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  1. I ... I cant be... I cant belive this!
  2. Onto my part. ArmA3 Epoch is great. BUT Im missing the survival feel. and Epoch should be a Survival mod and not Wasteland V2. the Key points are: the Map ( USA should look apocalyptic like Esseker u know ) ( Will be done for sure :D ) Antagonists. ( UAV = -.- Sapper = nah Cultist = cool but rare to find BossSapper = nah with big boom Stone Giant = ok thats cool. ( Zombies = WANT or at least some demons shit the thing is we need antagonist who are allways in towns. 24/7 like the zeds where in arma2. and the BuildingPhysics ( Pls add an option to disable this serverside. ) But Overall good work guys. With much Love to u guys Greetings Fox
  3. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29006 Use these units with a simple random spawn script. should work
  4. unerground2

    Ambient sound

    doesnt work for me i called the sounds from a custom pbo but path should be set correctly
  5. well i tried to make a a new cfgpricing but its not in the epoch client files. a3_epoch_config.pbo it was in there before. but cant find it and why does the mission sqm not work? its directly encoded. why dont they leave it encoded as default?
  6. Decoded the mission.sqm with mikeros tools to add required addons to the list. Server also doesnt start with this but its directly encoded and only modified at the addons section. should also work but doesnt
  7. So ive been trying to get this working but everytime i add one of those files the server doesnt start anymore. No errors in Rpt log so i have no clue whats going on. i got 3 files who should work but they dont do it anymore. Cfg Pricing.hpp loots.h I cant find any errors or typos. anyone got help or tipps for me?
  8. I made it with Chernarus_summer instead of Chernarussummer. but works to. Thx for the help.
  9. :wacko: Im so stupid how did i forget this :lol: Thx guys
  10. Hm still doesnt work. No teleporters and also no Spawntraders or objects at spawntrader locations. Is this correct? class Chernarus_summer : Default { worldSize = 12000; traderBlds[] = { "Land_A_FuelStation_Build", "Land_A_GeneralStore_01", "Land_A_GeneralStore_01a", "Land_A_Office01", "Land_Ind_Garage01", "Land_Ind_Workshop01_04", "Land_Ind_Workshop01_L", "Land_Shed_Ind02", "Land_Tovarna2", "Land_sara_hasic_zbroj" }; telePos[] = { // N [-0.286865,8.17383,-10.3098] // E [13.5127,0.410156,-10.3098] // W [-14.4316,0.112793,-10.3098] { "Transport_W_EPOCH", { -14.4316, 0.112793, -10.3098 }, "", { 4569.52, 4524.24, 0.201431 } }, // South West { "Transport_E_EPOCH", { 13.5127, 0.410156, -10.3098 }, "", { 12077.8, 5121.92, 0.00144958 } }, // South East { "Transport_N_EPOCH", { -0.286865, 8.17383, -10.3098 }, "", { 10688.6, 9428.98, 0.00144958 } } // North East }; Beginning of chernarus_summer.h
  11. Is chernarus summer even supported? i only see a chernarus.h data
  12. Really dont want to annoy anyone with a new post about this; Same Problem like here. No Teleporter pads at the spawnbox near kamenka Anyone got a fix for that? or new coordinates to put into chernarus.h? Using Latest Chernarus Summer version
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