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  1. Found it, it was because after the closing ] for the server restarts section (the last section), there was a comma so it would be looking for another section: 18:59:01 Error in expression <","10:00","14:00","18:00","22:00"]],];
  2. I've got an issue logged on github for this: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/issues/425 I've suggested a hard limit and a soft limit. The soft limit would be the limit of 'un-owned' vehicles, and the hard limit of the max number of vehicles on the server :)
  3. Hey Halv, Does the credits part of this script require any of the other bits? I've taken just that one sqf file, but I'm getting the following in my logs and the credits are appearing: 18:59:01 Error position: <]; { sleep 2; _memberFunction = _x sele> 18:59:01 Error Missing [ 18:59:01 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\addons\credits.sqf, line 85 18:59:01 Error in expression <","10:00", "14:00","18:00","22:00" ] ], ]; { sleep 2; _memberFunction = _x sele> Paul
  4. My server was missing the markers the other day. It was because I had put the missions in another folder though rather than in the root of the mission.pbo. Ghost - one thing which might be good going forward (which we did on one of our servers), is to colour the missions differently. We changed them to that they were in colour order (red is the hardest, then orange, green blue). It makes more sense to have the hardest one as Red, as red means danger ;-)
  5. Anyone else getting loads of errors in their rpt file?: 20:52:49 Error in expression <HitFace max HitNeck> 20:52:49 Error position: <HitFace max HitNeck> 20:52:49 Error Undefined variable in expression: hitface 20:52:49 Error compiling 'HitFace max HitNeck' in 'HitHead' 20:52:49 Error in expression <HitPelvis max HitAbdomen max HitDiaphrag> 20:52:49 Error position: <HitPelvis max HitAbdomen max HitDiaphrag> 20:52:49 Error Undefined variable in expression: hitpelvis 20:52:49 Error compiling 'HitPelvis max HitAbdomen max HitDiaphragm max HitChest' in 'HitBody' 20:52:49 Error in expression <HitArms> 20:52:49 Error position: <HitArms> 20:52:49 Error Undefined variable in expression: hitarms 20:52:49 Error compiling 'HitArms' in 'HitHands'
  6. *sigh* 0.3.5 released 10 minutes after I asked lol Looks good. Might do a complete new server for it and change map though. Although I have to wait for Gaming Deluxe to release their updater first anyway
  7. Hey Guys Just wondered what was happening? Is 0.3.5 coming soon? It seems that since Exile came out, not much has really happened. Hopefully, something really big and exciting will be coming out at some point and people will start to play epoch a bit more. We run a PVE server, which I know isn't the most popular anyway, but we only see a max of 3 or 4 people on at a time these days, but the normally only seem to have 1/2 on during the week in peak hours. Paul
  8. This looks like it's worked :)
  9. You can download that dll from the same place as you download eliteness. It might tell you to do another as well
  10. We use Halv's repair and rearm script: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/34454-repair-rearming-script/&page=1 That allows you to rearm any vehicle (at a cost) at the petrol stations (or any other building you want to set)
  11. dnk_paul

    Vehicle limit.

    Yes, it would refill them. And I'm not sure. It's something I struggle with all the time. Buy a vehicle, then delete/blow up others on the server. Seems hit and miss on whether it saves it through the restart or not
  12. dnk_paul

    Vehicle limit.

    The limit is set by however many vehicles you tell to spawn. So if you set it to spawn 20 ifrits and 20 hunters, your vehicle limit would be 40.
  13. I logged this as a bug in, as even if you removed the exclusions they didn't take affect. The settings are now in a config file, and is referenced in description.ext instead
  14. No worries. I only say it because epoch doesn't spawn tanks as default. We have them as buyable vehicles on our server, but we're PVE anyway so they're used for doing missions (depending on whether players want to risk a 30k tank at a mission which is spec'd to cope with tanks. I just didn't want you throwing a decent mod away due to something an owner has implemented.
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