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    Helion4 reacted to Legulos in DayZ Epoch Youtube Videos   
    I wish this community could be revived, not a lot of players out there anymore, but this game gives me so much nostalgia so I can’t help but play it and I enjoy making content on it so here ya go! 
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    Helion4 reacted to Arturius1967 in [WIP] Tschernarus - west coast road end - map fix   
    Hey guys,
    I never liked, the unfinished west end of the coast road on the Tschernarus map.
    Now I spent some time to make it look better with a mod script , which I basically created in the 3D editor.
    Still have some things to fix, but than i could uplod it, if anyone is interested.
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    Helion4 reacted to oldmatechoc in [Outdated] [Release] Trader Catalogue / Previews   
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    Helion4 reacted to sam_ in Mission SQF Manager   
    Download:    https://github.com/sam563/MissionSQFManager/releases/tag/1.2
    Video Preview: 
    Tools for managing Arma generated SQF mission files to make the creation of custom map addons and custom missions easier.
    Output Formats
    Formatted SQF Biedi SQM Features
    User inputted formatting of SQF including prefix and suffix lines. Presets that predetermine almost all options defined in and expandable from the config. Option to automatically sort objects by their classname Option to replace object classnames from the config (This is primarily for switching map_eu classnames with their lootable and standard Arma counterparts). Option for converting all positions to positions relative to either a user inputted position, or an automatically determined point (the center point of all objects) Options to filter out Units, Vehicles and Objects
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    Helion4 reacted to Airwaves Man in Epoch 1.0.7 Release   
    This is the official Epoch 1.0.7 Release. Thanks to everbody who took part on this especially helion4.
    Changelog: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/Release_1.0.7/CHANGE LOG 1.0.7.txt
    Report bugs: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/issues/2123
    Download via Google Drive at the moment: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z94OU_-yz8SGz14Se2txNbcIYu8sEV-p
    The password for the Server Files is: 123456
    Edit: Epoch 1.0.7 is now in the DayZ Launcher. Unfortunately Epoch got completely removed. Server Admins have to update to Epoch 1.0.7 now.
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    Helion4 reacted to Airwaves Man in Epoch 1.0.7 Pre-Release   
    Epoch 1.0.7 Pre-Release with signed pbos and the needed server key is ready. This will be in test until the 15th of April. If nothing bigger occurs we will release the final version on the same day.
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    Helion4 reacted to Airwaves Man in Epoch 1.0.7 Pre-Release   
    Guys, RC4 is up and should be the last RC before the release. If everything goes as planned we should be ready in about 4 weeks.
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    Helion4 reacted to mgm in Taxi & Bus | Transport for Arma   
    I think, at this point, it is safe to say I am a little bit tied up and unable to finish this as soon as I would like to.
    Yes, of course you can have the source code - I have re-created the original repo at gitlab and pushed the code as of latest commit. Please check top of 1st post in this thread for the source code URL.
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    Helion4 got a reaction from mgm in [FEATURE REQUEST] Hoverboards (URGENT)   
    @natoed Thanks for bringing this back to my attention, I had forgotten about it.
    I spent my morning doing this..
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    Helion4 got a reaction from mgm in [FEATURE REQUEST] Hoverboards (URGENT)   
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    Helion4 got a reaction from vbawol in W.I.P Images from Dayz(SA) Epoch   
    All these images can be found on our discord, if you are not a member already, hop on and keep up to date with the progress of the mod.

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    Helion4 reacted to Unsanctifier in Jack's Creations Epoch Artwork   
    i made this for a friend, and i apologize if i posted it in a the wrong place as i couldn't fine a place relative to this.  I created this using photoshop cc, and Jasc Paintshop pro

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    Helion4 reacted to He-Man in Can't get my server to run, please help   
    Ich kenne mich mit Nitrado nicht so aus. Aber wir sollten hier auch keine Konversation auf Deutsch starten.
    Wenn Du noch immer nicht weiter bist, komm mal in den Epoch Discord und schreib mich da einfach mal an. Dann sollten wir das hoffentlich hin bekommen.
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    Helion4 reacted to Porkeld in A3_vemf_Re_reloaded   
    Vemf_reloaded was originally made by IT07 and last commit on vemf_reloaded was in 2017....
    I really like this mission script, but in my opinion it was missing some essential features compared to other mission systems.
    So I decided to add and fix some of the stuff for vemf.
    Check the Changelog for fixes and new stuff.

