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  1. Hey dude, firstly well done. Real nice Batch. Is it normal that the keepalive_launcher stays open ? I noticed that i only get one server event. :/ Everything loads fine but just curous, cant see any exit points to close it down. Also I have bolted in my own pbo packer into it and that works great. Finally, has anyone got a gracefull shutdown of redis instead of dirty exe execute ? :P Cheers George
  2. Hey dude, only the mission SQF. Different traders and props from what i can see :)
  3. Hey all For some time i have been monitoring the database sizes, as you do B) . I have noticed that one of the servers has a 8mb character data table :huh:. Ok so you would expect 5000+ ines, nope.. 560 lines. For the life of me i cannot understand why this is so large. Comparison to another server that has nearly 2k lines and its roughly 4mb. I have compared the two but looks fine. The only abnormal colum is that the char data has a TIMESTAMP collum, while no other servers DB does. Any ideas ? Cheers George
  4. Like the new changes to the git ;). Very excited to see this in action.
  5. Hey dude, did you seem my post above ? I confirmed the fix, working great. The mod was working for admins only before so we knew the code was working fine. Have you checked both your client and server logs logs ? Obviously there is something else at work if your removed the AH and it still doesnt work ;).
  6. Yeah, we had just scroll actions to the commands but i liked the tidy look :)
  7. #Fixed [:D] I have also left the remove keybinds = true To fix the key bind issue while using Infistar do the following.. In you Ah.sqf look on "Roughly" line 1510 Look for _display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'KeyPress'; _display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'KeyUp'; _display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'onMouseZChanged'; _display46 displayAddEventHandler ['KeyUp','_this call "+_randvar6+";false;']; and change it to _display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'KeyPress'; _display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'KeyUp'; if (!isNil 'donn_problem') then {nosKeyUp = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ['KeyUp','_this select 1 call kUpFunc; false;'];}; _display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'onMouseZChanged'; _display46 displayAddEventHandler ['KeyUp','_this call "+_randvar6+";false;']; Next line 1530 ish dayz_spaceInterrupt"+_randvar6+" = _dayz_spaceInterrupt; _display46 displayAddEventHandler ['KeyDown','_this call dayz_spaceInterrupt"+_randvar6+";']; }; }; to dayz_spaceInterrupt"+_randvar6+" = _dayz_spaceInterrupt; _display46 displayAddEventHandler ['KeyDown','_this call dayz_spaceInterrupt"+_randvar6+";']; if (!isNil 'donn_problem') then {nosKeyDown = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ['KeyDown','_this select 1 call kDownFunc; false;'];}; }; }; finally add at line 1540 ish _display46 = (findDisplay 46); if (!isNull _display46) then { _display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'KeyUp'; _display46 displayAddEventHandler ['KeyUp','_this call "+_randvar6+";false;']; }; }; to _display46 = (findDisplay 46); if (!isNull _display46) then { _display46 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers 'KeyUp'; _display46 displayAddEventHandler ['KeyUp','_this call "+_randvar6+";false;']; if (!isNil 'donn_problem') then {nosKeyUp = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ['KeyUp','_this select 1 call kUpFunc; false;'];}; }; }; Done !! :) A big shout out and thankyou to Infistar for this fix. I was looking in the right place but his god powers just were too much B) Big thanks to Donnovan for his contribution to the community :D Regards George
  8. If you are running Overpoch then its the stalker skins inside zupas custom clothing script. All you need to do is add "sbh_paranoia" to the end of your addOns[]= at the top of you mission smq. Just make sure you have the , in the corect place so its something like this. "goosuksf", "sbh_paranoia" Hope this helps :)
  9. Post edited, noticed a wall of log errors in the rpt, will report when the error is gone :)
  10. Hey dude, have been working through infistars code and trying different things on the _display46 section of the ah. Couldnt help but notice that moving the key into the dayz_spaceinterrupt may help as allot of the AH calls the spaceinterrupt :)
  11. You are a god, i had gone through most the server/client side files and removed most and/or/each to the new code. I had duplicated a row in the spaceinterupt :D Cheers
  12. Hey all Over the last few days our test server has undergone allot of changes "as expected" ;) Somewhere in that mixture we have started encountering the arma staus command menu popping up on the left when pushing any key or the command numbers i.e 1-9. In the mean time we are working backwards to find whats causing it. I have also changed the map to ensure its not a mission.sqf/sqm issue but it does it across the maps. The mission files are 99% identical between maps. Any ideas on this phantom ;) Cheers George
  13. Yeah i did think so, i can understand why as the fsm only runs on request so every time you cause zeds to spawn it would overlap the old file. Meh :P
  14. Ahh very nice find dude ;) It has been bugging me for some time :P Trying to cut errors and mission file size down and now gotta put another file in it. :D Cheers
  15. Hey man I work with windows servers all day long and if you give anything above server 2008 less than 20/30 Gb it will have a fit. You are much better off getting two dedicated drives to run OS on one and server on another. The issue you never want is running out of space, it too much of a pain to deal with when it becomes a problem :)
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