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  1. I can't get this working at all, I get an error everytime saying BEC not found I have all my paths set right I am not new to this, could this be due to BEC being terminated?
  2. So I have been away from hosting my server for some time, I come back today go to start it up (everything was archived) and I get a bunch of really messed up errors, obviously some things needed to updated buuuuuut I am really confused as to how I am suppose to get BEC working again? I guess I don't so my question is how do I go about getting my a2 server back up and running without BEC? What else has changed since I have been gone :/ I mean I really expected to just be able to launch my server start up bat and away we go. Wish I knew this was the case before setting up MySQL and the database etc...
  3. LOL this thread made me smile and then laugh really hard. I love how people are saying you should not have groups of players playing the game the way it is meant. Blowing bases up is wrong? Great idea!!! ......When the only way to see everyone get a chance at building would then be failing maintenance (assuming the people with the base would even let that happen) I like private servers and seeing different rules and play styles. IMO however in such an early stage of development I think servers with higher populations should have reps tarnished publicly if it needs to happen (admin abuse, rere maximus rules, etc). Stops others from wasting time in those servers (give more time back to the real stuff like bug testing instead of arguing with bad admins) might even inspire others to go ahead and start their own :). I would normally say QQ op start a server if you don't like the others out there, but not right now not with so little help and information and scripts to work with. Let alone we can't touch serverside pbo yet. Another note, admins abusing is nothing new, and not surprising. Seeing admins try to defend this stuff with "we have the adminpanel complete deaktivatet" IUNNNNO about that.... I mean really? You host a server and admin it without any admin tools? Sure it can be done, plausible and effective? Fuck no, not a chance. I mean unless you don't give a shit about player problems or bugs and just ignore chat. I can imagine this "admin can you help me I am stuck in a wall and won't die", "SURE LET ME RUN 5KM to get there and then stare at your stuck body because I disabled admin tools XD" FYI only official I have ever gone on since this all started is Mells house, good population, random hackers dropping mortars around the map, seen that a few times, NEVER EVER seen admin abuse or anything negative like this. I have blown up lots of crap to and I never got questioned or in trouble, so maybe try there OP.
  4. Does anyone know a permanent fix for the admin tools kick. I mean I can fix the issue every time the exact same way, it is just annoying to do every single time I start the server. This also make auto restarts a pain in the ass since I need to manually restart it after renaming my Beserver.cfg back to normal. Whenever the cfg files is renamed by the server to "Beserver_active_random#sandletters" my admin tools will not work. I tried making two copies of the cfg, i.e left the renamed one and made a new one beside it. The new just gets renamed as well T_T. Any help is appreciated to help resolve this very annoying issues.
  5. Thank you for the tip. Any ideas how to fix this error. Solved: Changed redis.conf from "maxmemory 4gb" to "maxmemory 2gb"
  6. EDIT resolved Problem - Stuck at Server Initializing / Server not Ready (Error 02) Fix (epochAH) - I was missing { } on adminMenu_Owner[] = {{"STEAMID","ADMINNAME"}}
  7. Is anyone using the server install help sub forum - Yes and is anyone checking the FAQ in there - Yeap Surely it would be quicker- mmm not when no solution is found there, waiting for a reply on the forums - who knows maybe some people are going over guides multiple times, or just afk *shrugs*
  8. Mmm I followed the guide pretty well to a T but I am having issues getting BEC to connect getting "No Valid response.Trying to reconnect"...I have tried changing in the BEC config to my IPv4 address but still no luck connecting. Ports are all open and set across BEC config Any suggestions? **Resolved by starting over from scratch, no idea why it works now and not before, maybe I missed something in the guide. To your post, I symlink everything across and it works fine (always did for A2 and other game servers, A3 should be no exception) My Server folder is about 2GB in size F.Y.I to save space. Python works well for making the process automatic, I have a script I use to do this. If you would like to use it instead of writing your own I would need to ask my friend who wrote the script if I can pm to you however.
  9. Just wanted to pop in and aplogise for the extreme lack of information on my end. I have been extremely busy since late September with school and family, if anyone would like to continue where I left off please feel free to do so. I will finsih these models for L3GO regardless of epochs state at some point (expect a random email) but for now I must refrain from any updates until I have more time to actually dedicate. I had truly hoped to have had this done on my end before I had to return to my studies! Again I do apologise and hope this is understandable for anyone who wanted to see this come to fruition.
  10. I need to mess with this when I got some free time, It did not work however when I tried to use it as it is here.
  11. Unneeded post incoming by me.....but Axeman your humor seriously makes my day when I get up and check these threads before heading out into the big blue world!
  12. I seen a link on his store page before to update your email for an update if you didnt receive one but I can't seem to find it anymore :(
  13. I am not a streamer but I do have an idea of some of the grief stream sniping/stream cheating can cause. I use to play a lot of starcraft/starcraft 2 and as twitch became more popular for these games so did the slew of threads on blizzards posts about banning stream snipers or some sort of solution to this problem. Post of a thread on the Blizzard forums put up by a community manager. I specifically like this part, as I feel it really lays out what is happening here. Albeit I do agree 100% with banning them as this is a test and testing something should not be any harder than it has to be. Live versions of anything be it dayz epoch or any game I really feel as though the above statement blizzard put out is rather logical to the entire issue. "In fact, we cannot enforce any ‘fair play’ policies." <- not only will people lose their minds trying to ban every "stream sniper" but this part -> "if a user chooses to provide their opponent an advantage" is rather true, no? I mean throw a delay up which will hurt live interaction of course or do everything in your power to avoid giving your opponents any advantage with the information laid out on the screen.
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