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Found 37 results

  1. DISCLAIMER: So hello and welcome here: Let´s get started: Btw: you can use Dayz Epoch as a base mod. That means: install Epoch first on your server and then move the other addons inside the root folder and and replace the Mpmission file and the dayz_server.pbo and run the query.sql in your database after downloading these files please unpack/ upload them to your server in the root directory... you wil get all the important files from me to make the server actually work. All of the files i that you can download are fully functional. They were tested by myself and there shouldn´t be any problems Don´t forget to add them in your start.bat as server mods Mpmission + Dayz_server + query + Battleye Filters. https://mega.nz/#!ydoDgZjI!HP_PctWafnin8MFquGnmE4Syh6ZCUkpyS1StGo4M0O0 I hope that were all the files i´ve used. If you need anything just post it here. Hope you enjoyed.
  2. Hello im trying to setup a dayz overpoch server with taviana. The mod from taviana is the latest Dayz Taviana 2.0 but when im trying to join im getting a error that the server needs a key or i have to remove some files. i tried searching google but i didnt had much succes with that. My question is, can someone send me the valid keys for the latest Taviana dayz mod? Or if you know what im dealing with please help me. Thanks
  3. Ok, I went around Taviana and found all the crates that are part of the map. These are the ones that the circuit boards spawn on. Since in epoch they have no use. What I would like to do is spawn very good loot on them, but out of the 35 crates, every restart it will only spawn 6 items. Leaving 29 crates with nothing on them. Does anyone have a script that can be modified to do this. I have the world space cords needed and will share.
  4. I have setup many Epoch servers over the past 4 years. All of which were built on old PC's I have. Players have no problem getting into game. In the past month I built a Dedicated Server Xeon, Server board, Server memory, etc Installed Windows 2016 essentials on it. Set up a game server, one that has dinosaurs in it. It works! Have the same Taviana Epoch server working on a nomal PC, Players can join! Now on with my problem Installed MySQL for Windows Installed all files for the Taviana Epoch Server Created a data base called tavi_2365 Have port forwarded the port of 2365 Setup new rules for inbound and outbound 2365 in the firewall When I start the server all goes as planned Server starts up Can see the server from my computer When I try to join, I get the lobby and click ok The loading screen comes up and the first white bar runs as normal The second white bar starts and says waiting for server to start authentication Then times out at 120 seconds On my second monitor I am watching the server load It gets to game started and it just sets there Database never starts, get the following error in server RPT 2:09:23 "HIVE: Starting" 2:09:24 Error in expression <erver_hiveReadWrite; _outcome = _result select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 2:09:24 Error position: <select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 2:09:24 Error select: Type String, expected Array,Config entry 2:09:24 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 23 Below are my Server RPT, Client RPT, HiveExt.ini, and server_monitor.sqf server RPT https://pastebin.com/6M9sG9RB client RPT https://pastebin.com/9ayVMXjF hiveext.ini https://pastebin.com/3wx9VDM9 server_monitor.sqf https://pastebin.com/fUnU09Gp UPDATE PROBLEM SOLVED Had to install all of the Visual C++ from 08 to 17 they were a little hard to find, but I did it. Thanks to all that helped me. @juandayz @icomrade and more below is a pic of what I had to install to get it to work https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/MS Visual C.PNG Here is a link to my drop box for a .rar and a .zip for all the MS Visual C++ that I used to get my dedicated server working. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/All Microsoft Visual C%2B%2B Redistributables.rar https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/All Microsoft Visual C%2B%2B Redistributables.zip
  5. After a very long break from epoch, me (the original DeadZ owner) and Naminis (an admin on DeadZ) have decided to make our good old Overpoch Taviana server running again! Not only this server is running the good old scripts from before, but also some newer things! FEATURES Taviana Map Custom Loot System (+ alot of loot) Trader Safezones Missions: - Sector B - AI Missions - Capture Missions - Vehicle Missions - ... Earplugs Lock Picking Black Market Trader Nametags Realistic Health System Destructable Frequency Jammers SUPPORTED MODS We support AllInArmaTerrainPack Lite & Enhanced Movement as an optional mod. HOW TO DOWNLOAD Download using A3Launcher or Download all required mods manually: Epoch All In Arma Terrain Pack Taviana A3 Mas Weapons Mas Vehicles launch your game with these mods in order. HOW TO PLAY A3Launcher: Search for "savages.nu" Manually: Launch the game with the mods in order like above, then either filter for "savages" or hit Remote and type the following IP: server.savages.nu:2502 REPORT BUGS / SUGGESTIONS If you would like to suggest something or if you find any sort of bugs that you want to report. Go on to our forum and post it under this section: http://savages.nu/forum/index.php?