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Found 18 results

  1. I have setup many Epoch servers over the past 4 years. All of which were built on old PC's I have. Players have no problem getting into game. In the past month I built a Dedicated Server Xeon, Server board, Server memory, etc Installed Windows 2016 essentials on it. Set up a game server, one that has dinosaurs in it. It works! Have the same Taviana Epoch server working on a nomal PC, Players can join! Now on with my problem Installed MySQL for Windows Installed all files for the Taviana Epoch Server Created a data base called tavi_2365 Have port forwarded the port of 2365 Setup new rules for inbound and outbound 2365 in the firewall When I start the server all goes as planned Server starts up Can see the server from my computer When I try to join, I get the lobby and click ok The loading screen comes up and the first white bar runs as normal The second white bar starts and says waiting for server to start authentication Then times out at 120 seconds On my second monitor I am watching the server load It gets to game started and it just sets there Database never starts, get the following error in server RPT 2:09:23 "HIVE: Starting" 2:09:24 Error in expression <erver_hiveReadWrite; _outcome = _result select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 2:09:24 Error position: <select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 2:09:24 Error select: Type String, expected Array,Config entry 2:09:24 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 23 Below are my Server RPT, Client RPT, HiveExt.ini, and server_monitor.sqf server RPT https://pastebin.com/6M9sG9RB client RPT https://pastebin.com/9ayVMXjF hiveext.ini https://pastebin.com/3wx9VDM9 server_monitor.sqf https://pastebin.com/fUnU09Gp UPDATE PROBLEM SOLVED Had to install all of the Visual C++ from 08 to 17 they were a little hard to find, but I did it. Thanks to all that helped me. @juandayz @icomrade and more below is a pic of what I had to install to get it to work https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/MS Visual C.PNG Here is a link to my drop box for a .rar and a .zip for all the MS Visual C++ that I used to get my dedicated server working. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/All Microsoft Visual C%2B%2B Redistributables.rar https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/487376647/All Microsoft Visual C%2B%2B Redistributables.zip
  2. so am looking for a arma 2 dedicated server wheres the best place togo for this
  3. Im new to setting these up and need some guidance while I learn to set a server up. You can find me on this ts -> ts.digitalhazards.net
  4. Following the forum software upgrade, this post became invisible. I can't seem to make it work any more not sure what's wrong and don't have the time to mess with it any more. Here is a quick fix, I took the code 1st post BB code and converted to HTML. Published the resulting HTML code in GitLab repo at https://gitlab.com/themgm/Arma_3_Misc/raw/master/HOWTO_setup_Arma_3_Epoch_Dedicated_Server/HOWTO_setup_Arma_3_Epoch_Dedicated_Server.html Sadly the one above does show as TEXT and not HTML web page. Here is a hack to the hack, I copy & pasted the code to a web developer pastebin-like site, here is the link: http://output.jsbin.com/cejamiwaxa Until I have time to troubleshoot just use the above link please. To mods: this new forum software does seem to suck BTW :(
  5. GB69 Hardcore-Frags.com [Custom][PvP][Chernarus][@AIA and @CUP][Epoch][Missions][Dedicated] We are looking to invite this great community to come and try out our 24/7 Dedicated servers, our team push's to bring you new content on a weekly basis adding great features and add-ons to the game! After 3 months of working hard to produce a stable and quality server we would like to now open the gates to everyone! So together with our Custom home made Cherno server map and our added features we have hoped to create a excellent server for you all. We have now Launched 2 Servers with the same additions! So now you can play with the @CUP mod or @AIA mod allowing you to decide how to play! Remote Connect Info... @CUP EPOCH SERVER @AIA EPOCH SERVER To Play Our Server... Please Download The Epoch Mod (Current) Please Download The @CUP Core & @CUP Terrain Mods From Steam Workshop OR Please Download The @All In Arma Map Pack Which Is Available In The Epoch Downloads Section Features... Status Bar Custom Spawn Gear New Map Additions (Only available on our server) Custom Loot Custom Traders Auto and Manual Ear Plugs @Cup Addon Server @AllInArma Addon Server Server Side Missions Added Vehicles New Loot Spawns 3 Hour Restarts More Added Weekly Some Of Our Map Edits [Pics] So hope to see you guys and girls come and use the server for a bit of fun and get to build and hold the base of your dreams while having the fun you deserve :)
  6. Hi guys, i am looking for some help firing up another Epoch server. I had my own server sometime last year and had a great time and even made a little profit off of it, but eventually i gave up on it. I was looking at creating a new server, and was looking at some pricing and was asking for some help. For Survival Servers its coming out to $18 a month for a 50 slot server (wow thats cheap). And i was looking at Vilayer, which comes to about $30.57 for a 30 slot server. Is it worth it to take the cheaper route and go with Survival? I can pay for Vilayer, but im trying to find the most cost effective route, but i also dont want a server no one will play on. I am planning on going into college in a few months for computer engineering/science and perhaps becoming a software engineer. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. Hello! It's been a while since we last time hosted servers. Back in the days we had a dedicated server from Vilayer. Now I see they have increased their prices so I was thinking if you guys could recommend some good hosts. We are looking to run at least 2-3 arma servers and a ts server. Price range 80-160€/month. Also it would be cool if it had some ssd in it. Post your suggestions!
  8. Looking for dedicated players? -Looking for a team based clan look no further- The Legion is a wide known Community in Standalone, ArmA III, Breaking Point, and Epoch. Each member has specific rolls that they can earn. Such as arms dealer, sniper, car dealer, and the occasional OP clan member with most kills and many more!! Rank up and collect them all!! Every new member is welcomed to their play style and platform in our Community. We do hold Clan organized wars, Inner clan scrimmages, Fun weekly events, & Group practices. Each member of our Legion are dedicated non-relentless players dying to achieve there inner gamer goals seeking out for the next entertainment of these post apocalyptic worlds, living threw the shit we die in not know what the outcome will be but knowing what damage they have caused and left , wouldn't you want to as well then why haven't you applied yet? http://www.TheLegion.tk Click it and become Legend
  9. Hey guys figured I share this http://www.dedispec.com/client/aff.php?aff=013 Their servers are affordable and you get your own dedicated machine with remote desktop and full control. Customer service is reliable and efficient.
  10. My fellow Epoch players, I need help administering my server and am looking to the community for help. I just want to play with my friends IRL and need someone to run the server. We do all the coding (engineers at thrilling jobs by day), and we are just looking for someone to inhabit and run the server for the players. In fact, I don't even know if I want to have admin access in game. I just want to do the code, pay the server bill and run around murdering stuff. We're in our mid-30s with kids and mortgages and don't have the time to be cool admins. Anyway, please send me an email at dayznoobsonly @ gmail.com or PM here. Requirements Can you be respectful to players and treat them like human beings? Will you not abuse your godlike powers to spawn anything in-game or slay people? If the owners (me) ask you to do something, are you open to taking direction? We've had admins in the past who were banhammer-loving-psychos and murdered the player base. What I'm worried about here is if I say, "Go easy on people and pay attention to #1 above," will you then lose your $hit? Many thanks for reading this and to the dev for making such a fantastic mod (even though it's only alpha!!!). Server info: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Thanks!!!
  11. Hello, Just a quick question for dedicated server owners that host DayZ off the machines. What Operating System do you have your Dedicated running? I used to use "Windows Server 2008 R2", but changed over to "Windows Server 2012 R2" at the start of 2014. I ask because i am experiencing many problems when it comes to lag/desync when i have more than 45 players online: Server scripts are all tested and working - ran through everything this should not be causing problems. Server has plenty of resources and bandwidth to use, configs/db set up correctly. Any Basic.cfg changes i make have little or no effect on performance, and it is driving me crazy. This is running 2012 R2, i cannot remember what it used to run like back in 2013 whilst on 2008 R2. I have been told by some people that Windows server 2012 is not good for hosting Arma servers and it is probably causing the problems, anyone know about this or can confirm? Please share any information or experiences you have had with dayz and windows server 2008 / 2012. Thanks :)
  12. Markokil321


