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Class Name Extraction Tools Updated v 0.42

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I recently set out to add mods to a server and confronted the challenge of pulling the class names, formatting them in lists, and generating price lists. As there was no tool I could find to do this I have put one together. It allows server owners to pull class names for vehicles (Air, Land, boat), Weapons (arifle, srifle, launchers, etc), uniforms, vests, headgear, glasses, and output lists as either a simple list or a price list. That list is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into any text editor. The price lists can be formatted in either Epoch or Exile format by changing a variable in init.sqf.

Version 0.42 adds a option to check CfgPricing (Epoch) or equivalent price lists (Exile). The tools will only include items for which no price is found in the output. This should be handy when updating price lists or other configurations to include new items added as part of an update of a mod. See the readme for information on how to configure the tool to take advantage of this function.

Version 0.4: adds a new function whereby one can extract only classnames with a specific root. For example, by setting GRG_Root = "Epoch" in the init.sqf, one can extract classnames that begin with Epoch. There are a few other minor optimizations and bug fixes, the most important of which are addition of some output to systemChat so that the user knows something is happening, and being sure that the checks against the arrays of items to be excluded from the output are all working properly.

The tool is now considerably smaller and correctly pulls names for backpacks, glasses and other items that it missed before.

For example, you could paste classnames of all default Arma vehicles in baseVehicles.sqf so that only the vehicles from the addon are shown in the output.

While I have written each of the modules, the original approach to weapons was influenced by a post from KiloSwiss on this topic  .




Instructions for installation and use are on the Github.

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