/forums/forum/5-general-discussion/ SERVER INFO IP: server.savages.nu:2502 Website: http://www.savages.nu/ Forum: http://www.savages.nu/forum Teamspeak: ts.savages.nu SERVER SPECS CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1225v2 Freq.: 3.2 GHz+ RAM: 16GB Drive: 2x2TB SATA RAID: Soft ADMIN APPLICATIONS << apply here >> GAMETRACKER
  6. Hello im working hard in my server, and the las thing i have to do is make WAI misions in taviana. First of all, i have working the WAI misions, but without "overwatch" weapons. And its pretty much important for me, i would like AI have overwatch weapons and the creates too. Sorry for my english, i will aprecita all help. If needed share some files from my server.pbo just tell me here and i will do. And if someone want to share wai taviana misions files i will apreciate so much. Thanks to all.
  7. I have a overpoch origins Taviana map and for the longest time we had places on the map that did not spawn loot. Like Novi Dvor, the UN base west of Vladimir, and other buildings. If you ever played the org origins you would know that loot spawned at these places. So I learned how to set Loot spawn points and went in and made them. I want to share them with everyone. So here you go.
  8. I have decided to make a diffrent version of the Lyepestock trader, Why? It did not really make sence to me. I have moved it to a nearby located supermarket and gave it more survival feel. Wreckages that have been placed infront to hold zombies back. Death zombies to pretend they have been shot. Here are some further images on the progress so far, let me know what you think so i know if i should contineu! One last thing: Let me know if you want me to update / alter any of the other excisting traders.
  9. Does anybody know any good tutorials or at least know how to set up a overpoch taviana server; anything is appreciated many thanks - Jack
  10. I have been checking out some of the script that have to do with Zombie Free Zones. Its not what im looking for. What I would like to do is on our Taviana Server is Make Sector B Zombie Free. We have AI already setup. If someone could point me in the right direction. Any help I thank you in advance Thug
  11. I am having trouble getting the static missions to spawn, vehicle patrols, para drops and such.. I have copied and pasted and edited coords and a few other things to suit my needs.(this worked for previous version) No Luck on the newest release. I set static missions to true in config file and my default.sqf looks like this: http://pastebin.com/hrd4zmY1 Any help at all is appreciated. :)
  12. Loadout+ Status: Release Hi, so this is my first ever addon for dayz. I believe it works with vanilla, Epoch and Overpoch + other maps. Basically this adds options for loadouts. Like you can customize loadouts for donators, admins, moderators, or have random loadouts for everyone. (Note* The loadouts are not "random" you can make different kind of loadouts and the script selects 1 to spawn with.) To install, drag the zip file's content to your custom folder in your mission.pbo. If you don't have a custom folder, make one. Open Init.sqf and find this // DayZ Epoch config spawnShoremode = 1; // Default = 1 (on shore) spawnArea= 1500; // Default = 1500 dayz_MapArea = 14000; // Default = 10000 Add this below that //Empty out the Loadout DefaultMagazines = [""]; DefaultWeapons = [""]; DefaultBackpack = ""; DefaultBackpackItems = [""]; and then find if (!isDedicated) then { [] execVM "custom\welcome.sqf"; //Conduct map operations 0 fadeSound 0; waitUntil {!isNil "dayz_loadScreenMsg"}; dayz_loadScreenMsg = (localize "STR_AUTHENTICATING"); [] execVM "custom\colorcorrection\cc.sqf";//< //Bus Route //< [] execVM "busroute\player_axeBus.sqf"; //<You dont probably have these 3 lines. //Run the player monitor _id = player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_id = [] spawn player_death;}]; _playerMonitor = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.sqf"; }; And now add this code above "//Run the player monitor" //Custom Loadouts execVM "custom\loadout+.sqf"; And you're done! Go ahead and open the Loadout+.sqf and tweak to your liking! (This is my first ever script that i have released, so please, if you find bugs report them to me!) You can reply here, send a pm, or add me on steam: Spodermayt I hope you enjoy it! Loadout+.zip
  13. On my server some of the missions for the Wicked AI system are spawning with no guns in the actually crates only frag grenades! If any one can help just reply to this thread thanks!
