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    • By LadyVal
      As I said before, I am new in all these.  We rented a GTX server with everything on and we are trying to set some costumization but.... yes, there is always a but... I would like to ask some help.
      Please, consider me as a total new in scripting and I need a "step by step for dummies"
      1.- I am trying to set the entire server into PVE so no player could harm other player or kamikaze into anybody.  How and where do you handle this "godmode" so I turn the server into PVE?
      2.- Though like I said we want the server to be PVE, the idea is to make 2 exceptions and create 2 pvp areas (in Cherno and Elektro).  How you Mark those areas in map with notifications 100 mts (for example) "you are entering a pvp area"
      3.- Admintools: I set them exactly like the step by step guide but it is giving an error (I dont have antihack), 
      4.- Since the problem with Bohemia and BE, I could never make the messages announcing the server restart again, any idea would be welcome.
      And... that's it for now.   I know it is a lot and very "dummy questions" but, what can I say, I am kinda dummy in this topic
      Thanks for any help
    • By nova
      This is a new version of a safezone script and an a.i/a.i vehicle remover. To be used in conjunction with the 1061 safezone script. So say your safe zone is being bombarded with roaming a.i and you are tired of going to safe zones to delete them this will do it automatically when you go within 350 meters of an roaming a.i while in a safezone. The distance is customizable. The new safezone script allows you to receive god mode for 20 secs after you leave the safe zone IF you have stayed in the safezone long enough. This will avoid players from touching the safe zone and taking off for a way to avoid combat from other players. All credits go to @juandayz for this. Uploaded with his permission. 
      1- into mpmission\your instance\scripts\  create a new folder called "safezone"
      2-into this folder create this sqf:
      3-open your init.sqf
      4-Now if ure using DZAI:
      5-If ure using DZMS then do the same:
      6-If you are using some kind of other script that spawns enemy ai vehicles then add the same variable.. for example:
    • By Rezusty
      Hi !!
      I've made a custom safezone on my server, and I want to disable loot spawning in this area, how can I do that ?
    • By BoleParty
      I removed the standard Epoch spawns and static traders within the spawns and and replaced everything with new spawns and traders.
      By default the spawns have a safe zone included but in case you want to have a bigger diameter of it, i attached Friendlys "Extended Safe Zone Script" and an edited version of the mission.sqm.
      In each spawn i placed either one or two boxes which can be used as a temporary storage. If you purchase items and you dont have enough space in your inventory you can put them into the storage.
      All items will be gone after a restart tho.
      Additional in each spawn i placed an atm and phone boxes so that players are able to access their bank accounts.
      Download here:
      Central: Between Katalaki and Neochori
      West: Stadium
      East: SW Paros

      Central Spawn:

      West Spawn:

      East Spawn:

    • By ReDBaroN
      Hi, would anyone know how to add a check to this file to prevent sappers and UAV's being spawned in the safezones? The file below is EPOCH_server_triggerEvent.sqf which, I'm guessing is the best place to add a check for the player being in a safezone...
      params ["_target", "_type"]; if (!isNull _target) then { switch (_type) do { case "UAV": { "I_UAV_01_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "Cloak": { if (sunOrMoon < 1) then { "Epoch_Cloak_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; } else { "Epoch_Sapper_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; }; case "Sapper": { "Epoch_Sapper_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "GreatWhite": { "GreatWhite_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "SapperB": { "Epoch_SapperB_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "PHANTOM": { "PHANTOM" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; }; }; Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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