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  1. why not create yourself and make the server as you want..... why not spend that extra little time in your own project as it only take less then a day to configure server/client files + u have mods and know exact what your server can and what not... how to fix a issue how to modify etc etc etc.. be proud on your own work and not be proud some one else has made
  2. btw i really love this one... just that it makes chernarus bit different
  3. after long period XD i was trying to make the growing different for the weed fields... i knew i was trying to create or change something and it was not working as i wanted and the only way to make it work was in that file... And hoped there was a easy way to overwrite it like we do with: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\init\variables.sqf";
  4. Hi there i had a question about this again.... can some one fast send the pyton file we kinda need to make it work again on linux - epoch Me and my buddy are whille to check if we can fix it.....
  5. i can be you new badmin im very good at it :) I will promise i will behave in being a badmin :)
  6. is there any update about this ????? Because it's been a while now and i kinda hoped there was some one who has the fix for this so some like me can go do linux based operating system.
  7. but kinda what your try to tell me now is there is for now NO way to change it and use it for the server ?
  8. i figured it already out i just needed it to add it do _CSA
  9. i wanna change the dayz_code\Configs\CfgMagazines\Planting.hpp and then use it
  10. i got a problem with infistar closing it..... i kinda was wondering what the dialog is for this so i can add it _ALLOWED_Dialogs
  11. i use BEM.exe to add the scripts... so the line is on the right spot...... and still we get that kick
  12. "sClass(configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _x)) then { player addMagazine _x; }; } forEach (_deployable call getDeployableParts); i" im getting kicked for this and i added it already to my scripts.txt like !="sClass(configFile >> \"CfgMagazines\" >> _x)) then {\nplayer addMagazine _x;\n};\n} forEach (_deployable call getDeployableParts);\n\ni"
  13. So i have been trying to get the overwrite to work for CfgMagazines but so far nothing works..... i try to change some lines in the folder but so far it has no effect... so i was wondering if there was a good tutorial about this.. my steps are: i added: #include "CfgMagazines\CfgMagazines.hpp" on the bottom of description.ext then copy the folder CfgMagazines to the root folder of of client side mission .pbo
  14. this will make my day :) ... i will wait for it :)
  15. hi,,, Maybe it's simple and maybe i look over it... but how can i add more loot to the crates ? For now it's really sucky sucky XD And i like to upgrade the loot in the crates.... :) :)
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