.. I have navicat or phpmyadmin acsess to the database and seemingly can create events without any issues, as I have run a charcter data one without issues, I just dont know what the correct event is for this purpose!
  4. I have a simple question regarding my server database. I'm having an issue regarding maintaining my base (0 Building Parts In Range) so I checked the event that sets damage in my database. This is the SQL event I have UPDATE `Object_DATA` SET `Damage`=0.1 WHERE `ObjectUID` <> 0 AND `CharacterID` <> 0 AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 3 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') )I noticed it says "Object_DATA", the table in my database is called "object_data". I'm curious is this is the reason it's not damaging the buildables? Are the tables/events case sensitive? Also just to make sure, this SQL will damage the buildables every 3 days correct?
  5. Since Epoch version 1.0.4 this script is included in the default Epoch client. So you don't need to install it yourself anymore! :) Hey guys, another script release from me. :P This time area based maintenance for player bases, you know it can be a pain to maintain every single building part in your base, fear no more with this "simple" script. ;) With the default options it works like this: players will get an option to "Maintain Area" if they look at a plot pole (item can be changed but plot poles make sense I guess), then the script will maintain all base building parts within a specified range (default 50m around the plot pole), the same way as you would maintain every single part by hand. Because of the amount of affected parts admins can define other requirements to actually maintain the whole area (like a briefcase for more then 100 building parts or whatever you like there is an example in the script with some requirements for different amounts of building parts). This is just my first release, I had other plans with making the maintain requirements based on the actual building parts in the area. e.g. every part gets a value (similar then it is now but with items you can stack easily like gold), so it would calculate the exact costs like 2 gold for each wooden wall, 5 gold for metal floors etc.. just an idea there might be other problems with that and it may not be easy to implement this with ArmA scripts as far as my knowledge goes at least. So for now the maintain cost is only dependent on the amount of items to maintain, no matter what parts you use. But there can be multiple items defined for each amount, maybe someone of you have a better way of doing this, that's one reason I publish it here for all to use and improve on it (hopefully). There is also a preview option ("Maintain Area Preview") to see how many building parts would be affected and what the exact costs for that would be. This option does nothing and it won't remove anything from your gear, it only displays an information text on the screen. If you use the real "Maintain Area" option the required items will be removed from your gear, if you don't own them you get a message with the missing parts like with the default maintain option. Ok here comes the installation steps, it is pretty easy, similar to including self bloodbag to your server. Step 1: Add this to your fn_selfActions.sqf file right after the line with "_canDo = ..." around line 16 (I assume you already have the file set up for other changes, if not there are many topics with how to do that): // ---------------------------------------Maintain Area Start------------------------------------ if (_canDo && (speed player <= 1) && (cursorTarget isKindOf "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ")) then { if (s_player_maintain_area < 0) then { s_player_maintain_area = player addAction ["<t color=""#ffffff"">Maintain Area</t>", "scripts\maintain_area.sqf", "maintain", 5, false]; s_player_maintain_area_preview = player addAction ["<t color=""#ccffffff"">Maintain Area Preview</t>", "scripts\maintain_area.sqf", "preview", 5, false]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_maintain_area; s_player_maintain_area = -1; player removeAction s_player_maintain_area_preview; s_player_maintain_area_preview = -1; }; // ---------------------------------------Maintain Area End------------------------------------ If you want change the item where your players can activate the "Maintain Area" option (default plot pole - "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"). You can also change the color of the menu (default white - #ffffff) and the path where you want to safe the actual script (default "scripts\maintain_area.sqf" in your mission.pbo). Step 2: Here is the complete maintain area script: private ["_missing","_missingQty","_proceed","_itemIn","_countIn","_qty","_num_removed","_removed","_removed_total","_tobe_removed_total","_obj","_objectID","_objectUID","_classname","_location","_dir","_objectCharacterID","_object","_temp_removed_array","_textMissing","_target","_objectClasses","_range","_objects","_requirements","_count","_cost","_itemText","_option"]; if (TradeInprogress) exitWith { cutText ["Maintenance already in progress." , "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; TradeInprogress = true; player removeAction