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  1. No, I might give that a try.. Any idea on how to add that to the server? I really don't know a lot about scripting.
  2. Hello Epoch Community, I do not know much about scripting besides the basics. I am trying to add music that will play when AI hunt down players. I want the music to be played global, and I don't want the music to overlap every time an additional AI patrol joins in to hunt a player. Now, I have tried using tons of scripts on the internet which show the basics of how to play sounds, but no matter what I do I cannot get them to play with AI reinforcements. I have a private server for me and just a few friends, so I want the music to be global. I have the AI as police so I was thinking something like PayDay music to play when cops start chasing the players. I have tried tons of different code but nothing happens. If anyone could help that would be great. If you could also give a step by step guide that would be incredible, because I know little to nothing about where to put the lines of code and stuff.
  3. UPDATE: I deleted the server .rpt file and verified my install. It turned out I was missing 600MB of files from Epoch :P Works fine now!
  4. Hey everyone, I've been at this issue for a few days now- I have a private home server and it was running completely fine for over a month, running the latest version of Epoch. I decided to give Windows 10 a shot for a week, however it did not play well with MySQL or OA for that matter. I reverted back to Windows 7, fresh install. My server PC is running Windows 7 once again, and so is my desktop- and I installed the server the same way I did before and it seems to launch alright-- HOWEVER-- once I join from the desktop, I get a strange multiplayer menu: Also, once I join I get stuck on this screen.. I find it so weird that it does this because I have had no problems with this in the past.. Steam ports are set accordingly, ports forwarded, it's definitely not a hardware issue.. If anyone could help, that'd be great.
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