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  1. Hi, @Ghostrider-DbD- nice holiday. Where can I download the v 6.45 or v 6.46 ?
  2. Hi I have found out some new problems, one is that vehicles and static HMG´s wont be cleared after finising the mission. The other is that bots dont have enough ammunition so they wont fire back if they are under atack. Thanks for solving the problems with mission respawn and ghost missions.
  3. Hello, i have a problem with your Mission Script on my Exile Server Exile. After the Missions Despawn there are spawning no new Missions. They spawn only new if someone clears the Mission. There is also the problem that after clearing a Mission sometimes the new Mission spawns twice but only one of them have a marker. I have the Version from january 11th
  4. hi ty for update. i have a warning message in my rpt.log Warning Message: Script \q\addons\custom_server\Compiles\Functions\GMS_fnc_deleteFromArray.sqf not found and a error 14:23:41 Error in expression <]; _count = 0; waitUntil { count crew _veh > 0}; uiSleep 60; while { (getDamm> 14:23:41 Error position: <_veh > 0}; uiSleep 60; while { (getDamm> 14:23:41 Error Undefined variable in expression: _veh 14:23:41 File q\addons\custom_server\Compiles\Vehicles\GMS_fnc_vehicleMonitor.sqf, line 16 14:23:41 Error in expression <];
  5. miss the new items on traders ItemEmptyTin ItemBurlap ItemSodaAlpineDude ItemAluminumBar ItemCopperBar ItemTinBar ItemBriefcaseGold100oz ItemBriefcaseE ItemPlywoodPack
  6. SERVER: 01. Open the .zip file you have gotten from the store and go into the subfolder "SERVER_ARMA3_FOLDER" 02. Copy & Paste the folder "@infiSTAR_A3" (and all the DLL files from DLLs.rar) into your Arma3 server folder (not in any sub folder of the Arma3 server folder) 03. Go into "SERVER_ARMA3_FOLDER\@infiSTAR_A3\addons\a3_infiSTAR" and modify the "infiSTAR_config.sqf" to your needs. 04. Once you are done, make a PBO file out of the "a3_infiSTAR" folder (You can use PBO Manager or similar tools) and remove the Folder after doing that (so only the pbo is left here: "@infiSTAR_A3\addons") 05. Modify your start .bat file or server init line so it has this "[email protected]_A3;" Example from my test-server: -enableHT -autoinit "[email protected];@infiSTAR_A3" "[email protected]" 06. Open the "infiSTAR_config.sqf" and add your AdminUID(s), then check if the different settings are fine for you :) - do not edit the other files. It is the most important thing that you read carefully through the "infiSTAR_config.sqf" and set all settings correctly for your server. 07. Default Open Menu Key is F1 MPMission - the hpp file (infiSTAR_AdminMenu): To use the infiSTAR_AdminMenu Dialog you will need to edit your current MPMission. Go into your servers MPMissions folder and unpack the mission pbo file you want to run. Now open the "description.ext" and add (just at the very bottom should work fine) this: #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" Now you need to copy the "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" from "MPMission Addition(s)" into the MPMission (so it is right next to your "description.ext"). Repack the mission to a pbo again. You have to do this, or you will not be able to open the AdminMenu..! add your UID in the infistar_config.sqf and do not forget your passwordAdmin write - _serverCommandPassword = 'Enter_serverCommandPassword_FromYourConfigHere'; - _passwordAdmin = 'Enter_passwordAdmin_FromYourConfigHere'; I hope i could help them greetings
  7. the new infistar version this function not more: Check CTRLs on D46 */_C46 = false; /* true or false */ they must if they are kicked indeed possess infistar on the server all upgrade for free or they have infisatr concerned on illegal routes .................................................................................
  8. Hi, Download the new version infistar and the problem took care of itself...
  9. new infistar version : http://update.infistar.de/index.php working fine :)
  10. hi, new infistar version : http://update.infistar.de/index.php working fine :)
  11. Put these two commands to false _RUK = false; _RDK = false; works well on my server :)
  12. hi, ich hoffe damit ihr mir weiterhelfen könnt. infistar blockt das trader menü für normale spieler. hat jemand eine idee wie ich das ändern kann? danke im voraus für eure hilfe hi, I hope that you can help me. infistar makes the trader menu for normal players. has someone like me can change that idea? Thank you in advance for your help
  13. hi ich glaube ich habe einen bug gefunden. ich habe meinen server auf vanilla und ich kann das interaction system nicht benutzen. es ploppt ab und an auf bei den händlern aber es funktioniert nicht. vielleicht könnt ihr mir ja weiterhelfen hi, I think I found a bug. I have my server on vanilla and I can not use the Interaction System. it now and then pops up at the traders but it does not. maybe you can help me yes ich musste meine tastenbelegung ändern xD I had to change my key assignment xD close pls
  14. @dennis behalte deine geistesblitze bitte für dich danke damit hilfst du mir nicht weiter und auch keinen anderen der server ist auch schon tage lang auf vanilla gelaufen und der server lief genauso schlecht aber das muss ich dir ja nicht schreiben du weißt es ja eh besser und was ich an script auf meinen server einbinde ist meine entscheidung @dennis Keep your brainstorms please thank you for you so you do not help me further and no other the server is also running on vanilla for days and the server is running as bad but I have to tell you not even write you know it anyway better and what I add to script to my server's my decision
  15. @richie hi, das ist auch gut so das sich epoch weiterentwickelt. ich finde es schade dass epoch für den kleinen mann der einen game server betreibt nicht mehr nutzbar ist. ich habe mich damit abgefunden und werde mir eine andere mod suchen müssen. ich hatte diese epoch immer sehr gerne gespielt ich wünsche euch weiterhin viel erfolg mit epoch. google translate Hi, this is a good thing that evolved Epoch. I find it a pity that epoch for the little man of a game server no longer operates is available. I have resigned myself to and'm going to find another mod must. I had always enjoyed playing this epoch I wish you continued success with Epoch.
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