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Wrong signatures for file...


Hi everyone !!!

When I first got my server from GTX, verifysignatures was set to 0, I didn't notice anything wrong until someone was able to join in with Zombies and Demons, crashing my server.

After a few searchs, I finally found the mistake in config.cfg and set verifysignatures to 2 preventing any non allowed mod.

The problem now is that every players on my server but me are kicked for: wrong signatures for file... I've noticed that it seems to involve objects from the Apex expansion. (ex: a3\structures_f_exp\industrial\sugarcanefactory_01\scf_01_conveyor_hole_f.p3d).

I'm running Altis on my server but I've made custom traders zone with some Tanoa buildings and objects.

Did they got kicked because they don't own Apex ? Is there any way to fix this without removing everything not included in base game ?



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I have just tested everything with 1.72 update and Apex extension disabled, everything works fine. We can now add any Apex buildings or structures and non-Apex owner won't get kicked for wrong signature anymore !!!


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