    All credit goes to IT07 for coding this and also a big THANK YOU to Ghostrider [GRG] for helping and always being helpfull when needed :-)
    Check readme and how to install.txt
                                                   Download https://github.com/Porkeld/A3_vemf_re-reloaded
    If you have any questions/bug reports or ideas for vemf_re_reloaded then find me on discord Porkeld#1506 
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    Helion4 reacted to Ghostrider-GRG in [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 7.06 Build 239   
    I have Identified the cause of the dissapearing bodies which was due to how simulation was being managed. I just pushed an update to the experimental branch that disables the script that manages simulation along with a bunch of other minor bug fixes. I will get back to this after New Years to finish the remaining updates which deal with: new ways to identify locations to spawn missions; updated simulation management.
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    Helion4 reacted to Ghostrider-GRG in [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 7.06 Build 239   
    I just pushed experimental build 186 which has some changes I hope improve efficiency and a few bug fixes. Any testing reports would be appreciated.
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    Helion4 reacted to Reaper5150 in [RELEASE] The Juggernaut   
    Simple but fun little script I put together awhile ago.
    What it does? It is bound to a object in this case "ItemObsidian" as a right click, but can be changed to whatever you want. It then will sends out a message to the players on the server and marks the player with red smoke and a marker on the map.
    The player will then get 2 mins of god mod acting like the amour. Once the amour takes damage (All it is is a countdown timer really) The god mode is then disabled so they can be killed.
    I'm still working on this and will update it when it is done. If any of you better scriptwriters then myself ( I'm still a noob lol) have any ideas on how to improve this? contact me so I can give you credit in the update :)
    Known bugs:
    marker sometimes stays on map Credits to : @Schalldampfer  For helping me understand map markers
    Install: Place this in your scripts folder name it something like Jugg.sqf
    //========= Juggernaut script-Written by Reaper5150 ===========
    sleep 2;
    sleep 1;
    [nil, player, rSAY, "YOURSOUND.OGG", 100] call RE; //Add your custom sound here when Juggernaut spawns 
    [] spawn {
    player removeMagazine 'ItemObsidian';//Add whatever object you want and bound to your right click function
    sleep 5;
    [nil,nil,rTitleText,"THE JUGGERNAUT HAS BODY ARMOR,WE CAN'T KILL HIM...HELP!!!","PLAIN",3] call RE;
    ////////Set marker/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    [] execVM "scripts\marker.sqf";
    //Start Smoke Marker//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    sleep 5;
    PJ_grenade = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle position player;
    PJ_grenade attachto [vehicle player,[0.1,0,0]];
    sleep 2;
    //Temp Godmode for 2 mins////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    (vehicle player) removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage";
    (vehicle player) addEventHandler ["handleDamage", { false }];    
    (vehicle player) allowDamage false;
    //Acts like a countdown timer//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    sleep 90;
    [nil,nil,rTitleText,"THE JUGGERNAUTS ARMOR HAS TAKEN 30% DAMAGE","PLAIN",3] call RE;
    sleep 100;
    [nil,nil,rTitleText,"THE JUGGERNAUTS ARMOR HAS TAKEN 50% DAMAGE","PLAIN",3] call RE;
    sleep 110;
    [nil,nil,rTitleText,"THE JUGGERNAUTS ARMOR HAS TAKEN 90% DAMAGE","PLAIN",3] call RE;
    uiSleep 120;
    [nil,nil,rTitleText,"THE JUGGERNAUTS ARMOR IS WEAK...TAKE HIM OUT NOW!!!","PLAIN",3] call RE;
    sleep 2;
    //Start ending Juggernaut///////////////////////////////////
    (vehicle player) addEventHandler ["handleDamage", { true }];    
    (vehicle player) removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage";
    (vehicle player) allowDamage true;
    uiSleep 240;
    deleteVehicle PJ_grenade;
    Call it from your right click
    ["ItemObsidian","JUGGERNAUT","execVM 'scripts\Jugg.sqf';","true"], 
    _unit = player;
    _nameP = name _unit;
    _markerobjp = createMarker [_namep,[0,0]];
    _markerobjp setMarkerShape "ICON";
    _markerobjp setMarkerType "mil_dot";
    _markerobjp setMarkerColor "ColorRed";
    _markerobjp setMarkerText _nameP;
    _markerobjp setMarkerSize [1,1];

