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Found 73 results

  1. Hi, This is my modified version of Zupas single currency framework. This drops into an Epoch server and just "works". Credits to Zupa for his amazing work, There's quite a few fixes mentioned in his original release thread in this version to make it more secure. GitHub link with install instructions: https://github.com/oiad/ZSC Tested as working on a blank Epoch and OverWatch 0.25 server. Designed to minimize duping/glitching of bank related saving with nearby players (checkWallet etc). Lots of code snippets taken from the original Zupa release thread to stop multiple people checking wallet/depositing into the same safe etc. Supports multiple configuration types, Safes/lockboxes only, vehicles only, safes/lockboxes AND vehicles. Supports any map, currently only has server_traders files for Chernarus (default), napf and tavi. To install global banking: https://github.com/oiad/ZSC#changing-to-global-banking Install: This install basically assumes you have NO custom variables.sqf or compiles.sqf or fn_selfActions.sqf, I would recommend diffmerging where possible. This has all the config traders set up for epoch 1.0.6 items and OverWatch guns/items. You will need to install the specific version you want to use, See install notes further down.
  2. [GOM] Hardcore Sauerland Discord:https://discord.gg/Sx7FWQK IP: Mods: Overwatch - Epoch Server name: [GOM] Hardcore Sauerland|AI/MISSIONS|TOW/LIFT|COINS|DEPLOYBIKE| Server Rules: No building 1000m from traders No glitching No Duping No voice in side chat Respect other players and admins Dont blow up locked vehicles Server features: Deploy Bike Scan GPS R/C Tools Blood Bag Self Roaming AI Missions Custom Trader Prices Coins - No Banks 6 Hours Restart 24 - 6 - 12 GMT Active Admins Groups [F5] Base Raiding 3hr Day and Night PVP Buy Cinder Walls Refuel / Repair Tools Break Tame Dogs Kill Messages Zombie Hordes Heli Crashes
  3. Hi guys, I decided to make my Overpoch Skin chaning public. ( Screenshots on bottom) UPDATED to 3.0 ( CLEAN AND EFFECTIVE) Uses my defines from all my mods now. I release a version for Epoch and Overpoch. The scripts let u right click a clothing and give u a dialog to choose serveral linked skins to that specific skin. It shows you every possible skin you can have with your current inventory. No more trader needed. Make it harder to find a skin! You can change skin even when you are wearing a overwatch or arma skin! It also allows you to pickup skins! Screenshots: Download files: https://github.com/DevZupa/DayZEpochArmaOverpochClothing- MY switchmodel supports the following dscripts/fixes Correct Char Id after changing AI still shoot at you Coins transferred ( 2.0) Coins transferred (1.0) Install Instructions OVERPOCH: 1. Place the following under AllPlayers = ... in your custom "variables.sqf" Clothing1 = ["FR_Ohara_DZ","FR_Miles","FR_Cooper","FR_Rodriguez_DZ","FR_Sykes","FR_AC","FR_AR","FR_Assault_GL","FR_Assault_R","FR_Commander"]; Clothing2 = ["Soldier1_DZ","USMC_Soldier","USMC_Soldier2","USMC_SoldierM_Marksman","USMC_SoldierS","USMC_SoldierS_Sniper","USMC_Soldier_AA","USMC_Soldier_Pilot"]; Clothing3 = ["Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ","CDF_Soldier","CDF_Commander","CDF_Soldier_AR","CDF_Soldier_Crew","CDF_Soldier_Light","CDF_Soldier_Pilot"]; Clothing4 = ["GUE_Soldier_Crew_DZ","RU_Soldier","RU_Soldier_Crew","RU_Soldier_Light","RU_Soldier_Pilot","RUS_Commander","RUS_Soldier1","MVD_Soldier_Sniper"]; Clothing5 = ["Graves_Light_DZ","Drake","Graves","Herrera","Pierce","US_Delta_Force_Assault_EP1","US_Soldier_AR_EP1","US_Soldier_AT_EP1","US_Soldier_MG_EP1","US_Pilot_Light_EP1","US_Soldier_SL_EP1"]; Clothing6 = ["CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ","CZ_Soldier_AT_DES_EP1","CZ_Soldier_Light_DES_EP1","CZ_Special_Forces_DES_EP1","CZ_Special_Forces_TL_DES_EP1"]; Clothing7 = ["Bandit2_DZ","MVD_Soldier_Sniper","GER_Soldier_EP1","GER_Soldier_MG_EP1","GER_Soldier_TL_EP1"]; Clothing8 = ["Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ","CIV_Contractor2_BAF","BAF_crewman_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_FAC_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_N_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_Marksman_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_Officer_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_L_DDPM"]; Clothing9 = ["TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","TK_Commander_EP1","TK_Soldier_Crew_EP1","TK_Soldier_MG_EP1","TK_Special_Forces_MG_EP1","TK_INS_Bonesetter_EP1"]; Clothing10 = ["Survivor2_DZ"]; Clothing11 = ["FR_Rodriguez_DZ","FR_Corpsman","FR_GL","FR_Light","FR_Marksman","FR_R","FR_Sapper","FR_TL","Mercenary_Default20b","Mercenary_Default20c","Mercenary_Default20d"]; // Abit of Overpoch in here // Overwatch //Hero Clothing12 = ["Drake_Light_DZ","arma1_us_soldier_sabass","arma1_us_soldier_sabmark","arma1_us_soldier_sabot","frb_tl","frb_tl_mask","frb_gl","frb_gl_mask","frb_mg","frb_mg_mask","frb_mark","frb_mark_mask","frb_stealth_tl","frb_stealth_rifleman","frb_stealth_sabot","frb_stealth_mark"]; Clothing13 = ["Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ","SBH_Alpha_Soldier1","SBH_Alpha_Soldier2","SBH_Alpha_Soldier3","SBH_Alpha_Soldier4","SBH_Alpha_Soldier5","SBH_Alpha_Soldier6","SBH_Alpha_Soldier7","SBH_Alpha_Soldier8","SBH_Alpha_Soldier9","SBH_Alpha_Soldier10","SBH_Alpha_Soldier11","SBH_Alpha_Soldier12"]; Clothing14 = ["CZ_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ"]; Clothing15 = ["Camo1_DZ","US_Delta_Force_TL_EP1","US_Delta_Force_EP1","US_Delta_Force_AR_EP1","US_Delta_Force_Medic_EP1","US_Delta_Force_Marksman_EP1","US_Delta_Force_Air_Controller_EP1"]; Clothing16 = ["Rocket_DZ","SFSG_des_tl","SFSG_des_op","SFSG_des_ar","SFSG_des_med","SFSG_des_demo","SFSG_des_mrk","SFSG_des_jtac","SFSG_mtp_tl","SFSG_mtp_op","SFSG_mtp_ar","SFSG_mtp_med","SFSG_mtp_demo","SFSG_mtp_mrk","SFSG_mtp_jtac","SFSG_wdl_tl","SFSG_wdl_op","SFSG_wdl_ar","SFSG_wdl_med","SFSG_wdl_demo","SFSG_wdl_mrk","SFSG_wdl_jtac","SFSG_mtpw_tl","SFSG_mtpw_op","SFSG_mtpw_ar","SFSG_mtpw_med","SFSG_mtpw_demo","SFSG_mtpw_mrk","SFSG_mtpw_jtac"]; Clothing17 = ["Sniper1_DZ","Navy_SEAL_TL","Navy_SEAL_GL","Navy_SEAL_MG","Navy_SEAL_AT","Navy_SEAL_Medic","Navy_SEAL_Marksman","Navy_SEAL_diver","Navy_SEAL_diver_medic","Navy_SEAL_diver_land","Navy_SEAL_AC","Navy_SEAL_ACa","Navy_SEAL_ACb","Navy_SEAL_Shotgun","Navy_SEAL_Sabot","Navy_SEAL_SD"]; Clothing18 = ["Soldier_TL_PMC_DZ","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default0","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default1","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default2","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default3","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default4","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default5","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default6","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default7","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default8","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default9","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default10","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default11","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default12","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default13","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default14","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default15","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default16"]; Clothing19 = ["GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ","UKSF_des_tl","UKSF_des_op","UKSF_des_ar","UKSF_des_med","UKSF_des_demo","UKSF_des_mrk","UKSF_des_jtac","UKSF_wdl_tl","UKSF_wdl_op","UKSF_wdl_ar","UKSF_wdl_med","UKSF_wdl_demo","UKSF_wdl_mrk","UKSF_wdl_jtac","UKSF_des_tl_l","UKSF_des_op_l","UKSF_des_ar_l","UKSF_des_med_l","UKSF_des_demo_l","UKSF_des_mrk_l","UKSF_des_jtac_l","UKSF_wdl_tl_l","UKSF_wdl_op_l","UKSF_wdl_ar_l","UKSF_wdl_med_l","UKSF_wdl_demo_l","UKSF_wdl_mrk_l","UKSF_wdl_jtac_l"]; Clothing20 = ["TK_INS_Warlord_EP1_DZ","gsc_military_helmet_wdl","gsc_military_helmet_wdl_AT","gsc_military_helmet_grey_AT","gsc_military_helmet_wdlSNP","gsc_military_helmet_greySNP","gsc_military_helmet_grey","gsc_military_head_grey","gsc_military_head_greySNP","gsc_military_head_wdlSNP","gsc_military_head_wdl","gsc_military_head_wdl_AT","gsc_military_head_grey_AT","gsc_scientist1","gsc_scientist1_head","gsc_scientist2","gsc_scientist2_head","gsc_eco_stalker_mask_fred","gsc_eco_stalker_head_fred","gsc_eco_stalker_mask_camo","gsc_eco_stalker_head_camo1","gsc_cloth_loner_head","gsc_eco_stalker_mask_duty","gsc_eco_stalker_head_duty","gsc_eco_stalker_mask_neutral","gsc_eco_stalker_head_neutral","nof_fsk_tl","nof_fsk_marksman","nof_fsk_grenadier","nof_fsk_heavy","nof_fsk_corpsman","MVD_Soldier"]; //Bandit Clothing21 = ["Bandit1_DZ","Winter_SOF_Sabot","Winter_SOF_MG","Winter_SOF_TL","Winter_SOF_Medic","Winter_SOF_Marksman","Winter_SOF_GL","Winter_SOF_AT","Winter_SOF_AC","Winter_SOF_DA1","Winter_SOF_DA1a","Winter_SOF_DA1b","Winter_SOF_DA1c","Winter_OPFOR1","Winter_OPFOR2","Winter_OPFOR3","Winter_OPFOR4","Winter_OPFOR5","Winter_OPFOR6","Winter_OPFOR7","Winter_OPFOR8","Winter_OPFOR9","Winter_OPFOR10","EWinter_OPFOR1","EWinter_OPFOR2","EWinter_OPFOR3","EWinter_OPFOR4","EWinter_OPFOR5","EWinter_OPFOR6","EWinter_OPFOR7","EWinter_OPFOR8","EWinter_OPFOR9","EWinter_OPFOR10"]; Clothing22 = ["Bandit2_DZ","Gangsta_merc1","Gangsta_merc2","Gangsta_merc3","Gangsta_merc4","Gangsta_merc5","Gangsta_merc6","Gangsta_merc7","Gangsta_merc8","Gangsta_merc9","Gangsta_merc10","EGangsta_merc1","EGangsta_merc2","EGangsta_merc3","EGangsta_merc4","EGangsta_merc5","EGangsta_merc6","EGangsta_merc7","EGangsta_merc8","EGangsta_merc9","EGangsta_merc10","Taliban1","Taliban2","Taliban3","Taliban4","Taliban5","Taliban6","Taliban7","Taliban8","Taliban9","Taliban10","Taliban11","Taliban12","ETaliban1","ETaliban2","ETaliban3","ETaliban4","ETaliban5","ETaliban6","ETaliban7","ETaliban8","ETaliban9","ETaliban10","ETaliban11","ETaliban12","Terrorist1","Terrorist2","Terrorist3","Terrorist4","Terrorist5","Terrorist6","Terrorist7","Terrorist8","Terrorist9","Terrorist10","Terrorist11","Terrorist12","ETerrorist1","ETerrorist2","ETerrorist3","ETerrorist4","ETerrorist5","ETerrorist6","ETerrorist7","ETerrorist8","ETerrorist9","ETerrorist10","ETerrorist11","ETerrorist12"]; Clothing23 = ["BanditW1_DZ"]; // DIrty Women Clothing24 = ["BanditW2_DZ"]; // DIrty Women Clothing25 = ["GUE_Commander_DZ","US_Army_Soldier_Light","US_Army_Soldier_GL","US_Army_Soldier2","US_Army_Soldier_Officer","US_Army_Soldier_SL","US_Army_Soldier_TL","US_Army_Soldier_LAT","US_Army_Soldier_AT","US_Army_Soldier_HAT","US_Army_Soldier_AA","US_Army_Soldier_Medic","US_Army_Soldier_AR","US_Army_Soldier_MG","US_Army_SoldierS_SniperH","US_Army_SoldierM_Marksman","US_Army_SoldierS"]; Clothing26 = ["GUE_Soldier_2_DZ","Desert_SOF_TL","Desert_SOF_GL","Desert_SOF_MG","Desert_SOF_AT","Desert_SOF_Medic","Desert_SOF_Marksman","Desert_SOF_AC","Desert_SOF_Shotgun","Desert_SOF_Sabot","Desert_SOF_DA1","Desert_SOF_DA1a","Desert_SOF_DA1b","Desert_SOF_DA2","WDL_Mercenary_Default0","WDL_Mercenary_Default1","WDL_Mercenary_Default2","WDL_Mercenary_Default3","WDL_Mercenary_Default4","WDL_Mercenary_Default5","WDL_Mercenary_Default5a","G_WDL_Mercenary_Default5a","WDL_Mercenary_Default6","WDL_Mercenary_Default7","WDL_Mercenary_Default8","WDL_Mercenary_Default9","WDL_Mercenary_Default10","WDL_Mercenary_Default11","WDL_Mercenary_Default12","WDL_Mercenary_Default13","WDL_Mercenary_Default14","WDL_Mercenary_Default15","WDL_Mercenary_Default16"]; Clothing27 = ["GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ","G_Mercenary_Default9a","G_Mercenary_Default9b","Mercenary_Default10","Mercenary_Default11","Mercenary_Default12","Mercenary_Default13","Mercenary_Default14","Mercenary_Default15","Mercenary_Default16","Mercenary_Default17","Mercenary_Default18","Mercenary_Default19","Mercenary_Default19a","G_Mercenary_Default19a","Mercenary_Default20","Mercenary_Default22","Mercenary_Default23","Mercenary_Default24","Mercenary_Default25","Mercenary_Default26","Mercenary_Default27","Mercenary_Default28","G_Mercenary_Default0","G_Mercenary_Default1","G_Mercenary_Default2","G_Mercenary_Default3","G_Mercenary_Default4","G_Mercenary_Default5","G_Mercenary_Default6","G_Mercenary_Default7","G_Mercenary_Default8","G_Mercenary_Default9","G_Mercenary_Default10","G_Mercenary_Default11","G_Mercenary_Default12","G_Mercenary_Default13","G_Mercenary_Default14","G_Mercenary_Default15","G_Mercenary_Default16","G_Mercenary_Default17","G_Mercenary_Default18","G_Mercenary_Default19","G_Mercenary_Default20","G_Mercenary_Default20b","G_Mercenary_Default21","G_Mercenary_Default22","G_Mercenary_Default23","G_Mercenary_Default24","G_Mercenary_Default25","G_Mercenary_Default26","G_Mercenary_Default27","G_Mercenary_Default28"]; AllPlayers = AllPlayers + Clothing1 + Clothing2 + Clothing3 + Clothing4 + Clothing5 + Clothing6 + Clothing7 + Clothing8 + Clothing9 + Clothing10 + Clothing11 + Clothing12 + Clothing13 + Clothing14 + Clothing15 + Clothing16 + Clothing17 + Clothing18 + Clothing19 + Clothing20 + Clothing21+ Clothing22+ Clothing23+ Clothing24+ Clothing25+ Clothing26+ Clothing27 ; 2. Put the following on the bottom of your "description.sqf ONLY ADD THIS DEFINES IF YOU DO NOT USE A DEFINES FROM my other mods ( = the same) #include "zupa\skins\defines.hpp" #include "zupa\skins\SkinGui.hpp" 3. In your compiles.sqf place after if (!isDedicated) then { The following FillSkinList = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\skins\getList.sqf"; ApplySkinList = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\skins\changeClothes.sqf"; player_wearClothes = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\skins\player_wearClothes.sqf"; player_switchModel = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\skins\player_switchModel.sqf"; And comment out the normal player_wearclothes and player_switchModel // player_wearClothes = .. // player_switchModel = .. 4. Look for the following fn_selfactions.sqf // logic vars _player_cook = false; _player_boil = false; Add the following right above the previous lines //Remove CLOTHES if (_isMan and !_isAlive and !_isZombie and !_isAnimal) then { if (s_clothes < 0) then { s_clothes = player addAction [("" + ("Take Clothes") + ""), "zupa\skins\removeclothes.sqf",cursorTarget, 1, false, true, "",""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_clothes; s_clothes = -1; }; Now look in your selfactions for the following lines on the bottom: player removeAction s_player_fillfuel; s_player_fillfuel = -1; player removeAction s_player_studybody; s_player_studybody = -1; And add the following under those lines //remove clothes player removeAction s_clothes; s_clothes = -1; 5. Now drop the files from the zip files in your missions pbo. 6. You might have some Antihack troubles, more updates on that later. add "s_clothes" to your AHconfig 7. Add the follwoing to AH CMenu list: "MenClothing" and as number 20001 Epoch Only the first is different: 1. Place the following under AllPlayers = ... in your custom "variables.sqf" // Arma 2 Clothing1 = ["FR_Ohara_DZ","FR_Miles","FR_Cooper","FR_Rodriguez_DZ","FR_Sykes","FR_AC","FR_AR","FR_Assault_GL","FR_Assault_R","FR_Commander"]; Clothing2 = ["Soldier1_DZ","USMC_Soldier","USMC_Soldier2","USMC_SoldierM_Marksman","USMC_SoldierS","USMC_SoldierS_Sniper","USMC_Soldier_AA","USMC_Soldier_Pilot"]; Clothing3 = ["Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ","CDF_Soldier","CDF_Commander","CDF_Soldier_AR","CDF_Soldier_Crew","CDF_Soldier_Light","CDF_Soldier_Pilot"]; Clothing4 = ["GUE_Soldier_Crew_DZ","RU_Soldier","RU_Soldier_Crew","RU_Soldier_Light","RU_Soldier_Pilot","RUS_Commander","RUS_Soldier1","MVD_Soldier_Sniper"]; Clothing5 = ["Graves_Light_DZ","Drake","Graves","Herrera","Pierce","US_Delta_Force_Assault_EP1","US_Soldier_AR_EP1","US_Soldier_AT_EP1","US_Soldier_MG_EP1","US_Pilot_Light_EP1","US_Soldier_SL_EP1"]; Clothing6 = ["CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ","CZ_Soldier_AT_DES_EP1","CZ_Soldier_Light_DES_EP1","CZ_Special_Forces_DES_EP1","CZ_Special_Forces_TL_DES_EP1"]; Clothing7 = ["Bandit2_DZ","MVD_Soldier_Sniper","GER_Soldier_EP1","GER_Soldier_MG_EP1","ER_Soldier_TL_EP1"]; Clothing8 = ["Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ","CIV_Contractor2_BAF","BAF_crewman_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_FAC_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_N_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_Marksman_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_Officer_DDPM","BAF_Soldier_L_DDPM"]; Clothing9 = ["TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","TK_Commander_EP1","TK_Soldier_Crew_EP1","TK_Soldier_MG_EP1","TK_Special_Forces_MG_EP1","TK_INS_Bonesetter_EP1"]; Clothing10 = ["Survivor2_DZ"]; Clothing11 = ["FR_Rodriguez_DZ","FR_Corpsman","FR_GL","FR_Light","FR_Marksman","FR_R","FR_Sapper","FR_TL"]; // Overwatch //Hero Clothing12 = ["Drake_Light_DZ"]; Clothing13 = ["Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ"]; Clothing14 = ["CZ_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ"]; Clothing15 = ["Camo1_DZ"]; Clothing16 = ["Rocket_DZ"]; Clothing17 = ["Sniper1_DZ"]; Clothing18 = ["Soldier_TL_PMC_DZ"]; Clothing19 = ["GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ"]; Clothing20 = ["TK_INS_Warlord_EP1_DZ"]; //Bandit Clothing21 = ["Bandit1_DZ"]; Clothing22 = ["Bandit2_DZ"]; Clothing23 = ["BanditW1_DZ"]; Clothing24 = ["BanditW2_DZ"]; Clothing25 = ["GUE_Commander_DZ"]; Clothing26 = ["GUE_Soldier_2_DZ"]; Clothing27 = ["GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ"]; AllPlayers = AllPlayers + Clothing1 + Clothing2 + Clothing3 + Clothing4 + Clothing5 + Clothing6 + Clothing7 + Clothing8 + Clothing9 + Clothing10 + Clothing11 + Clothing12 + Clothing13 + Clothing14 + Clothing15 + Clothing16 + Clothing17 + Clothing18 + Clothing19 + Clothing20 + Clothing21+ Clothing22+ Clothing23+ Clothing24+ Clothing25+ Clothing26+ Clothing27 ; Follow Overpoch 2 and so on Zupa.
  4. Welcome to the Last Plague. everyone is more than welcome to join the server and come have some fun! IP= Port= 2302 Discord= https://discord.gg/gHEpBUR Required Addon Mods= @Dayz, @DayzEpoch, @Overwatch. This is a PVP server! Extra Content. Custom Map Central Market (all traders in one place) Jhon Redfield´s dynamic trader Quick stuff Recovery on dead players Custom Intro ESSV3 SandStorm event Weed Field event Civil Defense event Rubbletown event Police check point Military check point Remote Key Remote Door opener Safezones cleanup functions Relocate vehicles after server restart StoryBoard DeployAnything Drugs Tow & Lift Custom Status Bar Nitro over trucks Safety_helis on player disconections Service Point Small fery Take clothes Day - night cycles Vehicle key changer Sawmill and Farm works places. Workshop on plot poles Xmas Addons Walk amongst the dead Z-IMS (Players needs pee or poop) Coins DZAI AI WAI MISSIONS and a lot more content than i can type. I would like to thank JuanDayz and SeelenApparat for all the help in getting the server to run and function properly, you guys are the best friends one can ask for. Join the server, have fun, and let me know about your experience!, email me at [email protected], or leave me a comment here on EpochMod.
  5. **NEW** Manup-PvPvE | v1.0.6.2 | 5-Mil + KITS | Player Teleport | VirtGarage | Banks | Checks | Perks | Cap&Hold | GemCraft | Semi-Mil | High [email protected]@T ============================== M A N U P - - U P D A T E The NEW SERVER is Unlocked! DayZ Overpoch Chernarus IP: This is a PvPvE Militarized Server with High Loot and High Risk $5,000,000 Start coins + Cinder & Metal Base kit ============================== MODS - EDITS - SCRIPTS ============================== > Suicide > Earplugs > Auto Run > Tow & Lift > Safe Zones > Flip Vehicle > Plot For Life > Bury Bodies > Take Clothes > Click Actions > Harvest Hemp > Service Points > Locate Vehicle > Virtual Garage > Player Teleport > Custom Traders > Global Banking > Free Spawn Kits > Tanks and APC's > Attack Choppers > Scan For Players > Deploy Anything > KO Melee Combat > Plot Management > Scan For Animals > Scan For Zombies > Treasure Hunting > Turn On/Off Grass > Snap With Vectors > Custom Trader City > Group Management > Garage Door Opener > Safe Zone Relocate > Custom Action Wheel > Vehicle Key Changer > Humanity Spawn Kits > Custom Event Crates > No Spawn Restriction > Sell On Site Missions > Change View Distance > Custom Debug Monitor > Player Zombie Shields > remote vehicle options > Humanity spawn vehicles > Community Localizations > Humanity Spawn Classes > Custom Military locations > Custom Cap & Hold Missions > Custom NEAF / NWAF / BALOTA > Door Management With Eye Scan > More custom stuff inside .... ============================== Special thanks to @salival for all his help with the conversion. I couldn't of done it with out you! ============================== Thanks For Playing ManUp - Enjoy and Please report any bugs. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/manupsurvival# https://discord.gg/V85spbD
  6. Here's the info but basically it has the required mods to enjoy the game and a few others that were requested by players. The server is still new (about 1 month) and the population is between 15 and 25 depending on the time of day. I do not use admin - I do it all myself - This eliminates "Admin Abuse" 100% I'm on the server 12+ hours a day to answer questions or offer help if needed. The server is prepaid for the next three months and sponsored on Dayz Launcher. Server Location is in the USA and normal ping is around 60 __________ Come check it out for yourself - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/survivalgaminginc/discussions/5/352792037323401129/
  7. Hey guys, went through every single skin from ow and pulled out the ones that weren't just repetitive skins to reduce clutter since as you can see this is huge, but this basically fixes an issue where if you were to wear this skin it prevents it from vanishing after restart. Goes in your variables.sqf where it says "AllPLayers =" Then skin list of course. Hope this helps someone. This is for your variables.sqf Saw some mess ups, fixed em :)
  8. I have been playing on DayZ overpoch for the last month looking for the best server. And I have seen many servers with the same look / style and the same setup. I know these are public as many people have told me but I dont know the name of them. Please help! Im looking to make a server so I would really love to have these to start on!
