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  1. Gr8


    English : Help how to multiple servers with an IP with BEC You need to make different config files for each server in BEC/config folder and link them to your BEC.exe as a startup parameter
  2. Mess around with the non steam game option. Maybe you can rename what you are playing
  3. Gr8

    Traders Not Working

    Check your RPT. Look for an error regarding fn_selfActions.sqf
  4. I have been busy with my new A3 Server. Could use a hand in A2 servers. I have a huge a2 community and i cannot keep up with its need especially when i have moved my focus to Arma 3. I have been on your servers and you seem to have a lot of knowledge. Hop on TS, we will talk it out - ts.ghostzgamerz.com I have a empty Head Admin position, ready to be claimed. Here are my servers - http://ghostzgamerz.com/pages/servers/
  5. A notice would be very kind to do before bluntly deleting someone's hard work. I could use it on another forums. :angry: Cant believe admins have time to moniter my signature here constantly
  6. do you see any new errors on the rpt ?
  7. I didnt link anything. Simply had the logo for the community :(
  8. Who ever deleted my servers' Ad Post without notice. I am very unhappy with this action. It took me 2 Hours to add the detailed info and styling to the post. And a click of a button *deleted* Also my signature was deleted more than multiple times without warning or notice as well. What kind of moderating is this ? Am i breaking any rules or you dont want me to promote epoch servers ? should i remove the title from my name too ? Dont understand why my community is not good enough to have its name on these forums. I have helped hundreds of people here and not 1 of the posts are a bump. This makes me not devote my time to help the forum community.
  9. Do you need steam for headless clients?
  10. The disassemble option is not from the script. its an arma feature on certain static guns. Cant get rid of it :(
  11. Why are you putting this here? nothing to do with the OP or what we are talking about. sigh
  12. I enabled packing for the gun, but the pack option doesnt show up This is the code : ["M2StaticMG_US_Bag_EP1",[0,2,0],1,0.9,true,false,false,true,true,true,false,["M2StaticMG_US_EP1"],[],["M2StaticMG_US_Bag_EP1"],"true"]
  13. This is the way to go ! Thanks for the help man :P if (isClass(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _part)) then { removeBackpack _player; };
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