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Problem with scripts not showing


So Grahame kindly helped me install all of the scripts on my server, they have been working like a charm up until last night! I carried out Manual Server Restart and when i Re-Joined the server non of the plugins were showing in game?


I checked the epoch.Altis.pbo folder and all of the scripts are there like they should be. Below you'll see my RPT File.. If anything else is needed let me know


Paste Bin Link

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2 answers to this question

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non of the plugins were showing in game

What kind of "plugins" do you mean? SEM? HeliCrash? Infistar?

Client rpt could also be interesting

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    • By juandayz
      The very old safezone script by infistar... i was using it in  and made some changes to use in 1.6.
          1. Copy paste the code of below into a file called 16_safezone.sqf - save the file.
          2. Paste this 16_safezone.sqf into mpmissioms\instance_11.chernarus\custom\
          3. Open your init.sqf
          4. At the very bottom of the file add this line:  [] execVM "custom\16_safezone.sqf";
          5. Save the init.sqf and restart your server.
          6-WARNING!!! if ure using some kind of mod that allow vehicles with GodMode out of safezones..  then you will need in 16_safezone.sqf change the path for veh_handleDam.sqf by the path that youre using your custom veh_handleDam.sqf
      this line:  fnc_veh_handleDam = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\veh_handleDam.sqf';
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    • By juandayz
      A very basic guide to make your own script:
      Feel free to complete this guide :)
      2-IN CASE U NEED ADD A ITEMS REQUIRED (more than one)
      *Now into the same script you will need check if this player have the item variable so:
      if (_hasitem) then { }; so the script can be:
      *Now at very top its time to define the private variables for this script so:
      private = ["name of variable","name of variable"];
      private = ["_hasitem"]; So at this time the script looks like:
      Here you will see how to remove more than 1 item: (   remember for remove only one item you can use player removeMagazine "FoodchickenCooked";  )
      item requiered:
      _hasitem = [["cinder_wall_kit",2], ["ItemWoodFloor",3]] call player_checkItems;
      to remove this items use:
      _remove = [["cinder_wall_kit",2],["ItemWoodFloor",3]] call player_removeItems; So now the whole script looks:
      Thers other way to say "you dont have the item required" see:
      if (!_hasitem) exitWith {cutText [format["You will need 2xcinder_wall_kit and 3xItemWoodFloor"], "PLAIN DOWN"];}; ***Note: the ! before the variable means  NOT   . So here the code say:  if player Dont Have (_hasitem) exitWith {};
      so now the script looks:
      Now whats about if u wanna put a time restriction to execute the script?
      well heres the structure:
      if(_Time < _LastUsedTime) exitWith { cutText [format["wait %1 seconds !",(round(_Time - _LastUsedTime))], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; But you need define what means _Time & _LastUsedTime variables  and need put where start to count.  So:
      _LastUsedTime = 1200;//time in seconds before use again the script
      _Time = time - lastuse; //"lastuse" is where you start to count and is equal to time so you need to put it immediately after the _hasitem variable is checked as fine...
      if (_hasitem) then { lastuse = time; }; Well now the whole script looks:
      Now you wanna put a random events into the script. You can use two ways:
      _randomCases = round(random(2)); switch (_randomCases) do { case 0 :{ //what happend here? }; case 1 :{ //what happend here? }; }; Or the other way:
      _randomNumbers = floor(random 100);//you can use any other number 100,200,50 if (_randomNumbers <= 30) then { //if randomNumbers is less or equal to 30 then //what happend here? }; if (_randomNumbers <= 100 && _randomNumbers > 31) then { //if randomNumbers is into 31 to 100 then //what happend here? }; So for the first example the whole script looks:
      And for the second example looks:
      _inventory = items player; _hastools = "ItemToolbox" in _inventory; if !(_hastools) exitWith { cutText [format["Must be equiped with 1x toolbox in your toolbet."], "PLAIN DOWN"];}; if (_hastools) then { }; So now the script looks:
      6-Allow The script only if player is an hero
      Now you want procced with the script only if player is an hero.. so:
      _PlayerHumanity = (player getVariable"humanity"); if (_PlayerHumanity < 5000) exitWith { cutText [format["Need be a hero"], "PLAIN DOWN"];}; if (_PlayerHumanity > 5000) then { }; So the whole script now is:
      Whats about if u wanna put a coins cost to execute it?
      _costs = 200; if !([ player,_costs] call SC_fnc_removeCoins) then { titleText [format["Needs %1 %2.",_costs,CurrencyName] , "PLAIN DOWN", 1]; } else { titleText [format["Pay %1 %2 for this",_costs,CurrencyName] , "PLAIN DOWN", 1]; }; So now script looks:
      8-Nearest Required
      Now a nearest required from an objet or AI.
      _playerPos = getPosATL player; _nearestRestriction = count nearestObjects [_playerPos, ["TK_CIV_Woman01_EP1"], 4] > 0; //TK_CIV_Woman01_EP1 is an AI id if (_nearestRestriction) then { }; you can use it  to execute scripts only into plot area...
      for example:
      _playerPos = getPosATL player; _nearestRestriction = count nearestObjects [_playerPos, ["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"], 30] > 0; if (_nearestRestriction) then { }; or to restrict if is present
      for example if is a plot pole in the area you cant execute the script
      _playerPos = getPosATL player; _nearestRestriction = count nearestObjects [_playerPos, ["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"], 30] > 0; if (_nearestRestriction) exitWith { cutText [format["Not in plot area"], "PLAIN DOWN"];}; }; So now the script is:
      in negative case.. (if u cannot execute the script if the objet plot area is present then the script must be):