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    Capture Points

    Hello!!! I need some help, does anyone have a Capture Point script that is functioning on 1.0.6? The owner of the server desperately wants a Capture point style event where players must brawl for control over an area for around 10,15 minutes, then a crate spawns, granted players are in the vicinity, and if they are not in the vicinity, the crate is empty. If someone is willing to share this script or has it for a reasonable price (keep in mind my organization is not for profit), then I would be highly appreciative and so would the community!!! Please help a fellow out! Thanks in advance!!!
  10. I got DayZlauncher and I find a server, assign the Arma2 and click on it. It tells me which mods I need to download, so I do it (DayZ, Epoch and Overwatch). Not ethat I had these installed for like 2 years, so I only needed to update them. Click play on teh server after tehy're done only to get: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below. " -connect= -port=mod=C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\ArmA 2;Expansions;C:\Users\Ziggah\Documents\mods\@DayZ_Epoch" " If you did not request this launch or do not understand this options, select Cancel. Note, my arma 2 and arma 2 OA location is on D drive. I click ok. I get the "battleEye is installing thingey. I get it every time". I get another error message after that. a window titles "Arma 2 Army of the Czech republic Se..." with the message " !!! MISSING STRING" Have no clue what AotCR has anything to do with dayz so I click okay. After this I get a window titled "arma2 OA" with the message "Addon 'sauerland' requers addon 'Chernarus'" Again, I have no clue why I need an addon which is a part of the default game, so I click okay. I get the DayZ Epoch screen, you know it, the black one. After a while, bout half a minute I get: "No entry bin/congfig.bin/CfgVehicles/Land_Company3_2.scope" Then it fianlly, crashes with one last error, a window titled "Arma 2 OA" with the message "cannot load world 'ca\chernarus\chernarus.wrp'" Also, if it helps, my Mods/download path in dayzlauncher is "C:\Users\Ziggah\Documents\mods" I know I could google this, but such a huge batch with these specific combination of erros seems only specific to me. Or alteast no one asked on the internet yet and gave up on ever playing the game. Which I am close to. Can someone help me fix this errorfest of a game, please. I have about 1200 hours in epoch and I really wanna play it again. Seriously. I fix one error, BAM, now you got 2 more.
  11. _Jack


  12. Hi,(sorry no speak english) How to create Private overpoch server? (epoch and overwatch 0.2.5.) Thanks!
  13. Wish you heard Overwatch zed sounds on Overpoch or Epoch? Now you can! Just like my Nissan 350z's, to use this the server you play on (or your server) will need to have verification set to 0 Just replace the Pbo in your root, clientside [Download] Youtube Enjoy! ;) *UPDATED*(working for
  14. Hello! So I want to make a new Epoch/Overwatch server. I'm not sure if I want to make it on Arma 2 or Arma 3. On DayzLauncher I see that there are quite a bit of Epoch servers that are highly populated on the other hand Arma 3 servers on A3Launcher seem less populated. I'm not sure on what game it's worth to make it on. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have for me. If you can vote on the poll as well. Also I'm looking for a affordable host for Arma 2/Arma 3 to run the Epoch server on! If you know any comment below!
  15. UPDATE 2/21/2018 Just wanted to show where I was with the launcher I have been working on. I have a friend Kevin Phillips that has bee helping me work on this project. Made a short video on youtube and wanted to share. Click here to see the video on youtube. Please let me know what you think. Thug TBsGaming ----------------------------------------OLD POST BELOW----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope I am posting in correct location. If not please tell me where I can post. What I am posting is possible because of many resources on the internet. A lot information was learned on http://stackoverflow.com/ Thank you to TheDuke for giving me one of his start bat files. Thank you to all the unknown that contributed over the years on different sites. This is something I have been working on for the last two weeks. It is still a work in progress. What it is, simply an admin launcher. I found that if I deal with more than two server this helps a lot. Plus it was something to do lol. So here we go: FIRST MAKE A FOLDER CALLED SERVERS OR CALL IT WHAT EVER YOU WANT. the files we will be making will go into that folder We will make a bat file for origins dayzoverwatch dayz_epoch First thing lets make that bat file. If I were you I would use Notepad++ What a great program Open a new doc and save as origins_opoch_Chernarus.bat or what ever name you want BUT IT MUST HAVE .bat at the end Copy the following and paste it in the new file you just make called origins_opoch_Chernarus.bat =========================================================================== EDITED ON 12/31/2016 01/17/2017 QUESTION: .bat file is updated with password settings Lets say I have a server. That server has a password. The password is dog How would I add the password to the bat file? Right now if I try to join a server with a password it will say, you enter the wrong pass word. Then I go to multiplayer and select the server and enter the password dog and I am in. The .bat file is right below this ============================================================================ Now make a file and name it bat_test.hta or what ever you want. Copy and paste the following in it and save to the folder SERVERS What I did at this point was made a shortcut of the dat_test.hta to my desktop after that double chick it and it should work. Did for me. as you can see I left some of my information in so you could try it out. OF COURSE THE LINE <p><a href="E:/BAT START FILES/origins_opoch_Chernarus.bat">Origins Overwatch Epoch Chernarus</a></p> points to where I have my folder YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE THE LOCATION OF THE BAT FILE TO WHERE EVER YOU PUT THE FOLDER CALLED SERVERS. Like I said this is a work in progress. If you have anything you would like to share, that would be great.
  16. Updated 7/8/2016 Damaged Gaming Community Current Server(s) Website: http://damagedgaming.net TeamSpeak: ts3.damagedgaming.net For more information about our server(s) and our gaming community, read the next post.
