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  1. klinGiii

    Epoch Dead?

    Sorry ... but what ? Take a look here : https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commits/experimental Then you`ll see that he cares and some other contributers too. Thx @vbawol + @He-Man btw. and the whole rest of the team for your work. Keep in mind that they do it for us in their spare time. And they do it because they want to do it and for nothing else. So ... i just wanted to point out , that he cares. But i think the limiting factor is simply the time and the team is not as big as it was 2 years ago.
  2. @SneerLike He-Man already said. You can add this to the Vehicle Spawn from Epoch. ( @epochhive\addons\epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_spawn_vehicles.sqf )
  3. Yeah i saw something with enableTIequipment false; in the epoch code. But i was playing with the thought to enable it for some Server Events with player disableTIEquipment false; But i think that`s not the reason for the magic disappearing Laserdesignator. Or am i wrong ? ;D
  4. Hey guys , maybe someone can give me a hint why the Laserdesignator disappearing over restart? Or if it`s banned by code can anybody tell me which file ? ( Back home from work and too lazy to search it yet :D ) Thanks Guys :)
  5. klinGiii

    add base on map

    Edit : wrong thread , sorry :D
  6. Hm ... we also have 2 0.3.9 Servers running :)
  7. Took the EPOCH_load_vehicles . renamed the things awol merged an hour ago to the old ones. (from vehicleSimulationOld to vehicleSimulation) Set vehicleSimulation = false; FPS seem to be ok. I`ll wait to our next restart and give Feedback then again. Ty @vbawol @He-Man @Grahame
  8. Yes ... Like i said before , even with the Hotfix vbawol merged 1 Hour ago. Proof :)
  9. Wipe isnt the solution. We wiped , and after the next restart (3hours) the FPS trouble began again at medium playercount. Even with the new server.pbo from the Hotfix.
  10. Tested with Vehicle Simulation false; And your fixed server.pbo At low Playercount all seems to be fine. Then our Playercount reached 15-20 Players. Then .... this happened: Click me (5FPS+Graphical Glitches) Every new joined player got the same problem again.
  11. As i mentioned before your Post. We had to Wipe ... After the Wipe FPS Problems seem to be gone. But have to wait a little bit longer when more players are connected.
  12. We had to Wipe the Database. With new Database everything seem to work fine. No more FPS Problems.
  13. Just noticed since our last restart, when someone connects , that this is standin in serverside rpt :
  14. Poor fps range from 3-5 ... vanilla and modified files ... can confirm that :/ and 90% of my community. Strange thing is , no real Errors client or serverside. Only thing which is spamming my server side rpt is :
  15. Use the moddb manual DL. Click here
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