      9-Give something to the player
      here you can use:
      player addMagazine "item id"; so for example if u wanna give gold money then:
      player addMagazine "ItemBriefcase100oz"; if u wanna give coins money then:
      _add = [player, 1000] call SC_fnc_addCoins; if u wanna give a random item then:
      _add = ["ItemSodaOrangeSherbet","HandGrenade_west","ItemSodaEmpty"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; player addMagazine _add;  
      So for the 1st example script looks: (give gold)
      for the 2nd example looks: (give coins)
      for the 3rd example (give random item)
      10-Create a small function
      Now you need use random events and repeat a large or medium secuence.. to not write twice.. use a small functiion.. see:
      ///Function function_spawncrate = { _cratemodels=["USBasicWeapons_EP1","LocalBasicAmmunitionBox"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _variete = ["ItemSodaOrangeSherbet","HandGrenade_west"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _stone = ["CinderBlocks","MortarBucket","PartOreSilver"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _wood = ["PartPlywoodPack","PartWoodPile","PartWoodLumber"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _farm = ["FoodchickenRaw","FoodCanCorn","FoodrabbitRaw","ItemKiloHemp","FoodCanCurgon"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _aiweapon = ["M16A2","M4A1"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _crate1 = objNull; if (true) then{ _this = createVehicle [_cratemodels, [8352.9189, 5950.7417, -3.0517578e-005], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _crate1 = _this; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _crate1; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _crate1; _crate1 addWeaponCargoGlobal [_aiweapon, 1]; _crate1 addmagazinecargoglobal [_variete, 2]; _crate1 addmagazinecargoglobal [_wood, 5]; _crate1 addmagazinecargoglobal [_stone, 3]; _crate1 addmagazinecargoglobal [_farm, 3]; _crate1 setVariable ["permaLoot",true]; }; sleep 400; deleteVehicle _crate1; }; ////////////////////////////////END FUINCTON  
      script looks:
      other way is call an external script into main script see:
      [] execVM 'path\to\external\script.sqf'; so the variant to not make the small function as above is call this external.sqf 
      your main.sqf
      and you can put into external.sqf same codes as function_spawncrate
      11-Some "Commands"
      sleep  ( you can use it to leave in "stand by" your script for some seconds )
      example: ( wait 40 seconds and proceed to delete a crate called _crate1 )
      sleep 40; deleteVehicle _crate1; also you can use a variable to define the time and make wait the variable with sleep command:
      _wait_time = 40; sleep _wait_time; deleteVehicle _crate1; Other way to let the script in "stand by" is use waitUntil command.
      for example wait for nearest player from an objet:
      _distance = 10; waitUntil {(player distance _xobjet) < _distance}; //proceed with the rest of the script so with waitUntil also you can wait to complete some conditions as above, where script wait for player 10 mts near the _xobjet
      removeAllWeapons player;  //leave a player without weapons
      removeBackpack player;  //without backpack
      {player removeMagazine _x} forEach magazines player;  //without items
      player setVariable['USEC_BloodQty',12000,true]; //set blood amount on player
      r_player_infected = true; //infect player
      [player,-100] call player_humanityChange;//modify humanity of the player
      12-Count amount of item _
      Now you need count how many items had this player in his inventory, to stop giving same item for example if thers more than 2
      _bloodbagAmount = {_x == "ItemBloodbag"} count magazines player; if (_bloodbagAmount > 2) exitWith { cutText [format["WARNING: %1, YOure Full of bloodbags", name player], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; 13-Leave the script if player is in combat
      if (dayz_combat == 1) exitWith { cutText [format["IN COMBAT."], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; 14-Attach to
      _player = player;//create a _player variable _mark = "RoadFlare" createVehicle getPosATL _player;//create a roadflare called _mark with the same location of _player _mark attachTo [_player, [0,0,0]];//attach _mark to _player with 0/0/0 axis values In this case we create a "RoadFlare" in the _player position and proceed to attach it with the player
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