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Found 14 results

  1. hi, hat jemand das problem dass die textur der m200 nicht geladen werden kann? Wundert mich eigendlich nicht hab die datei dazu nicht mal aber wo bekomm ich die her? und warum gibts da ne neue is doch eh die LRR oder nicht? Hi, someone has the problem that the texture of m200 can not be loaded? Does not surprise me , I did not have the file but where do I get it? and why is there a new anyway is the LRR or not?
  2. In the file server_spawnTraders.sqf private "_trader"; { _trader = createAgent [_x select 0,_x select 1,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; {_trader removeMagazine _x;} count magazines _trader; removeAllItems _trader; // removeAllWeapons _trader;//this is commented out so traders have weapons removeBackpack _trader; _trader switchMove ""; _trader setDir (_x select 2); _trader setVehicleInit "this disableAI 'ANIM'; this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; this disableAI 'FSM'; this disableAI 'MOVE'; this disableAI 'TARGET'; this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; this forceSpeed 0; this allowDamage false;"; _trader setUnitAbility 0.6; _trader disableAI "ANIM"; _trader disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _trader disableAI "FSM"; _trader disableAI "MOVE"; _trader disableAI "TARGET"; _trader setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _trader forceSpeed 0; _trader allowDamage false; _trader enableSimulation false; } count _this; processInitCommands; What would I have to do to get the Traders to move like they did in v1.0.5.1 I have tried but can not get it to work.
  3. dodget90

    weapon attachments

    whats involved in creating custom weapon attachments? for example, if I wanted to right click my Makarov and attach the pistol flashlight attachment from the weapon trader or add an acog scope to my kar 98 rifle
  4. I thought I would share my list of all weaposn/ammo and damage please share if I missed any... http://pastebin.com/h0Ja35FW
  5. [SOLVED] First, why take the weapons from traders? Second, If possible how do I go about adding them back. I am looking through dayz_code and not finding anything. I know I may have looked over the part that covers this. Just need a little help. Reason to put them back is, my panthera map is going to be 100% militarized. AI everywhere and all traders will be military personnel.
  6. I am having problems getting overpoch weapons to spawn anywhere i am only getting epoch weapons i have tried everything from changing loot chance and even adding more spawns for weapons if anyone could please help that would be great. I am not stengy I want a high loot server
  7. Hey guys, I've been working on a script that allows players to take off weapon attachments from one weapon and put them on another. Hopefully some other people also enjoy it or find it useful. Weapon Attachment Mod 1.1.0 all of this information is available in an easier-to-read format on github pages >> note: This addon has been thoroughly tested but only on a low population server. if you have any issues on a high population server, let me know and I will try to address them. This addon lets players remove weapon mods from their weapons and apply them to other weapons. For example, you can take an ACOG scope off of an M4A1 and put it on a SA58, or add Gold Paint to a revolver, etc. It only works with existing weapon combos (you can't put a silencer on a DMR or anything like that) For an example, check out this imgur gallery or this video on twitch.tv: Features: configurable so you set your own combinations easy to use, just right click and remove or add the part admin list for adding modifications without the item note: Due to the way saving data works, unattached weapon modifications do not save across server restarts, so the player must attach the part to a weapon again before it will save. Players are notified of this whenever they remove a modification from a weapon or whenever they have their weapon mod inventory open. Installation download the files extract the addons and overwrites folder from the downloaded zip file into your mission file root add this line to the end of your mission file init.sqf. call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\wmod\init.sqf"; edit addons\wmod\config.sqf if you want to configure some options such as what guns it works with etc. Configuration note: Configuration instructions are easier to read on github. To edit the configuration options, open addons\wmod\conifg.sqf Some of the more complex configuration options are shown below (others are in the config.sqf) DZE_WEAPON_MODS array format DZE_WEAPON_MODS = [ [_attachment,_base,_upgrade], [_attachment,_base,_upgrade], [... more info here ...] ]; DZE_WEAPON_MODS array arguments parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _attachment | the name of the weapon attachment | string | "GP25 GL" _base | the classname that the attachment is put on to | string | "AK_74" _upgrade | the classname the item becomes after the attachment is put on | string | "AK_74_GL" DZE_WEAPON_MOD_COMBINE array format DZE_WEAPON_MOD_COMBINE = [ [_combined,_attachments], [_combined,_attachments], [... more info here ...] ]; DZE_WEAPON_MOD_COMBINE arguments parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _combined | the name of the attachment to combine the other attachments into | string | "CCO Sight" _attachments | array of attachments to combine into the combined attachment | array | ["Kobra Sight"] Issues/FAQ Users get kicked for publicvariable restriction #0 find your battleye filter directory open publicvariable.txt the first line should say 5 "" (... other stuff ...) change it to 5 "" !"DZE_WMOD_INVENTORY" (... other stuff ...) Change Log version|change -------|------- 1.1.0 | unused mods now persist after logout (but not server restart) | better inventory management system | more configurable options 1.0.1 | bug fix for removing attachments 1.0.0 | first release
  8. Hi, i`m currently stuck on something. I want to see, how many Slots an Item would take up. For example a Weapon takes 8 Slots in the Backpack, a Handgun takes not as much, etc.. How would i go on and check that?
  9. BoleParty

