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Signature and Post keep getting deleted

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Who ever deleted my servers' Ad Post without notice. I am very unhappy with this action. It took me 2 Hours to add the detailed info and styling to the post. And a click of a button *deleted*


Also my signature was deleted more than multiple times without warning or notice as well. What kind of moderating is this ? Am i breaking any rules or you dont want me to promote epoch servers ?


should i remove the title from my name too ? Dont understand why my community is not good enough to have its name on these forums.


I have helped hundreds of people here and not 1 of the posts are a bump. This makes me not devote my time to help the forum community.

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Signature was likely removed because of your donator perks. Not allowed to advertise servers with them.


I didnt link anything. Simply had the logo for the community :(

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You have donator perks on your server. Yes, most likely, that's why the sig was deleted. 


Really, you sell our assets against our licencing then complain here...?


A notice would be very kind to do before bluntly deleting someone's hard work. I could use it on another forums.  :angry:

Cant believe admins have time to moniter my signature here constantly 

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Please read the forum rules before you edit your signature again. Also, your post was removed as it was reported to have a unapproved P2W donor shop. http://www.bistudio.com/monetization


If you do not like the rules you don't have to post here. You have already had many infractions of the rules and you do not seem to care. Should you keep it up we will have no choice but to ban you. 

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      Hi everyone !!!
      When I first got my server from GTX, verifysignatures was set to 0, I didn't notice anything wrong until someone was able to join in with Zombies and Demons, crashing my server.
      After a few searchs, I finally found the mistake in config.cfg and set verifysignatures to 2 preventing any non allowed mod.
      The problem now is that every players on my server but me are kicked for: wrong signatures for file... I've noticed that it seems to involve objects from the Apex expansion. (ex: a3\structures_f_exp\industrial\sugarcanefactory_01\scf_01_conveyor_hole_f.p3d).
      I'm running Altis on my server but I've made custom traders zone with some Tanoa buildings and objects.
      Did they got kicked because they don't own Apex ? Is there any way to fix this without removing everything not included in base game ?
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      Could anyone of the Epoch Team pls add this Banner to my Signature? It doesnt seem to work for me.
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      Hey so today my friend got a server and I thought I could help a bit.
      So before I even touched things he said they worked which I would hope so. I then replaced dayz_chernarus with dayz_epoch cherno and when we went to load up the server and see if it work, and sadly it did not.
      I keep getting the message "You can not play/edit this mission, it is dependant on downloadable content that has been deleted.dayz_epoch, glt_m300t, pook_h13, csj_gyroac, jetski yanahuiaddon."
      I then went and checked to see if I did actually delete them and I did not. So if anyone could help that would be awesome since I can't seem to find much on it. I am extremely new so please be as descriptive as humanly possible. :)  
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      I'm ZambinoBamboni, you may know me from such films as "For the love of god, release already!" and "That Arrogant English Bastard!", but today I am here suggesting something of a collaboration. I notice a lot of the time that there are people asking questions here around general ARMA scripting and other topics. Bohemia has its own wiki (which you may know I am a contributor to), however, it's not very good for asking questions -- only for RTFM. The rest of the internet is mainly forums, which aren't really that good for answering and de-duplicating answers and questions.
      My suggestion is that we should make a proposal on Area 51 at StackExchange for an "ARMA scripting" Q&A site, and then move questions from this forum onto that StackExchange page, and link "Scripting help" to that page for new scripting questions. Either that, or create a sub-site, such as a Coordino installation for Epoch-only/DayZ scripting. I would happily create the latter, but I think a community site needs a community behind it, so here I am posting this.  
      The benefit of having a StackExchange site is that it makes answering already-existing questions MUCH easier, and allows those of us who get somewhat-frequent private messages relating to script errors and general questions about scripting, and so on, to have a place to share those fixes/etc with the rest of the DayZ community. Not only that, but it keeps things to-the-point and makes fixes and suggestions much easier to see, as general chat is filtered out.
      The reason why I would personally prefer an Arma scripting StackExchange rather than a DayZ or a DayZ epoch one, is that I think it will help get the thing off the ground -- all the DayZ mods get questions like these so, I think a nice central place to ask questions about DayZ/Arma scripting would be better than multiple Q&A sites for each mod, etc.
      For more info on StackExchange & requesting a new site, look here: http://area51.stackexchange.com/faq
      And for info on Coordino, look here: http://coordino.com/
      Much love,
    • By Alma123
      Hi, I want to edit my @Dayz_Epoch/Addons/dayz_code.pbo but when I edit, it lose the digital signature. Can I create a new digital signature this file, for my server? I dont want to create a lot exception in my MPMission/Mymap/init.SQF file.
      Sorry, my English is bad...
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