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Found 16 results

  1. Remote Vehicle is part of Epoch now. Hi, Here's a script I wrote that does the following from right clicking your key in your toolbelt: Unlock/lock vehicle. Turn engine on/off. Eject players not in your group. Thanks to @Pattohfor the idea for this script. For downloading and install instructions, see my github: https://github.com/oiad/remoteVehicle
  2. PackLockMove 1.0 What does it do? This script adds the ability to move objects, lock them down, and pack them into vehicles. It was designed to offer this functionality when not using the R3F towing feature or when you want more control over the way the system works. Credit: All credit goes to the original author of the R3F_LOG_ARTY script. I cut out the logic behind this script, translated it to English, and cleaned up the file structure to make it easier to install and understand. Change Log 1.0 Released 8/22/2014 Installation instructions: 1. Unzip the file "PLM.zip" to root of your MISSION PBO/directory 2. Modify your desription.ext file to include this line at the top: #include "PLM\transport\dlg_vehicle_content.h" 3. Modify your init.sqf to include this line at the bottom [] execVM "PLM\init.sqf"; 4. Modify the confg.cfg file to your liking (file is commented for easy setup) 5. Enjoy Features: 1. Admin definable list of vehicles and their capacities 2. Admin definable list of packables and their weights 3. Ability to move any item by carrying 4. Ability to lock and unlock items into place 5. Ability to rotate objects during placement Upcoming 1. Easier to install and configure 2. Integration with other towing scripts 3. Integration with mission systems (auto locking mission treasure to make them harder to steal) 4. Custom install directories GitHub link Here is the link to the github project LINK Support If you want to help support me and give me feedback, come check out my servers and let me know what you think. Other than that all my scripts are my gift back to the community.
  3. Hi! How to lock server pbo file? (mpmission)
  4. Hi. There is a problem with closed vehicles, Example: Spawn locked vehicle bug,Buy locked vehicles,Sell locked vehicles (error code) No one writes that I could shut it down. Photos links: https://prntscr.com/f8ut13 - No lock menu https://prntscr.com/f8utap - trader spawn bug https://prntscr.com/f8utjo - lost car,added key 1(one) he was able to lay down the vehicle,But it does not work afterwards
  5. Hey guys, i want to add the Bmp 2 ( BMP2_HQ_TK_EP1) but got the problem that there is no option for Lock or Unluck it. Any ideas?
  6. I love the Arma 3 epoch and the feel, it's such an amazing upgrade from Arma 2. My only issue is the vehicle lock times, I have a life, work and school as most other people do and cannot keep logging in every day to check on a vehicle I secured. I want to build a base but to do that I need to gather materials and store them temporarily in a car but the problem I had on previous servers was that the vehicles became unlocked after server restart or after about 30 minutes of not being used and all my stuff would get stolen. I miss the Arma 2 version where if you locked a car, no one could loot or steal it (unless they stole parts of the car or just blew it up, which is fair game in my opinion). Can someone please recommend a couple of servers that implement this script/version? I have a 4 man squad looking to really get into Arma 3, but this issue is hindering us. Thanks.
