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New Airfield Almyra Salt Flats

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New airfield salt flats Almyra

Download here:




You got two options to add this area to your server:


Pack the folder "a3_epoch_custom" into a .pbo file and throw in your @epochhive\addons.


I wasn`t able to test the .pbo as the file was crashing my arma every time i tried to join my testserver so i can`t guarantee that the objects will spawn if you are using option 1. The server was running fine tho and the .rpt log file showed a running pbo.

I can`t seem to say what is causing mentioned crashes unfortunately. Hopefully it`s just on my machine so that you can use the easy install version. Just try out if it`s working for you and if you encounter the same then you still have option 2.


Unpack your a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo(being located in @epochhive\addons) and replace your "altis.h" (being located in a3_epoch_server_settings\configs\maps) with mine.

If you already have an edited altis.h file then just add the content of "almyra.txt" to it.

Make it a .pbo again and throw back into @epochhive\addons.



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my server was starting and running fine but client was crashing so in the end it is the same result. maybe someone knows why this is being experienced?you still could use option 2 to add it to your server. regards











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      Optional Marker
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      5.Upload mission.sqm to your server and give it a shot!
      I hope I didn't make any mistakes on this post as I haven't posted my own content on here.
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