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MGT Epoch Altis

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Black Market Traders with every in-game item available for purchase


Spawn Cars++

BLCKEagles Mission

Cap Points

WAI Mission (customised by DB)


Cinder bases are indestructible

friendly staff and players willing to help

Contact DLC items

R3F Towing/Lifting/Loading

Players are genuinely listened to and changes are implemented quickly

500 part base limit


Spawn and pack quad/jetski through dyna menu

Battleye and infiSTAR protected


Reduced weapon recoil and sway


Use DLC vehicles without owning DLC (you will still get prompts to buy the DLC)


Halvs spawn select system


Vehicles stay locked for 24 hours


JSRS, Dragonfyre, Blastcore, Dynamic Soundscape, Dyna Sound and Enhanced Soundscape mods allowed

New traders

Custom Safezones

Pay check system

Remote garage door opener

Vehicle flip option

Virtual Garage

Incoming missile warning

Safe hacking

Adjustable view distance via dyna menu



Server IP:


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Hey There would you add either RHS or CUP weapons or just any more weapon packs i would play this alot more if it didnt just have arma 3's guns, I personally hate arma 3's setting being in the future it reminds me of black ops or something love the game tho, this is just a suggestion/request me and all my friends would play this server more than any other right now but just hate vanilla arma3 weapons alot of great features on this server. great server tho


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