  14. Right, I've been trying to set up a DayZ Epoch Taviana Private server for some time now. I've done everything, and I mean everything. First of all, whenever I try to join my server, the console gets spammed with "Mission DayZ Epoch Taviana read from directory" and then I'm stuck on "WAiting for host" for the rest of my life and Battleye complains that I'm using a wrong version, even though DayZ commander begs to differ. I did some fiddling and I realised I was missing a few files/folder/whatever and put them in (@Tavi_DayZ_Epoch), then I was getting "Files... tavi.pbo, taviana.pbo, usec_rig_a/pbo, etc. are not signed by a key accepted by this server" so I looked up and down a few posts and someone stated that removing the files would fix the issues, so I did that too. No avail. Beforehand I could join ANY Tavi Epoch server no problem, and no complications. Whereas after removing the files, I would be instantly kicked for servers that worked before; joining my server didn't work either, since I suffered the same fate. Checking DayZ Commander, all the files were corrupt, so I guess I shouldn't have done that, so I reinstalled them. Hey presto, now I could join the servers again, including my own... to then have " Files... blah blah blah" thrown at me. Fun. For what I could tell there was no tut/inscructions telling me what files I needed or where everything was going wrong (no logs from console). So I did a little digging in to the .ini 's and other files of the like and then I realised, I didn't have the six_tavi.bikey and whatever the other one was called, so I plopped them in there... Perhaps this was the problem? Nope, chuck testa. Now I'm annoyed. The console was still spamming me with "Halp, mission file ist kaput" Or whatever it said before. Then connecting to the server was all like "nah m8, these files are going to be your demise" and other file related nonsense. So I gave up. What did I do next? Go back to good old Chernarus. So I deleted all the Tavi folders/files and put the appropiate Chernarus ones there; it worked. First time. I swear it does this on purpose. So now I'm confused and annoyed. So I've been trying to get Tavi to work for over 4 hours straight, to then get Chernarus to work, first attempt and I can join and everything. If someone for the love of god tell me/link me to a tut that can actually get my Private DayZ Epoch Taviana server working. Properly, I'll owe you my life. I think I'm going mad. If you need any files details or ANYTHING that I can easily copy/pasta then I'll try to replicate the tragedy from before.
  15. I am playing hell trying to get a Black market trader working on Taviana... I'm attempting to use the ID 154 from instance 11 moved to instance 13 in the DB So far I've built the area in the 3d Editor, placed the trader model in the server_traders.sqf // Black Market Vendor menu_Soldier_GL_M16A2_PMC = [ [["Black Market Ammo",527],["Black Market Weapons",526],["Explosives",529]], [], "neutral" ]; Added the trader into the server PBO's mission.sqf _unit_150 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createAgent ["Soldier_GL_M16A2_PMC", [5472.5146, 10043.719, -0.00078012014], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unit_150 = _this; _this setDir 211.9015; _this setVehicleInit "this allowDammage false; this disableAI 'FSM'; this disableAI 'MOVE'; this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; this disableAI 'TARGET'; this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; this forceSpeed 0;"; _this setUnitAbility 0.60000002; _this allowDammage false; _this disableAI 'FSM'; _this disableAI 'MOVE'; _this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; _this disableAI 'TARGET'; _this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; _this forceSpeed 0;_this enableSimulation false; }; and edited the database to change TID 154 from instance 11, to Instance 13. I don't get a scroll menu on the in game character to allow me to initiate the trade. Anyone have an idea why? Am I just going to have to make an all new trader and all new trader id's for my catagories
  16. I have a unique issue I have not seen ever before. I run a militarized Overpoch Taviana server and have a problem with vehicles like tanks, jets, and armed helis unlocking themselves after a server restart. Anyone have any ideas what the problem may be and/or solution? Thanks for any help!
