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DLC Expansion weapons and Gear




I have successfully set up an Arma 3 Epoch altis server (private for now) with a bunch of server side mods running. One of them is the Black Market Trader found elsewhere in the forums. My question is how do i add weapons and gear from the DLC expansions (MARK, HELI) etc. more specifically gear and weapons. I have seen on the BMS server they have gear specific to APEX and helis specific to HELI DLC. My black market trader does not have any of the DLC gear and weapons but only some of the heli's like the Huron and Taru. I own all of the DLC's and they are all present on the server folder structure. I cannot spawn them either using the builtin Anti Hack admin menu as they aren't present.


I there any way that i can make them visible th AH menu and black market trader?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Cyrus,

Thanks for inquiring but the black market is not a part of base Epoch and without knowing what script you are using it will be hard to answer your question. I will suggest asking how to set that up in the thread for that script so that the proper information can be replied!

Here is the scripts forum or just use the search feature in the top right to find the thread


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On 9/19/2017 at 8:47 AM, Cyrus said:

I there any way that i can make them visible th AH menu and black market trader?

I assume that you are using Halvhjearne's HSBlackMarket trader script here? If so, you will need to add any missing items to that script's price lists in <mission>/trader/HSPricing.hpp and also to Epoch's price list in <mission>/epoch_config/Configs/CfgPricing.hpp. The structure of these files is pretty self-explanatory, 

    class DogCarcass_EPOCH {price = 3;};

with each line starting with the word "class" then the class name and the price and an optional additional tax (on top of the global server tax set in the server side EpochConfig.hpp, for example,

	class CUP_srifle_AS50 {price = 1000; tax = .9;};    

In the line above, the AS50 will sell for the price of 1000 crypto, but to buy it you have to pay 1.9x the price plus the 10% server tax, making the cost of buying twice that of selling.

Now in order to add items to this price list you will need to know their classnames. You can either search this forum for those classnames (there are several threads which pretty much cover all the DLC and other mods content) or go directly to various sources, such as  Bohemia's CfgWeapons listing or, as another example, CUP's CfgWeapons wiki page though it should be noted that oftentimes these pages are not necessarily up to date and then you have to go to the source (an exercise left for the reader).

To add stuff to Epoch's AH spawn menu is sort of easy and sort of not. For example, for weapons, magazines and backpacks the items just have to be listed in CfgPricing.hpp. Unfortunately for uniforms, attachments, headgear and vests the listed items are hardcoded into a server side file called server_securityfunctions.sqf and would have to be manually added there in the epoch_server.pbo (and then maintained with each new release). 

Hope that helps.

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