  17. Hello there! We'd like to introduce you to Crimson Flood! Crimson Flood was once known for fantastic Mods and a great community player base back in the day. We are back with more Mods and a fantastic Staff waiting to assist you! At the moment our Overpoch server has only been live for about a few weeks now. We are working on getting back the player-base we once had. Our long-term goal is to insure that while you're playing on our server, all of your needs are met at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Join the FUN! SERVER IP: TeamSpeak 3 IP: pbl.clandns.com We are regularly updating our Overpoch server to insure extreme amounts of fun! Current Mod list: Advanced Traiding System Self Bloodbag Spawn Selection Class Selection Turn off Grass/Environment sounds (Easily Accessible by pressing I) Utilize Ear Plugs (Easily Accessible by pressing U) Set View distance (Easily accessible by right-clicking your Range Finder) Group System (Easily accessible by right-clicking your radio) Single currency coin system Banking System Safezones in traders Custom AI missions and behaviors. (No more easy AI) Vehicle Repair/Refuel from Gas stations Abandoned Safes that reset to 0000 Snapbuild with custom vectors Paint Vehicles There are some heavy military vehicles for your heavy duty missions :) More coming! Our Staff works around the clock to insure our server stays how we intend it to for our players. Just so you're aware, Briefcases are worth $108,000 coins. Come and give us a try as I'm sure you'll all love to stay and play! -PBL Clan Feel free to register on our website at http://PBLClan.com We are recruiting ;)
  18. Redline Gamers is an Australian based gaming community that offers servers for Arma 2 and 3, to name a few. We strive to bring players, such as yourself, the most enjoyable gaming experience through: High speed dedicated servers. To ensure a smooth gaming experience. Friendly staff. There to answers all your questions. Forums and Teamspeak. To bring every player and staff member, closer together. New features. New features are added weekly to keep it fresh! Community Features 24/7 Teamspeak Active Forums Server Features Single Currency (Coins & Banks) Building, Weapons, Medical & MEGA Missions Guarded by hard AI (AI Heli & Vehicle Gunners) Day/Night (2 Hour Day/1 Hour Night) Indestructible Bases (Not included Doors & Wooden Bases) Eye Scan Management (Doors) Event System (COD4 Shipment & Jet Ski Race - $$ Awards) Militarised (Apaches etc. Missiles removed & replaced with Gunner) Self Blood Bag Auto-Refuel / Re-arm Craft Motorbike (Right-click Toolbox) - Must have Scrap Metal Toggle View Distance (Right-click Binoculars) Redline Warrior Anti-hack Dedicated Server // Free little bird upon signing up on the forums (one time only) Server List Teamspeak 3: ts.redlinegamers.net / tssyd1.vilayer.com:9990 Arma 2 DayZ Overpoch: Arma 3 Exile Mod: Coming Soon! RG Forums: http://www.redlinegamers.net
  19. - Server features - Self Blodbag Snap Building Pro Vector Building Advanced Trading Group Management Plotpole Management Wicked AI Missions AS50 & M107 Coin Currency + Banks Destroyable Bases Buyable Building Supplies Deploy Bike + Mozzie Servicepoint + Autorefuel/repair Spawn Menu - RULES - 1. Respect everyone on the server 2. No Stream-Sniping 3. no camping safe zone withing 300 meters 4. no bases, safes or lockboxes within 300m of safezone 5. No bugusing 6. No hacking 7. Sky bases need to be atleast 1450m away from safezones 8. No Combat-logging 9. NO! advertising unless you have a deal with an owner 10. NO speaking in side chat 11. No mic-spamming 12. Do what you get told by the admins 13. You are not allowed to take over donator-bases 14. Plot poles need to be visible 15. Dont afk inside traders or abuse traders - SERVER IP - http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  20. RULES 1. Respect everyone on the server 2. No Steam-Sniping (Will recieve up to 48 hour ban the first time and 2nd is perm ban) 3. no camping safe zone withing 300 meters 4. no bases, safes or lockboxes within 300m of safezone 5. no bugusing (perm ban) 6. No hacking (perm ban) 7. Sky bases need to be atleast 1450m away from safezones (if not the base will be removed by an admin. YOU WONT GET YOUR ITEMS RETURNED) 8. No Combat-logging 9. NO! advertising unless you have a deal with an owner 10. NO speaking in side chat 11. No mic-spamming 12. Do what you get told by the admins 13. You are not allowed to take over donator-bases 14. Plot poles need to be visible (you are not allowed to hide it inside safes, walls etc.) 15. Dont afk inside traders or abuse traders SERVER IP : http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  21. GK Gaming has a brand new Overpoch Chernarus server up and running! The map is fresh and filled with vehicles. Great base locations are up for grabs. The two co-owners of GK Gaming are experienced DayZ players and server admins with nearly 7 years of combined DayZ server administration experience. Overpoch Server: TeamSpeak: Server Features: Very active admin support Regular server-wide events with prizes (Video below) Single currency Advanced Trading 4+ AI missions at one time with diverse weapons, building supplies, and AI vehicles Custom loot tables Added buildings Tow/Lift Advanced Snap Building No kill feed 75m plot poles Plot Management Group Management Door Management Reduced fog, no rain Self Bloodbag Weightless Earplugs Many more future features in the works Here is an example of the types of fun events that regularly take place on our server: (Credit to DeZtRoYaH and Kind-Sir for the creation of the now disbanded Vendetta Gaming Clan. The staff of GK Gaming are former admins of Vendetta Gaming Clan and co-creators of the event in the video) For any questions about our server or our community, feel free to send me a message, join our teamspeak, or send us an email at [email protected] -GSten
  22. I've been having trouble getting the overwatch weapons into the traders. I have tried to do it with the database but I'm honestly not really sure what I am doing, when I access the traders it has the tabs in it for the weapons but none of them are actually in there. If anyone could explain what to do I would really appreciate it, Thanks.
