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  1. Hello guys, with the new infi version, the logs changed. There is no unlock/lock.log anymore, at least for me. Is there a way to get it back? I searched a bit but couldnt find anything about it, Also is it possible to get a saparate log for maintain? Cause now it wrotes in the rpt. But a seperate log would be better. Edit: Im rly confused, in AHconfig: /* Log Epoch Maintain */ _LEM = true; /* true or false */ in AH.sqf: [] spawn { _name = 'DEAD';if((alive player)&&(getPlayerUID player != ''))then{_name = name player;}; _puid = getPlayerUID player; while{1 == 1}do { "; if(_LEM)then{ _AHstring = _AHstring + " 'PVDZE_maintainArea' addPublicVariableEventHandler { private['_input','_player','_targetObj']; _input = (_this select 1); _player = _input select 0; _targetObj = _input select 2; _log = format['%1(%2) maintained %3 @%4',name _player,getPlayerUID _player,typeOf _targetObj,mapGridPosition _targetObj]; ['MAINTAIN',_log] call fn_custom_log; _input spawn server_maintainArea }; So, actually it should make a log called MAINTAIN right? But there is none. Same for Unlock/Lock: server_logUnlockLockEvent = { private['_obj','_player','_objectID','_objectUID','_pos','_worldspace','_log','_codeEntered','_doorCode','_status','_statusText']; _obj = _this select 1; if(!isNull _obj)then { _player = _this select 0; _objectID = _obj getVariable['ObjectID', '0']; _objectUID = _obj getVariable['ObjectUID', '0']; _log = ''; if(count _this > 3)then { _codeEntered = _this select 3; if(_codeEntered == 'NOTHING ENTERED')then{_player setDamage 5;_codeEntered = '-HACKER KILLED-';}; if(_codeEntered == '')then{_codeEntered = '000';}; _doorCode = _this select 4; if(_codeEntered==_doorCode)then { _nameP = 'DEAD';if((alive _player)&&(getPlayerUID _player != ''))then{_nameP = name _player;}; _log = format['DOOR UNLOCKED: ID:%1 UID:%2 BY %3(%4) @%5 Code Entered: %6',_objectID,_objectUID,_nameP,(getPlayerUID _player),(mapGridPosition _obj),_codeEntered]; } else { _nameP = 'DEAD';if((alive _player)&&(getPlayerUID _player != ''))then{_nameP = name _player;}; _log = format['DOOR UNLOCK ATTEMPT: ID:%1 UID:%2 BY %3(%4) @%5 Code Entered: %6 | Correct Code: %7',_objectID,_objectUID,_nameP,(getPlayerUID _player),(mapGridPosition _obj),_codeEntered,_doorCode]; }; } else { _status = _this select 2; _statusText = 'UNLOCKED'; if(_status)then { [_obj, 'gear'] call server_updateObject; _statusText = 'LOCKED'; }; _nameP = 'DEAD';if((alive _player)&&(getPlayerUID _player != ''))then{_nameP = name _player;}; _log = format['SAFE %6: ID:%1 UID:%2 BY %3(%4) @%5', _objectID, _objectUID, _nameP, (getPlayerUID _player), (mapGridPosition _obj), _statusText]; }; ['UNLOCKLOCKLOG',_log] call fn_custom_log; }; };
  2. SryImAnooB

    NOS Script

    The only problem is the spacebar. Its blocked for players by Infi. Few weeks ago i tried to fix that but wasnt able. However had not much time to look further into it cause of RL.
  3. Have the same, but only for a player if he use "killme". Had no time to look for it.
  4. I have one file with 32k entries. No problems.
  5. If i remember correct, its uncommented in crafting_defines.hpp. Just remove the tags and it should work.
  6. Can confirm. Expirienced the same from time to time. No beta branch.
  7. Hey guys, got a problem. If i try to salvage a vehicle it shows me the aviable dmaged parts, but when i click on them nothing happens. After i ran around a bit(seems like the action is canceled then) i get the option again but this time it says: Already Salvaging!. Someone can confirm or is it me fucked something up?! :D FIXED Im not quite sure why i have to do this. I use Infistar and maybe thats colliding with eachother. Didnt test it without Infistar, its just a idea. In salvage.sqf i uncommented this: { if ((_vehicle distance (_x select 0)) < (_x select 1)) exitWith {_cancel = true;}; } count DZE_SafeZonePosArray; if (_cancel) exitWith { (localize "str_salvage_safezone") call dayz_rollingMessages;}; like this:
  8. Allright, thanks for your help guys i appreciate it! Not sure yet what i will do now, but atleast some options :D
  9. Alright, thank you for your help! Maybe someone else have an idea.
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