    Crate Trader

    This is my first script so i am asking the smart guys for some assistance. I know that there is an option to merge all scripts and call each single one with a switch do function but i wasn`t able to get it working. I would highly appreciate it if somebody could point me into right direction. I just started with this whole scripting stuff and what i found out so far is that i dont know nothing. Now i have even more respect for the real coders. As said, this is my first script and i am sure there are much better options out there and once i got more knowledge i think i will be able to release better ones. Feel free to use and to modify this work but please don`t remove the credits. Thank you. By adding these files to your server in each spawn zone (East/Central/West) on Altis there will be an A.I. unit. This A.I. offers medical treatment and from this A.I. you can buy crates with different loadouts. Once purchased the crate will spawn in front of you. You can buy as many crates as you want as long you have enough Krypto. In each script you can change the content and the prices to you liking. Two options to install the script: 1.) Unpack your mission and copy the \CrateTrader folder into your mission root.Then copy your unpacked mission to: C:\Users\Yourusername\Arma3\Missions Start your arma and go to the editor. Choose Altis map and load your epoch mission. Place as many units or objects on the map wherever you want the action to be activated and add this code to the init field: "this addaction [""Crate Content"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\CrateContent.sqf""}];this addaction [""Soldier Kit - Price: 200"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\SoldierKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Sniper Kit - Price: 300"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\SniperKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Elite Sniper Kit - Price: 1200"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\EliteSniperKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Diver Kit - Price: 350 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\DiverKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""MG Kit - Price: 375 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\MGKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Heavy Gunner Kit - Price: 1250"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\HeavyGunnerKit.sqf""}];;this addaction [""Combat Medic Kit - Price: 300 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\MedicKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Demolition Kit - Price: 1000 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\DemoKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Supply Crate - Price: 400 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\SupplyCrate.sqf""}]; this addaction [""Medical Treatment - Price: 50 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\Heal.sqf""}];this disableAI ""move""; this allowDamage false;"; Save your mission and go back to Desktop and then to C:\Users\Yourusername\Arma3\Missions and repack your mission.. Upload your pbo to your servers \mpmissions folder. 2.) Unpack your mission and copy the \CrateTrader folder into your mission root. Replace your mission.sqm with the attached one. Repack your mission and upload to your server. Battleye - add these exceptions to scripts.txt: !"this allowDamage false;" !"_crate allowDamage false;" to allowDamage line !"_player setDamage 0;" to setDamage line !"_crate addWeaponCargoGlobal" to addWeaponCargo line !"_crate addMagazineCargoGlobal" to addMagazineCargo line !"_crate addItemCargoGlobal" to addItemCargo line !"_crate addBackpackCargoGlobal" to addBackpackCargo line Download here: https://github.com/BoleParty/CrateTrader Have fun! Regards
  10. Thug

