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  1. I have been able to add zombie spawners and such to epoch, so i have had success adding items in mission.sqm. I am trying to make an area trigger that plays music when players enter it. I have created it in the editor and it works fine. I just cannot seem to get it to work on the epoch server. I placed code into the description.ext and i think that code is bad, and maybe the copied code for mission.sqm needs to be changed. Can someone please post a complete one? (Just the parts I need, not a complete mission.sqm, or description.ext, unless you want to) So I can study it? I wont be able to modify an existing "safe zone dome" code or other code, as i have worked on this for 3 days. I have seen multiple posts, most of which were for "Arma2" Epoch. I have really worked at this and just cant get it. Please help. Also, i did make an intro music for my epoch server, and it works great. So, i have a CfgSounds area in description.ext, and i was putting the trigger into a Sensors area below Items in mission.sqm. Thank You for any help
  2. I cant seem to get smoke or fire modules from the editor to work on my private server. The smoke grenade module works, but the sound ruins immersion. I need colored continuous smoke, and the module would be perfect! I like the effect in single player mode. Any help appreciated. Editing noob, learning...
  3. You can set the zombie faces to any installed face by adding this line of code using any installed face: _zombie setFace "FACENAME_HERE"; Into the following bank in fnc_ZProximity.sqf like below: _zombie disableAI "FSM"; _zombie disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _zombie disableAI "TARGET"; _zombie setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _zombie disableConversation true; _zombie setFace "infected2"; //this face is from Dawn Of The Dead - Infected Skins Addon by gulo _zombie addRating -10000; zarray=zarray+[_zombie]; if (zombierun < 1) then {_zombie setdamage 0.5;}; All zombies will have the same face, BUT at least they will be a zed face if you use the zombie skins from above posts. Does anyone have a way yet to randomize the zombie faces with an array? Thanks this is great!
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