    while {alive _unit} do {
    _markerobjp setmarkerdir (getdir _unit);
    _markerobjp setMarkerPos (getPos _unit);
    _markerobjp setMarkerText _nameP;
    sleep 5;
    uiSleep 240;
    deleteMarker _markerobjp;
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    Helion4 reacted to Vistor in MGT Epoch Altis   
    Black Market Traders with every in-game item available for purchase
    Spawn Cars++
    BLCKEagles Mission
    Cap Points
    WAI Mission (customised by DB)
    Cinder bases are indestructible
    friendly staff and players willing to help
    Contact DLC items
    R3F Towing/Lifting/Loading
    Players are genuinely listened to and changes are implemented quickly
    500 part base limit
    Spawn and pack quad/jetski through dyna menu
    Battleye and infiSTAR protected
    Reduced weapon recoil and sway
    Use DLC vehicles without owning DLC (you will still get prompts to buy the DLC)
    Halvs spawn select system
    Vehicles stay locked for 24 hours
    JSRS, Dragonfyre, Blastcore, Dynamic Soundscape, Dyna Sound and Enhanced Soundscape mods allowed
    New traders
    Custom Safezones
    Pay check system
    Remote garage door opener
    Vehicle flip option
    Virtual Garage
    Incoming missile warning
    Safe hacking
    Adjustable view distance via dyna menu
    Server IP:
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    Helion4 reacted to Vistor in Ignatz Epoch Altis - UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP   
    Ignatz Epoch
    Ignatz Epoch has been transferred to new ownership, therefore I (the new owner) want to let people know there are changes happening on Ignatz and it would be awesome if people can come check those changes out. 
    To list a few of the changed features:
     Increased loot spawn in city and military areas added high-end vehicle spawns increased view distance 2500 up from 1200 increased number of spawn points increased number of building parts to 300 max Got rid of auto vehicle deletion at base spots Allow menu level 2 to be purchased with crypto increased missions adding SEM which has convoys and bandit camps increased loot at missions  Craft quad without materials This is just a few of the changes that have happened to the server, many more are planned, but will come in due time. Please come have a look!
    IP Address:
    Discord: Ignatz Discord
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    Helion4 reacted to He-Man in A3 Epoch v1.3.2 Update   
    Arma 3 Epoch 1.3.2 has been released!

    Server Files:

    Gamemode File Changes:

    Release Notes:

    Full Changelog:

