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Ignatz Epoch Altis - UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP

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Ignatz Epoch

Ignatz Epoch has been transferred to new ownership, therefore I (the new owner) want to let people know there are changes happening on Ignatz and it would be awesome if people can come check those changes out. 

To list a few of the changed features:

  1.  Increased loot spawn in city and military areas
  2. added high-end vehicle spawns
  3. increased view distance 2500 up from 1200
  4. increased number of spawn points
  5. increased number of building parts to 300 max
  6. Got rid of auto vehicle deletion at base spots
  7. Allow menu level 2 to be purchased with crypto
  8. increased missions adding SEM which has convoys and bandit camps
  9. increased loot at missions
  10.  Craft quad without materials

This is just a few of the changes that have happened to the server, many more are planned, but will come in due time. Please come have a look!

IP Address:

Discord: Ignatz Discord

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