  17. Hello, I'm just curious if I've done things right. My server is up and running, players can connect to it, and everything seems to be working correctly. I'm just curious about my @mod launch parameters on the server startup. [email protected];@Taviana;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server; Is this correct, or should I have things in a different order? For clients to connect they have to use the following launch parameters. [email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server; I ask because I'm seeing a ton of people trying to connect, but they never actually make it in. [2014-10-16 | 10:21:37] Player #2 Jack Frost (***.***.***.***:2304) connected [2014-10-16 | 10:21:38] Player #2 Jack Frost - GUID: *************************** (unverified) [2014-10-16 | 10:21:38] Verified GUID (***************************) of player #2 Jack Frost [2014-10-16 | 10:21:39] Player #2 Jack Frost - Legacy GUID: *************************** [2014-10-16 | 10:21:39] Player #2 Jack Frost disconnected I'm assuming this is because they don't have the Taviana map downloaded, or they don't have their launch parameters set properly.
  18. Hi, I noticed on the dzms missions that players are dying from ai in one shot, even though they still may have above 0 blood. I was wondering if there was a way to fix this and how to do so. Thanks!
  19. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get rid of some or all of the debris on roads associated with origins.
  20. I use DZMS along side of WAI in my chernarus overpoch server with no errors but on taviana i get this error on every major mission finish. But everything mission wise is fine, all items and ai spawn/despawn properly as well as displayed messages. waitUntil {DZMSMajDone}; DZMSMajDone = nil; };> 0:58:38 Error position: <DZMSMajDone}; DZMSMajDone = nil; };> 0:58:38 Error Undefined variable in expression: dzmsmajdone 0:58:38 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Scripts\DZMSMajTimer.sqf, line 42 0:58:38 Error in expression <or Mission %1.",_varName]; any ideas or fixes?
  21. Hi I just got a new overpoch taviana server from Vilayer servers. I have about 3 problems which i believe are inner related. 1.Cannot remove crowbar from tool belt 2.When buying from traders I do the animation and nothing happens. also trader doesnt take my money nor does the item/vehicle spawn. When i go back to the trader it says a trade is always in progress. 3.Cannot split money in my inventory The only custom stuff i have on it so far is snap building, service points, and infistar anti hack. Also with the service points they wont work because i cant split my money into 2 gold or whatever. Any and all help would be appreciated I am a fairly new server owner, so bare with me Thanks!
  22. Can I edit the Taviana map? I'm thinking about a Taviana Server but only if I can add custom content to it. I have tried to get it into the editor but cant seem to work out how I do this? Any help would be met with a big smile :D
  23. Recently i have created a taviana overpoch server, All is running smoothly, no hickups. However every client will get kicked randomly. Not all at once, just individually at random time. I have checked all the logs incl Battleye, infistar, server.rpt and client.rpt and all is normal. On client kick it will display "You have been kicked from the server." .Rpt only shows normal player disconnect. I have ran the server without battleye or infistar and it still kicks. Sometime once per 3 hour restart or multiple times. I've checked all ports, tried both dayzlauncher and dayzcommander with various launch parameters. I have also changed config.cfg "onHackedData" and "onDifferentData" to null with no avail. I've scoured the web and with still no result or indication on what's going on i bring it to you guys! Thanks.
  24. I have been recently trying to get a DayZ Epock server running on my box ruinning Windows Server 2012. The server loads fine, but never gets past the "Creating" phase. All players that connect get stuck at "Wait for host". I have tried both 1.0.5 and Both on the Chernarus map and Taviana. RPT File: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9swmexi2 I've run out of ideas on what to do next. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  25. Anyone running Epoch Taviana map successfully after the steam roll out, update, hosted by Vilayer?
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