    Client Files:
    Server Files are available here: 
    Note: this is meant for updates only as there is no DB folder and all configs appended with "-example". The first-time install would need this -example part removed from the file name and the DB folder from Server Files on GitHub. Other than that it should just override and update the server pbo's and mission files and dll's .
    Non Lethal Weapons Make opponents unconscious with special weapons Unconscious players can be woken up by a MultiGun with Heal Player attachment after a random timer (60-180 seconds) Paint Garages (with optional map markers) around the map for painting Vehicles Park your Vehicle in / on the Garage and hold Space (DynaMenu) on the Terminal Costs: 500 Krypto (Configurable by Admins) https://plays.tv/video/5d5d721191c8f06d14 Player / Server Statistics (within the E-Pad) Times connected / Playtime (hours) / Max Alivetime (hours) / Distance Walked (Km) Objects Looted / Trades at Trader / Placed Buildings / Crafted Items Karma / Player Revived / Tradermissions Player Kills / AI Kills / Antagonist Kills / Zombie Kills Deaths by Player / Deaths by AI / Suicides K/D PvP / K/D PvE https://plays.tv/video/5d5d716b0b171855fe Hint in Inventory for Heal / Revive / Repair to be used as MultiGun Attachment Item description to Trader items https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/474595539107971072/622554669830373399/unknown.png UAV Backpacks - Assemble and then use via DynaMenu (SpaceMenu) Animated Heli Crash (with scattered loot) https://plays.tv/video/5d8a717407926fbfc2 Some Chinese translations (thx to @CHL198011) Fixed
    Players could instant get killed on contact with new placed BaseBuilding Parts Players Glasses (Goggles) were not correctly added on login / revive Some Building Parts where falling down on build (also when snapped correctly) Texture for Solar Generator / Charger was broken Changed
    Weapon attachments are no longer dismounted within containers on restarts Clothings (BackPacks / Vests / Uniforms) in storages will no longer get unpacked on restarts Vehicle / Storage Lock Colorized Vehicle / Storage Lock messages Hint how long your Vehicle will stay locked on lock Vehicles locked inside your own PlotPole-Range have now a longer Locktime Inside your PlotPole-Range: 3 days Outside your PlotPole-Range: 30 minutes https://plays.tv/video/5d5d71d2137413ba08 Increased UAV sounds Changed Taru / Huron / Mohawk Door Sounds (more decent sound) changed unarmed jump animation UAV-Support (AI's) will now spawn a bit more away from your Position Changed / Fixed some Epoch asset models Reduced Rain by default Hunger / Thirst / Alcohol loss no longer depends on time multiplier by default Reworked Looting function (Epoch furnitures + additional ground Loot) Server Owners
    Added an option to force the Gender for Players on Spawn / Respawn with "ForceGender" in cfgEpochClient.hpp Added the FastNights Epoch Event by default to epochconfig.hpp Added Compatibility to Lythium and Livonia Map Added a MultiMap compatibility Make it possible to run also not official supported maps Use the mission.sqm within the epoch._ChangeMe folder Spawn (Debug-Box) is set to [0,0] and spawn positions are random created on restarts Custom Textures (e.g. from Paintshop) can now be saved to the Database set "UseCustomTextures" in epochconfig.hpp to "true" force saving Vehicles after painting by: Client side Scripts: _vehicle call EPOCH_interact; Server side Scripts: _vehicle call EPOCH_server_save_vehicle; To adjust the new BaseLock-Time, use "vehicleLockTimeHome" in epochconfig.hpp Configs for the Painting Garage (available colors / Costs) can be found in CfgPainting.hpp SetUnitLoadout has been replaced by an Epoch function. To simply strip and reload Inventory, use "call EPOCH_ReloadLoadout"; Player Login Mass-Check Another fix to prevent login issues If you still have issues, make sure these positions are very close in your mission.sqm: respawn_east respawn_west all VirtualMan_EPOCH Entities Players playtimes are now shown in the Playerlist in Adminmenu https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/474595539107971072/613059969943601208/unknown.png Added a function to jump up for Admins in Adminmenu Admin Teleport on mapclick now use ALT instead of CTRL (prevent creating Linemarkers) Added an option "EnablePhysicsOnBuild" to cfgEpochClient.hpp to disable physics while Building Changed syntax in cfgServicePoints to allow inherits from other Vehicle Classes Some more infos can be found here: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/34454-repair-rearming-script/?do=findComment&comment=307310 Added a config for the already available FastNight Event to epochconfig.hpp New Weapons + Mags: pvcrifle_01_F NL_pvc_bb_mag -> Knockout nl_Shotgun NL_shot_bb_mag -> Knockout nl_auto_xbow xbow_mag_bolt -> Kill xbow_mag_tranq -> Knockout xbow_mag_exp -> small explosion -> Kill hgun_Pistol_tranq_01 tranq_dart_mag -> Knockout If you run Infistar lower then v260 (not published for now), you have to change this inside your Infistar files! A3AH: 1
    Search for: "_addCaseHDMG = 0;" add a new line behind it with: "_addCaseHDMG = player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',(['CfgEpochClient', 'HandleDamage', ''] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];" 2
    Search for: "if(_addCaseHDMG == _roundRandomNumberHDMG)then" change it to: "if(_addCaseHDMG == (_roundRandomNumberHDMG+1))then" 3
    Search for: "player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',''];" change it to: "player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',(['CfgEpochClient', 'HandleDamage', ''] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];" A3AT: 1 Search for: "player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',{}];" replace it with: "if (infiSTAR_MOD == 'Epoch') then {player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',(['CfgEpochClient', 'HandleDamage', ''] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];}else {player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',{}];};"  
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    Helion4 got a reaction from Mexx82 in Dayz Epoch (2019)   
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    Helion4 got a reaction from Brian Soanes in Dayz Epoch (2019)   
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    Helion4 got a reaction from WLF in Dayz Epoch (2019)   
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    Helion4 got a reaction from klinGiii in W.I.P Images from Dayz(SA) Epoch   
    All these images can be found on our discord, if you are not a member already, hop on and keep up to date with the progress of the mod.

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    Helion4 got a reaction from BetterDeadThanZed in Dayz Epoch (2019)   
    Dont forget to Joint the discord for more
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