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Music Trigger, please an example


I have been able to add zombie spawners and such to epoch, so i have had success adding items in mission.sqm.  I am trying to make an area trigger that plays music when players enter it. I have created it in the editor and it works fine. I just cannot seem to get it to work on the epoch server. I placed code into the description.ext and i think that code is bad, and maybe the copied code for mission.sqm needs to be changed.

Can someone please post a complete one? (Just the parts I need, not a complete mission.sqm, or description.ext, unless you want to) So I can study it? I wont be able to modify an existing "safe zone dome" code or other code, as i have worked on this for 3 days. I have seen multiple posts, most of which were for "Arma2" Epoch. I have really worked at this and just cant get it. Please help.

Also, i did make an intro music for my epoch server, and it works great. So, i have a CfgSounds area in description.ext, and i was putting the trigger into a Sensors area below Items in mission.sqm.

Thank You for any help

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