  23. \xxXxx/ THIS IS NOT YOUR NORMAL DAYZ \xxXxx/ ... 30 Custom Recipes Below ... Loading Screen - http://imgur.com/QN5ytAd Crafting Advert - http://imgur.com/5lZ9sXa Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bricktopserver BTS | EXTREME-CRAFT-TO-SURVIVE | OVER 100 RECIPES & MODS DayZ Overpoch CHERNO IP: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ BASIC RECIPES \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ----------------- VEHICLES ----------------- "bike": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemTrashToiletpaper", 2], ["ItemPole", 2], ["PartWheel", 2], .["ItemCanvas", 1], ["ItemWire", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = [ ["fire", 20], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------------- "atv": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["PartWheel", 4], ["ItemPole", 1], ["ItemLightBulb", 1] .["ItemWire", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1], ["PartEngine", 1], ["ItemJerrycan", 1], .["PartFueltank", 1], ["ItemCorrugated", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["ItemFlashlightRed"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 20], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------------- "gyro": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["PartWheel", 3], ["ItemPole", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1], .["PartFueltank", 1], ["ItemJerrycan", 1], ["PartVRotor", 1]["PartEngine",1], .["ItemGoldBar", 1], ["ItemCopperBar", 1] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = [ ["fire", 20], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------------- "mozzie": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemPole", 2], ["PartGeneric", 2], ["PartWoodPlywood", 1], .["PartFueltank", 1], ["ItemJerrycan", 1], ["PartVRotor", 1]["PartEngine",1], .["ItemGoldBar", 1], ["ItemCopperBar", 1] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = [ ["fire", 20], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------------- INVENTORY ITEMS ----------------- "fuelpump": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife", "ItemEtool", "ItemSledge"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemPole", 2], ["ItemWire", 1], ["PartGeneric", 3], .["ItemFuelBarrel", 2], ["ItemCorrugated", 2], ["ItemGoldBar", 1] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = [ ["fire", 15], ["workshop", 15]]; ----------------- case "chainsaw": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife", "ItemSledge"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemTrashRazor", 6], ["ItemWire", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1], .["PartEngine", 1], ["PartFueltank", 1], ["ItemJerryMixed", 1]]; .ToolParts = ["ItemMachete"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 15], ["workshop", 15]]; ----------------- "Sledgehandle": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["PartWoodLumber", 2] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = [ ["fire", 15], ["workshop", 15]]; ----------------- "lockbox": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife", "ItemSledge"]; .Parts = [ ["metal_panel_kit", 1], ["ItemComboLock", 1], ["PartGeneric",1] .["ItemEmerald", 1], ["ItemRuby", 1], ["ItemSapphire", 1] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------------- BASE DEFENSE PLACEMENTS ----------------- "searchlight": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemEtool"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemLightBulb", 3], ["ItemComboLock", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1], .["ItemTankTrap", 1], ["ItemPole", 1] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = []; ----------------- "kord": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemSledge", "ItemEtool"]; .Parts = [ ["50Rnd_127x108_KORD", 3], ["ItemComboLock", 1], .["PartGeneric", 1], ["ItemTankTrap", 1], ["ItemPole", 1], ["ItemMixOil", 1] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = []; ----------------- "dshkm": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemSledge", "ItemEtool"]; .Parts = [ ["50Rnd_127x107_DSHKM", 3], ["ItemComboLock", 1], .["PartGeneric", 1], ["ItemTankTrap", 1], ["ItemPole", 1], ["ItemMixOil", 1] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = []; ----------------- "m240_nest": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemSledge", "ItemEtool"]; .Parts = [ ["200Rnd_556x45_M249", 3], ["sandbag_nest_kit", 1], .["forest_net_kit", 1], ["ItemComboLock", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["M249_EP1_DZ"]; .Near = []; \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ UPGRADES \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ----------- MOTORCYCLE ----------- "motorcycle": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemTrashToiletpaper", 2], ["ItemLightBulb", 1], ["ItemPole", 1], ["ItemCanvas", 1], ["ItemWire", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1], ["PartEngine", 1], ["ItemJerrycan", 1], ["PartFueltank", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["ItemFlashlightRed"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- LAND VEHICLE ----------- "hilux": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemCorrugated", 2], ["ItemTankTrap", 2], ["PartGlass", 2], ["ItemLightBulb", 1], ["ItemCanvas", 1], ["ItemWire", 1], ["PartGeneric",1], ["PartEngine", 1], ["PartFueltank", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["ItemFlashlightRed"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 20], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- "suv": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemCorrugated", 2], ["ItemCanvas", 2], ["ItemPole", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1], ["PartGlass", 4] ]; .ToolParts = ["ItemRadio"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- "armored suv": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife", "ItemSledge"]; .Parts = [ ["metal_panel_kit", 2], ["ItemCorrugated", 1], ["ItemPole", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1], ["ItemGoldBar10oz", 1], ["ItemCopperBar", 1], ["bulk_empty", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["50Rnd_127x108_KORD"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- "landrover": _VCTools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; _VCParts = [ ["ItemCorrugated", 2], ["ItemTankTrap", 1], ["ItemPole", 1], ["bulk_PartGenericHalf", 1], ["ItemGoldBar10oz", 1], ["ItemCopperBar", 1] _VCToolParts = ["ItemGPS", "ItemRadio", "M249_EP1_DZ"]; _VCNear = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- "hmmwv": _VCTools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; _VCParts = [ ["ItemCorrugated", 2], ["ItemTankTrap", 1], ["ItemPole", 1], ["ItemWire", 1]"PartGeneric",1],"ItemGoldBar10oz"1],"ItemCopperBar",1] _VCToolParts = ["ItemGPS", "ItemRadio"]; _VCNear = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- "armored hmmwv": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemCorrugated", 2], ["ItemTankTrap", 1], ["ItemPole", 1], ["bulk_PartGenericHalf", 1] ["ItemGoldBar10oz", 1] ["ItemCopperBar", 1]]; .ToolParts = ["50Rnd_127x108_KORD"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- "jackal": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemCorrugated", 4], ["ItemTankTrap", 2]["ItemCanvas",1], ["ItemWire", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1], ["PartEngine", 1], ["PartFueltank", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["50Rnd_127x108_KORD"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- "heavy armor