  7. *Note this will only work with door Management script as it needs to pull your gui so you can unlock the door without the code* Random Door Codes (manual code entry will not work on doors anymore, random chance you'll hit the right code) Takes 20% of your food and water every attempt Custom\doorManagement\player_unlockDoorCode.sqf Here's the changes: // get object combination _objectCharacterID = _obj getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]; //Yeah, let's just go ahead and make this incredibly hard _doorRandomCode = floor(random 100); //Change the number value to higher if you want tougher lock _playerRandomCode = floor(random 100); //Make sure numbers are the same, otherwise player would have less chance to get it // Check combination //if (DZE_Lock_Door == _objectCharacterID) then { if (_doorRandomCode == _playerRandomCode) then { //So we're just gonna ignore what the player put in and use two random numbers [player,"combo_unlock",0,false] call dayz_zombieSpeak; Credit goes to apoc
  8. So I searched around expecting to find other people posting about this but didn't see anything. My buddies put down a locked door before I started playing on the server(Hostile Takeover #3). I logged in, followed their directions to find it, arrived and attempted to unlock it expecting it to tell me I couldn't(since I wasn't even in their group yet and none of them were online) and it straight up just unlocked. They said they thought maybe it was due to the fact that it glitched in some way while they were putting it down and a second locked wall just popped out next to it. After the next restart, the other wall was gone, but they expected that this caused the lock to fault in some way. However, later on we found another base(I think we were playing on Mell's House this time, I'll have to check with them) and we were able to just unlock the door and walk right in. Is this a known bug with the locked doors? Or are these most likely isolated cases and a coincidence? Nonetheless, they look great and I love the sound they make when you lock/unlock them. =]
  9. Hey hey, I try to write a fix for this: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1576 and i am nearly done, but i cant fine the file where the doors will be locked..... i mean if click on "Lock door" ^^ It would be nice if anybody can point it to me, or at least if i know the variable which is placed on the door if it will be locked. And of course, i will release the fix as soon as i find this damn file / variable ^^ Greetz, stifler.
  10. Hey Been poking around for some time at the commands for battleye and i wanted to see if anyone could help :) Due to the way our servers restart players always temd to loose gear on restart of they hadnt logged out before the server shut down... Standar :P This is rare, but i wanted to do was us the be commands to lock the server 5 minutes before restart and kick everyone 6 seconds before it goes down. I know it is possible but so far my testing has not been so successfull ;) . Once i get home i will post the commands i tried using for both. ANy help would be amazing :) Cheers George
  11. How to find or mark the Digital lock? And how lock the door?I need to lock main gate on my base to prevent the enter for enemyi. Bad english? Sorry.
  12. Hey guys :) I learned from some videos how to build my base. Well, if i built my base, is there an option to "save" my base? So no other player can took my base an move it/ parts of it? And the second thing: There are many servers hosted with cracked serverfiles. Isn't it easier to publish the serverfiels, because if sb wants to host his own server, he can do. So why don't publish these files? :) (Or if not, when will it be? ) Thank you :) Maddin
  13. Good evening guys, the last day 45+ players played on our Server. The frames are realy nice, still 50+ .. No desyncs etc. But theres exactly one annoying thing, well better sayn two. My traders are extreme slow! (From the first minute after Restart on..) A car takes nearly one min to spawn in at the trader.. To open cars u need also a lot of time. What can i do against it? Heared sth. about config based trader ? What will that cause ? Think there's something wrong with the database. Does it need to restart sometimes ? Or is it okay to let it run 24/7..
  14. Since I started playing Epoch I have had a problem unlocking combination locks because whenever I attempt to unlock the combo lock it brings up a white screen that covers roughly 3/4ths of my screen. I can still interact with the lock because I can hear the clicking of the lock when I click parts of the white box with my mouse but its almost impossible to unlock it. Anyone have any ideas on what I could do to fix this problem?
  15. Hi, me and a couple of my friends have been having trouble with the new como lock mechanism in the latest patch of Epoch. We were able to build a lockable garage door. However, after we set the door up we were all unable to access the unlock menu properly after scrolling and selecting the 'unlock door' option. The menu seems to flicker on and off in a split second, so we are all unable to enter the code and unlock the door. We contacted the servers admin and he seemed to be able to unlock it fine. But he did not know why we could not use it properly. And the problem did not arise due to the fact that the door was placed within an already existing wall because we could not use the unlock menus on his own garage doors either. I'm not sure if this is a server specific problem or a known problem within the current patch (I haven't seen anything related on the forums). Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  16. So my anti hack (by infistar) is blocking the new lock for the pad lock... Does anyone know what display the pad lock uses? If that even makes sense haha it is not a custom antihack for epoch, and is a work in progress. Thanks, Azazel
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