s_player_maintain_area; s_player_maintain_area = 1; player removeAction s_player_maintain_area_preview; s_player_maintain_area_preview = 1; _target = cursorTarget; // Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ _objectClasses = ["ModularItems", "DZE_Housebase"]; _range = 50; // set the max range for the maintain area _objects = nearestObjects [_target, _objectClasses, _range]; // TODO dynamic requirements based on used building parts? _count = count _objects; _requirements = []; switch true do { case (_count <= 10): {_requirements = [["ItemGoldBar10oz",1]]}; case (_count <= 50): {_requirements = [["ItemGoldBar10oz",4],["ItemGoldBar",2]]}; // 42 gold case (_count <= 100): {_requirements = [["ItemBriefcase100oz",1]]}; case (_count <= 200): {_requirements = [["ItemBriefcase100oz",2]]}; case (_count <= 300): {_requirements = [["ItemBriefcase100oz",3]]}; case (_count <= 400): {_requirements = [["ItemBriefcase100oz",4]]}; case (_count > 400): {_requirements = [["ItemBriefcase100oz",5]]}; }; _option = _this select 3; switch _option do { case "maintain": { _missing = ""; _missingQty = 0; _proceed = true; { _itemIn = _x select 0; _countIn = _x select 1; _qty = { (_x == _itemIn) || (configName(inheritsFrom(configFile >> "cfgMagazines" >> _x)) == _itemIn) } count magazines player; if (_qty < _countIn) exitWith { _missing = _itemIn; _missingQty = (_countIn - _qty); _proceed = false; }; } forEach _requirements; if (_proceed) then { player playActionNow "Medic"; [player,_range,true,(getPosATL player)] spawn player_alertZombies; _temp_removed_array = []; _removed_total = 0; _tobe_removed_total = 0; { _removed = 0; _itemIn = _x select 0; _countIn = _x select 1; _tobe_removed_total = _tobe_removed_total + _countIn; { if ((_removed < _countIn) && ((_x == _itemIn) || configName(inheritsFrom(configFile >> "cfgMagazines" >> _x)) == _itemIn)) then { _num_removed = ([player,_x] call BIS_fnc_invRemove); _removed = _removed + _num_removed; _removed_total = _removed_total + _num_removed; if (_num_removed >= 1) then { _temp_removed_array set [count _temp_removed_array,_x]; }; }; } forEach magazines player; } forEach _requirements; // all required items removed from player gear if (_tobe_removed_total == _removed_total) then { { _obj = _x; // Find objectID _objectID = _obj getVariable ["ObjectID","0"]; // Find objectUID _objectUID = _obj getVariable ["ObjectUID","0"]; if (_objectID == "0" && _objectUID == "0") exitWith { cutText ["At least one building part is not setup yet.", "PLAIN DOWN"];}; // Get classname _classname = typeOf _obj; // Get position _location = _obj getVariable["OEMPos",(getposATL _obj)]; // Get direction _dir = getDir _obj; // Find CharacterID _objectCharacterID = _obj getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]; // Create new object _object = createVehicle [_classname, [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; // Set direction _object setDir _dir; // Set location _object setPosATL _location; PVDZE_obj_Swap = [_objectCharacterID,_object,[_dir,_location],_classname,_obj,_objectID,_objectUID]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_obj_Swap"; player reveal _object; } forEach _objects; cutText [format["You have maintained %1 building parts.", _count], "PLAIN DOWN", 5]; // uncomment the next 2 lines if you want logging of area maintenance to the server report file (Arma2OAserver.RPT) //maintainArea_log = [player, _target, _count]; //publicVariableServer "maintainArea_log"; } else { {player addMagazine _x;} forEach _temp_removed_array; cutText [format["Missing Parts after first check Item: %1 / %2",_removed_total,_tobe_removed_total], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; } else { _textMissing = getText(configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _missing >> "displayName"); cutText [format["Missing %1 more of %2", _missingQty, _textMissing], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; }; case "preview": { _cost = ""; { _itemIn = _x select 0; _countIn = _x select 1; _itemText = getText(configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _itemIn >> "displayName"); if (_cost != "") then { _cost = _cost + " and "; }; _cost = _cost + (str(_countIn) + " of " + _itemText); } forEach _requirements; cutText [format["%1 building parts in range, maintenance would cost %2.", _count, _cost], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; }; TradeInprogress = false; s_player_maintain_area = -1; s_player_maintain_area_preview = -1; Save it as "scripts\maintain_area.sqf" in your mission.pbo or whatever you have defined in the menu before. Step 3 (optional): change the default options in the script: _range (line 13): sets the maximum range for the maintain area around the plot pole (default 50m). _requirements (line 18+): defines the required items for the amount of affected base building parts, there are some examples just take a look it should be easy to extend/modify. Step 4 (optional): logging of area maintenance to the server report file (Arma2OAserver.RPT): Since the script runs on the client (player computer who starts the maintenance) it can be desirable to log additional info in the server report file to keep track what player did the maintenance at what time and position on the map and how many building parts were