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    • By Thug
      I have setup many Epoch servers over the past 4 years. All of which were built on old PC's I have.
      Players have no problem getting into game.
      In the past month I built a Dedicated Server  Xeon, Server board, Server memory, etc 
      Installed Windows 2016 essentials on it.
      Set up a game server, one that has dinosaurs in it.    It works!
      Have the same Taviana Epoch server working on a nomal PC, Players can join!
      Now on with my problem
      Installed MySQL for Windows
      Installed all files for the Taviana Epoch Server
      Created a data base called tavi_2365
      Have port forwarded the port of 2365
      Setup new rules for inbound and outbound 2365 in the firewall
      When I start the server all goes as planned
      Server starts up
      Can see the server from my computer
      When I try to join, I get the lobby and click ok
      The loading screen comes up and the first white bar runs as normal
      The second white bar starts and says waiting for server to start authentication
      Then times out at 120 seconds
      On my second monitor I am watching the server load
      It gets to game started and it just sets there
      Database never starts, get the following error in server RPT
       2:09:23 "HIVE: Starting"
       2:09:24 Error in expression <erver_hiveReadWrite;
      _outcome = _result select 0;
      if (_outcome == "PASS") then {>
       2:09:24   Error position: <select 0;
      if (_outcome == "PASS") then {>
       2:09:24   Error select: Type String, expected Array,Config entry
       2:09:24 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 23
      Below are my Server RPT, Client RPT, HiveExt.ini, and server_monitor.sqf
      server RPT
      client RPT
      Had to install all of the Visual C++  from 08 to 17   they were a little hard to find, but I did it.    Thanks to all that helped me.   @juandayz @icomrade  and more
      below is a pic of what I had to install to get it to work
      https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/MS Visual C.PNG
      Here is a link to my drop box for a .rar and a .zip for all the MS Visual C++ that I used to get my dedicated server working.
      https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/All Microsoft Visual C%2B%2B Redistributables.rar
      https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/All Microsoft Visual C%2B%2B Redistributables.zip
    • By Clark
      so am looking for a arma 2 dedicated server 
      wheres the best place togo for this
    • By Dawsy
      Im new to setting these up and need some guidance while I learn to set a server up. 
      You can find me on this ts -> ts.digitalhazards.net
    • By gdubmx
      Hey guys,  total noob and huge epoch fan here. I've tried to follow the 2014 epoch server setup guide but have ran into some difficultys.
      Basically I've followed all the steps but when I test the direct connection feature in game if never finds my server.
      Is there a new guide on how to achieve this?  I simply wanna run my own server to play single player on with the alaska terrain.  Really appreciate the help and sorry if this is in the wrong section.  Thanks guys. 
    • By starworlds
      GB69 Hardcore-Frags.com [Custom][PvP][Chernarus][@AIA and @CUP][Epoch][Missions][Dedicated]
      We are looking to invite this great community to come and try out our 24/7 Dedicated servers, our team push's to bring you new content on a weekly basis adding great features and add-ons to the game!
      After 3 months of working hard to produce a stable and quality server we would like to now open the gates to everyone!
      So together with our Custom home made Cherno server map and our added features we have hoped to create a excellent server for you all.
      We have now Launched 2 Servers with the same additions! So now you can play with the @CUP mod or @AIA mod allowing you to decide how to play!
      Remote Connect Info...
      To Play Our Server...
      Please Download The Epoch Mod (Current)
      Please Download The @CUP Core & @CUP Terrain Mods From Steam Workshop
      Please Download The @All In Arma Map Pack Which Is Available In The Epoch Downloads Section
      Status Bar
      Custom Spawn Gear
      New Map Additions (Only available on our server)
      Custom Loot
      Custom Traders
      Auto and Manual Ear Plugs
      @Cup Addon Server
      @AllInArma Addon Server
      Server Side Missions
      Added Vehicles
      New Loot Spawns
      3 Hour Restarts
      More Added Weekly
      Some Of Our Map Edits [Pics]
      So hope to see you guys and girls come and use the server for a bit of fun and get to build and hold the base of your dreams while having the fun you deserve :)
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