hmmwv": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife", "ItemSledge"]; .Parts = [ ["metal_panel_kit", 4], ["ItemTankTrap", 2] ["ItemCanvas"1], ["ItemWire", 1], ["PartGeneric", 1]["PartEngine", 1]["PartFueltank" 1] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- PLANE ----------- "autogyro": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["ItemCorrugated", 1]["ItemTankTrap", 1]["ItemCanvas" 1], ["ItemWire", 1], ["PartWoodPlywood", 2] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30] ]; ----------- "cessna": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["PartGlass", 3], ["ItemCorrugated", 1], ["ItemCanvas", 1] ["ItemPole", 1]["ItemWire", 1]["ItemGoldBar10oz", 4]["ItemCopperBar", 2], ["PartPlywoodPack", 1], ["bulk_PartGenericHalf", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["ItemFlashlightRed", "ItemFlashlight", "ItemGPS", "ItemRadio"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30], ["hangar", 30] ]; ----------- "armed cessna": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [["ItemGoldBar10oz", 8], ["ItemCopperBar", 4]]; .ToolParts = ["ItemRadio", "ItemFlashlight", "ItemGPS"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30], ["hangar", 30] ]; ----------- CHOPPER ----------- "little bird": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = ["PartGlass", 3]["ItemCorrugated", 3]["HandChemGreen", 1], ["bulk_PartGenericHalf", 1], ["ItemGoldBar10oz", 4], ["ItemCopperBar", 1] ToolParts"ItemFlashlightRed","ItemFlashlight""ItemGPS""ItemRadio"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30], ["hangar", 30] ]; ----------- "ah-6j": _VCTools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; _VCParts = [ ["ItemGoldBar10oz", 8], ["ItemCopperBar", 4] ]; _VCToolParts = ["ItemRadio", "ItemGPS"]; _VCNear = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30], ["hangar", 30] ]; ----------- "mash": _VCTools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; _VCParts = [ ["ItemPole", 3], ["HandChemRed", 2], ["PartFueltank", 2], ["ItemCanvas", 2], ["PartGlass", 1], ["bulk_PartGenericHalf", 1] ]; _VCToolParts = ["ItemRadio", "ItemCompass", "ItemFlashlight"]; _VCNear = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30], ["hangar", 30] ]; ----------- "blackhawk": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife"]; .Parts = [ ["PartGlass", 2], ["ItemCorrugated", 2], ["ItemPole", 1], ["ItemLightBulb", 1], ["HandChemRed", 1], ["bulk_PartGenericHalf", 1], ["ItemFuelBarrel", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["Binocular_Vector", "M249_EP1_DZ"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30], ["hangar", 30] ]; ----------- "uh1h": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife", "ItemSledge"]; .Parts = [ ["PartGlass", 3], ["metal_panel_kit", 3], ["ItemPole", 1], ["ItemLightBulb", 1], ["ItemGoldBar10oz", 7], ["ItemFuelBarrel", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["M249_EP1_DZ"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30], ["hangar", 30] ]; ----------- "mi-17": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife", "ItemSledge"]; .Parts = [ ["PartWheel", 2], ["PartGlass", 2], ["metal_panel_kit", 2], ["ItemPole", 1], ["ItemLightBulb", 1], ["ItemGoldBar10oz", 9 ["ItemFuelBarrel", 1], ["bulk_PartGenericHalf", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["Binocular_Vector", "M249_EP1_DZ"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30], ["hangar", 30] ]; ----------- "mi-24": .Tools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar", "ItemKnife", "ItemSledge"]; .Parts = [ ["PartGlass", 6], ["metal_panel_kit", 2], ["PartFueltank", 1], ["ItemJerrycan", 1], ["ItemLightBulb", 1], ["bulk_empty", 1] ]; .ToolParts = ["M249_DZ"]; .Near = [ ["fire", 30], ["workshop", 30], ["hangar", 30] ]; ----------- M*A*S*H PAINT ----------- "mash_paint": .Tools = []; .Parts = [ ["ItemGoldBar", 8] ]; .ToolParts = []; .Near = [ ["hangar", 30] ];
  24. Ok guys, this is racking my brain. Ill set a few things first This is not my first rodeo. I have privately hosted servers long before Epoch. Then i got bored. Currently im hosting an Epoch with Overwatch server (Overpoch) Here is my current Server launch bat: (working) " start arma2oaserver.exe -port=2302 "-config=instance_11_Chernarus\config.cfg" "-cfg=instance_11_Chernarus\basic.cfg" "-profiles=instance_11_Chernarus" -name=instance_11_Chernarus "[email protected];@DayZ_Epoch1051;@DayZ_Epoch_Server" " Here is my client launch params in steam: (working) " -window -nosplash -mod=C:\@ArmaMODS\@DayzOverwatch;C:\@ArmaMODS\@Dayz_Epoch1051 " You will notice in the Server and Client params that i am not referencing the Arma 2 directory OR the Expansion directory. The Addons (from Arma2) folder is copied into the Arma OA directory on both the Server and the Client. The Server and Client are on 2 diff machines. This current configuration works perfectly with NO issues. Lets get that straight. Now with this said, Ive had friends join with out issues using this same client method. What ive noticed is people trying to join thru out the day and getting kick almost immediately OR sitting in debug (used spectate to watch). Yes, verify sigs are enabled. This got me wondering why? Had another friend try joining and they used DayzLauncher. He would log in, then get sent to debug right after the lobby. if he switched back to my method, joins right in with no issues. Ok, so i tried joining with DayzLauncher, same thing, i get stuck in debug. Ok this got me thinking how DZL is loading, its referencing the Arma 2 directory and the Expansion folder such as: " "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2;Expansion" " ok, so maybe thats my problem on my server. so I attempt to use this param on the server: " start arma2oaserver.exe -port=2302 "-config=instance_11_Chernarus\config.cfg" "-cfg=instance_11_Chernarus\basic.cfg" "-profiles=instance_11_Chernarus" -name=instance_11_Chernarus "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2;Expansion;@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch1051;@DayZ_Epoch_Server" " And this one on the Client thru steam: " -window -nosplash -mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2;Expansion;C:\@ArmaMODS\@DayzOverwatch;C:\@ArmaMODS\@Dayz_Epoch1051 " no dice, Session Lost. Ok, Lets try DZL, nope, same thing, Session Lost. Ok, lets try DZL and connect to someone else's Overpoch server, SAME THING. Ask my buddy to try, Same result. Reinstall EVERYTHING fresh. SAME THING. only a hand full of servers are able to be joined with DZL, and I tried almost EVERY Overpoch server i could find in DZL. Now, back to my method, I am able to join EVERY overpoch server i can find in the Server browser with out issue. So im asking all the server owners and gamers to fill me in on the secrete here? People say the whole copy the Addons folder no longer works, but it seems to be the ONLY method that works for me in any configuration. Clients shouldn't have to do anything special to connect to my server, so how are all the Servers on DZL getting people to connect with out issues? Any help would be appreciated, though ive probably tried it. If you comment, ill respond with results.
  25. Hello, I have recently put up a Dayz Overpoch server which has Custom map edits, Custom missions, And starter kits! The Admins are nice but we do have one slot open and when you join just say to an admin "can I have my starter kit." We are also militarized! Name: Cinibun's Militarized Overpoch Server|Starter Kits IP:
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