    Weapons not working

    I noticed on the last two servers i have set up that when you buy a weapon it will NOT work until you drop it and pick it back up. I put in the zupa's coin 3.0 folders in the server and then make them pbos. I login and make sure they work. Then I added the basic things in the init.sqf like DZE_StaticConstructionCount = 1; DZE_requireplot = 1; DZE_PlotPole = [65,80]; DZE_BuildOnRoads = false; // Default: False DZE_SelfTransfuse = true; DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [12000, 15, 300]; DZE_R3F_WEIGHT = false; DZE_GodModeBase = true; DZE_BuildingLimit = 500; I went into game and thats when I notice that you buy them you have to drop the weapons on the ground and pick them up before they work. :huh: Anyone know how to fix this? I am looking at the fn_selfActions right now. Any help I thank you in advance The two maps that I install on are Chernarus and Lingor
  11. We had a player report and issue to us today regarding the BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo gun, it could be bought for 9 10oz Gold Bars! but sold for 6 gold bars...... We fixed the trader price, but has anyone else noticed that? We have no edited our prices so its not a change we've made.
  12. Hello everyone, this is the pack for people who doesnt't know or don't want to install things like loot tables and add vehicle spawns, so I put together a pack for them. (REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE TRADER TID): OW Pack is a weapon and vehicle pack, it adds LOTS of weapons that overwatch doesn't have, like M4s, AKs(different from Overwatch), Mk18, AR-10s and many more..... You can download OW Pack here: http://offgaming.us/owpack/ Kat & NGHD did some of the weapons aswell. Kat's Post: NGHD's Post: The Content below is made by me Weapon Trader Entries: http://pastebin.com/HYtFtDwJ Ammo Trader Entries: http://pastebin.com/XLA5839r dynamic_vehicle.sqf: http://pastebin.com/Qi1KgfT5 Loottables(CfgLoot.hpp): http://pastebin.com/iYSG8niu Loottables(CfgBuildingLoot.hpp): http://pastebin.com/htZRCGQe Loottables(CfgLootSmall.hpp): http://pastebin.com/9zh6FvJq Loottables(CfgLootPos.hpp): http://pastebin.com/ZCajwhm8 Loottables(CfgLoot.hpp): http://pastebin.com/BG7GRs3N Loottables(CfgBuildingLoot.hpp): http://pastebin.com/ucPm3jRU Loottables(CfgLootSmall.hpp): http://pastebin.com/SrFBiYBg Loottables(CfgLootPos.hpp): http://pastebin.com/EpHeNyS4 If you are having trouble accessing pastebin, then download the pack Here If you don't know how to install custom Loot Tables, Then click Put Dynamic vehicle in @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\missions\YOURMISSION. REPLACE dynamic_vehicle.sqf If you already have OW Pack, then feel free to join my server! IP: UPDATE(6/8/2014): Sorted Weapon/Ammo TypesChanged Price for WeaponsAdded Link to Entries for Weapon AmmoUploaded Loot TablesUploaded "dynamic_vehicle.sqf"UPDATE(21/8/2014): Added Loot Tables for "Appropriate" Prices
  13. Hi! I have an Epoch server without any problems. I try to add a new weapon (Ussr_M200). I copied the .PBO and the keys my @MyMod/Addons. If I play and pick up the M200 I got this massage: "cannot play edit this mission dependant on downloadable content" I click the OK, and no problem. If I editing my Mission.SQM and add the AddOns Ussr_M200, when I try to join my server "Waiting for host". My server RPT is: "cannot play edit this mission dependant on downloadable content ussr_M200". How I can fix this?
  14. antartis

    weapon list

    I was checking the forums and cant find a list of legit weapons so I can know is someone is hacking. Also cant find a loot file with the weapons that you can loot on my server files. I new at epoch so if someone can point me where can I find this info will be awesome.
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