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DayZ Overpoch Origins Taviana Install Guide





Im in no way responsible for damage you do yourself to the server!

You do all of this on your own risk!

Please do note

Neither do in any way i own any of the below stated mods, nor have i scripted/programmed these.

All rights go to their respective Owners etc.



So hello and welcome here:



Ok first i have to say my english isn´t that good and there may be some grammar mistakes, so forgive me for that please

Today I´m gonna explain you guys how to install a Overpoch Origins Taviana Server, that is fully functional with all the Overpoch weapons, the Origins buildings and Epoch framework.

Since i hope you know how to setup an Arma 2 OA Dayz Server i won´t explain this to you. There are enough tutorials out there explaing this if you don´t

Also this Tutorial isn´t easy to beginn with.

There may be Errors, which you have to fix by yourself or simply post them below.




Let´s get started:

Btw: you can use Dayz Epoch as a base mod. That means: install Epoch first on your server and then move the other addons inside the root folder and and replace the Mpmission file and the dayz_server.pbo and run the query.sql in your database

after downloading these files please unpack/ upload them to your server in the root directory...

you wil get all the important files from me to make the server actually work.

All of the files i that you can download are fully functional. They were tested by myself and there shouldn´t be any problems

Don´t forget to add them in your start.bat as server mods

Mpmission + Dayz_server + query + Battleye Filters.



I hope that were all the files i´ve used.

If you need anything just post it here.

Hope you enjoyed.


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