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  1. @juandayz - Are you willing to have a look for us? We're willing to pay in return of course. At the end of the day the server is non-profit and we just want the community to be able to get together and play without issues.
  2. Also Experiencing this on our server too and it's really affecting player gameplay. Any help would be great, better CPU clock speed being a singular-core gameserver? Less scripts? Rectification with the stored data within MySQL? Anything? It also seems that this issue has been brought up before within this other posted thread. We have also tried as @DuMa mentioned of using a 64bit mysql database in order to hopefully come to a solution. Thanks in advanced!
  3. DerpEZ

    Players spawning invisible?

    @Joshyy - Did you/anybody else ever find a solution to this bug? Experiencing it on our server too and it's really affecting player gameplay. Would be appreciated if anybody could get back to this thread with an answer. Shown Logs: 18:48:25 Client: Remote object 64:217 not found 18:48:25 Unit 64:217 not found, cannot update 18:48:26 Warning: Cleanup player - person 64:216 not found Any help would be great, better CPU clock speed being a singular-core gameserver? Less scripts? Rectification with the stored data within MySQL? Anything? Thanks in advanced!
  4. DerpEZ


    @Zupa @Richie They're doing it so frequently, it's an every day thing and sometimes a 5 minute thing. I guess they don't get the message at all really. It sucks for the actual players who still enjoy the game. Do you guys happen to have a solution? As that's why this post was created but the hackers came along to turn this into a fledged argument. :( At the end of the day them sh*tting on both epoch and the game itself just ruins it. Addition: They've just started continuing as we speak due to the activity in this post I assume. We have no issues with them, but they're creating issues by constantly targeting servers unprovoked.
  5. DerpEZ


    Yeah mate, it's literally the same GUID, they're doing it on loads of servers all in act of pure spite hoping to actually get paid in return. Guess they have a lot of time on their hands, guess they couldn't find a well paid job that might actually get them money legitimately buddy. Yup, that's because he's probably realised that he has a life to live, time for you to start realising too. @Shawn @TallahassZ Remington Jesus christ it's like playing a game in the playground back in primary school, nobody gives a fuck who's the better hacker, the point of this post is to find a solution so that people can play the game rather than it be ruined by cunts like y'all so unless you've got something to post that might outcome a bit of successful progress, don't fucking reply hahah. The servers you are attacking have done NOTHING, let me emphasise... NOTHING towards you folks so why the fuck attack it pointlessly? Oh yeah because you have literally nothing else to do within your life other than do so, when you guys joined the TS I asked you why you are attacking the server and if you had any genuine reasons, the only thing you could actually come back with after avoiding the question multiple times is that "Jake has a big mouth" - whereas you folks didn't even know Jake untill he started acting against you hacking the server like any in-the-right server owner would do in defense for his community. Childish and useless fucks if I'm honest, grow up and move on to something more useful with your lives rather than spending literally 100's of hours a week purposely targeting multiple servers constantly. You've spent about 150+ hours hacking servers on an 18 year old game and still haven't gained any money from it, next time maybe spend 150 hours freshening up and getting a bit of puss in your lives.
  6. DerpEZ


    Honestly. At the end of the day, Arma 2 is a game with a low population and it's ruined by people who come and hack servers aggresively or just at all in general. JakeQue has made a server on the game as he probably enjoys the game and he has a community that he is friends with, why should you guys decide to be dicks and just start havoc by hacking it? Seriously just let people play and go outside or play yourself, if you want to kill everyone go into the Arma editor not ruin players days and cause them to lose their bases, which removing data on a database is actually against the law may I add. You've been doing nothing but stalking the server out, watching the forums like hawks and crashing it, teleporting players and killing them all. It's damn sad and you should have much more to do with your life rather than sit in a basement attacking a server demanding money in return alongside bitcoins, which again. Against the law. It's really no skin off Jake's nose at the end of the day lads, he's got it covered by keeping up to date with constant rollbacks and all he has to do is restore them when you attack, I personally just suggest evaluating your lifestyles and maybe finding a hobby that benefits others or yourself, rather than ruin fun for people who are playing an 18 year old game because they WANT to play it for ENJOYMENT. Moving on, does anybody have a solution? :)