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Salvage Vehicle Bug?!

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Hey guys, got a problem. If i try to salvage a vehicle it shows me the aviable dmaged parts, but when i click on them nothing happens.

After i ran around a bit(seems like the action is canceled then) i get the option again but this time it says: Already Salvaging!.

Someone can confirm or is it me fucked something up?! :D



Im not quite sure why i have to do this. I use Infistar and maybe thats colliding with eachother. Didnt test it without Infistar, its just a idea.

In salvage.sqf i uncommented this:

 if ((_vehicle distance (_x select 0)) < (_x select 1)) exitWith {_cancel = true;};
} count DZE_SafeZonePosArray;
 if (_cancel) exitWith {    (localize "str_salvage_safezone") call dayz_rollingMessages;};

like this:


private ["_array","_vehicle","_part","_hitpoint","_type","_isOK","_brokenPart","_cancel","_started","_finished","_hasToolbox","_nameType","_namePart","_animState","_isMedic","_damage","_BreakableParts","_selection","_wpn","_classname","_ismelee"];

if (dayz_salvageInProgress) exitWith { localize "str_salvage_inprogress" call dayz_rollingMessages; };
dayz_salvageInProgress = true;

_array = _this select 3;
_vehicle =     _array select 0;
_part =    _array select 1;
_hitpoint = _array select 2;
_type = typeOf _vehicle;
_isOK = false;
_brokenPart = false;
_started = false;
_finished = false;
_hasToolbox = "ItemToolbox" in items player;
_cancel = false;

_nameType = getText(configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> _type >> "displayName");
_namePart = getText(configFile >> "cfgMagazines" >> _part >> "displayName");

{_vehicle removeAction _x} count s_player_repairActions;
s_player_repairActions = [];
s_player_repair_crtl = 1;

if (_hasToolbox) then {
//    {
//        if ((_vehicle distance (_x select 0)) < (_x select 1)) exitWith {_cancel = true;};
//    } count DZE_SafeZonePosArray;
//    if (_cancel) exitWith {    (localize "str_salvage_safezone") call dayz_rollingMessages;};
    player playActionNow "Medic";
    [player,"repair",0,false] call dayz_zombieSpeak;
    [player,50,true,(getPosATL player)] call player_alertZombies;

    // Added Nutrition-Factor for work
    // ["Working",0,[20,40,15,0]] call dayz_NutritionSystem;

    r_interrupt = false;
    _animState = animationState player;
    r_doLoop = true;
    while {r_doLoop} do {
        _animState = animationState player;
        _isMedic = ["Medic",_animState] call fnc_inString;
        if (_isMedic) then { _started = true; };
        if (_started and !_isMedic) then { r_doLoop = false; _finished = true; };
        if (r_interrupt) then { r_doLoop = false; };
        uiSleep 0.1;
    r_doLoop = false;

    if (_finished) then {
        //Remove melee magazines (BIS_fnc_invAdd fix)
        false call dz_fn_meleeMagazines;
        _damage = [_vehicle,_hitpoint] call object_getHit;
        if (_damage < 1 && {_damage > 0}) then { //Tempfix for issue where certain hitpoints on some vehicles do not get damaged and allow infinite removal
            _BreakableParts = ["HitGlass1","HitGlass2","HitGlass3","HitGlass4","HitGlass5","HitGlass6","HitLGlass","HitRGlass","HitEngine","HitFuel","HitHRotor"];
            if (_hitpoint in _BreakableParts) then {
                if ((random 1) < (_damage * 0.9)) then { //max 90% chance to break
                    _isOK = true;
                    _brokenPart = true;
                } else {
                    _isOK = [player,_part] call BIS_fnc_invAdd;
                    _brokenPart = false;
            } else {                
                _isOK = [player,_part] call BIS_fnc_invAdd;
                _brokenPart = false;
            if (_isOK) then {
                _selection = getText(configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> _type >> "HitPoints" >> _hitpoint >> "name");
                /*if ((_hitpoint == "HitEngine") or (_hitpoint == "HitFuel")) then {
                    [_vehicle, _selection, 0.89] call fnc_veh_handleDam;
                } else {*/
                    [_vehicle, _selection, 1] call fnc_veh_handleDam;
                _vehicle call fnc_veh_ResetEH;
                _vehicle setvelocity [0,0,1];
                if(_brokenPart) then {
                    format[localize "str_salvage_destroyed",_namePart,_nameType] call dayz_rollingMessages;
                } else {
                    format[localize "str_salvage_removed",_namePart,_nameType] call dayz_rollingMessages;
            } else {
                localize "str_player_24" call dayz_rollingMessages;
        true call dz_fn_meleeMagazines;
    } else {
        r_interrupt = false;
        if (vehicle player == player) then {
            [objNull, player, rSwitchMove,""] call RE;
            player playActionNow "stop";
        localize "str_salvage_canceled" call dayz_rollingMessages;
} else {
    format[localize "str_salvage_toolbox",_namePart] call dayz_rollingMessages;

dayz_myCursorTarget = objNull;
s_player_repair_crtl = -1;
dayz_salvageInProgress = false;

//adding melee mags back if needed
_wpn = primaryWeapon player;
//diag_log format["Classname: %1, WPN: %2", _classname,_wpn];
_ismelee = (getNumber (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _wpn >> "melee") == 1);
if (_ismelee) then {
    call dayz_meleeMagazineCheck;



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