affected, to do this the script has to send that info to the server. This can be done with the "publicVariableServer" command, just uncomment (remove the leading //) the 2 lines in the script where it says so for logging (line 110+111). For the server to receive that variable and log the info you have to add an public variable event handler with "addPublicVariableEventHandler", this can be done at any place in the mission.pbo, but usually all event handlers are handled in the file "dayz_code\init\publicEH.sqf", copy that file to your mission.pbo and change the reference to it in the init.sqf if you haven't already and add the following to the "Server only" block (after the line with "PVDZE_plr_DeathB" is fine): "maintainArea_log" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _val = _this select 1; _player = _val select 0; _playerName = name _player; _playerID = getPlayerUID _player; _target = _val select 1; _position = position _target; _count = _val select 2; diag_log format["MAINTAIN_AREA: Player %1 (%2) has maintained %3 building parts at position %4", _playerName, _playerID, _count, _position]; }; This will log a line like this every time a player runs the maintenance script: 14:33:01 "MAINTAIN_AREA: Player Axe Cop (12345678) has maintained 245 building parts at position [4937,9421.44,-0.796936]" If you are lazy your can add the event handler to your init.sqf after the line "_serverMonitor = ... " without changing the file publicEH.sqf :P That's it, should be easy enough to get the script working on your server. ;) One major problem with the whole maintenance thing in Epoch (not this script) is the fact, that you can't visually see if your base needs to be maintained or when it was last maintained, I hope that will be fixed with the next Epoch updates because I don't see any way of even accessing the last maintain date form the script itself. What Epoch does is just set a small damage value to every part to indicate that it needs to be maintained soon, but you can't see that damage in game (yet). For now my script just maintains every single part within range, no matter when it was last maintained. I could change it so it only affects damaged parts like Epoch does when maintenance is needed (just to decrease the maintenance cost for players). Also keep in mind the maintain process replaces the objects rather then just removing the damage and resetting the date, don't ask me why but I guess there is a reason for it so I did it the same way in my script. At last sorry for the long text, as always if you have any questions or ideas to make this script better please tell me or improve the script. :) Edit: logging of area maintenance (see step 4)
  6. Rai! Often i have people on my server asking me why they can't remove their plot pole. The case is that they lost so many crowbars and/or toolbox broken in the process that they start to think that there is something wrong. I feel like then. So i would like to ask you. This is normal? It's working as intended? Or it's any king of problem my server is having? Thankyou in advance!
  7. After restarting the server, all bases are suddenly damaged, even if each team has maintained its base at the Jammer. I have version b3 and Arma 1:42 Can i fix the Problem self, or must wait on the epoch dev?
  8. Hey, guys So I have dayz.st for host, which is terrible, because I have no access to hive.int to change the decay time. And the default plot pole maintain isn't working ,either. When I look at the maintain preview, it shows that 0 building parts in range sometimes it shows a few building parts when the walls are damaged. So is there a way to fix it, or add a SQL event to database that damage the base a little bit so players can maintain it Thanks :D
  9. Hey,guys So, my host is Dayz.st and they are terrible, I have no access to hiveext.ini to change the base decay period. And the base maintain isn't working either, When i go to maintain base, it shows "0 Building parts in range" But I noticed when the walls are damaged, you can maintain the base, but not the whole base, just a few, like two, three building parts. I wonder if there is a way to fix the maintain or add a SQL event to database that does a little damage to the base so players can maintain. Thanks ! :D
  10. Hi everyones, As it says in the topic title, we build a frequency jammer and everytime i try to use the maintain option, it's kicking me with an Restrected #0 something like i need to confirme but if anyone have the same issue or any idea about why it does it or know how to solve it, an answer will be appreciated. Thanks you
  11. Hey guys, since some days big player bases are just disapearing ! (If they are older than 7 Days.. Only parts.. storage items like saves and sheds stay.. What can i do against it ? i dont know what i can do..
  12. Hey guys my problem i want not buy for Maintain, where can I change that? Who nice if you can give me the path. :) Give a Script forgotten objects are not maintained disappear after 2 weeks? (delete) Info: i have [How To] [CPC] Indestructible Bases.
  13. CrixzGamez

    Maintain Time

    Is there any ways to change the period of *maintaining* walls? :) Id like to set it up to a month or so...
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