    Please remove, posted in wrong section. Apologies.
  13. Logan

    BEC and restarts

    Just got my dedicated server all up and running and I'm having some issues with BEC. It seems to stick at Waiting for server startup, nothing else happens after that. Also wondering how I would make the server auto restart every 4 hours, BEC Config.cfg - http://pastebin.com/hJJYkxiB Scheduler.xml - http://pastebin.com/PyfTWyGX Server restart batch - http://pastebin.com/w3eddT8d I've read a few guides and they all seem to be different, been at this for about the whole day, getting a little frustrating now.
  14. Hello all, I am warthog and am needing a bit of help with installing epoch onto a Dedicated Server. I currently run an epoch server with dayz.st and the server just doesn't seem to have -uhnf- to keep going. I'd like to get someone to help me choose a dedicated server to purchase size-wise and all that stuff (had one with NFO servers previously and liked how the server quality was with them, would like to use them again). Would also need help majorly on installation of the server and converting my current database & Pbo's onto the new server. Helping with adding scripts would be a plus if you've got the time, if not, no worries. I would be more than happy to donate for the time you are willing to waste helping me out :P Can contact me via email @ [email protected] Thanks, Warthog
  15. Hey Guys! I've recently created a new dedicated server which is up and can be played on. However when trying to set up BEC I end up hitting the message "No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.!" when BEC attempts to connect to the battleye server. As well as this whenever I attempt to connect through RCON to the server I get a similar message of "Could not connect to server!" (this is using EPM Rcon). I think I am missing something obvious, the RCON password is set in the battleye/beserver.cfg file. If anyone knows what I am missing I would be very grateful for the help :D ------- ISSUE Resolved. Was pointing at the wrong Battleye (pointing at arma2\battleye rather than arma2\instance_1....\battleye)
  16. Okay, time for another dedicated server question(s) We currently have 3 dayz.st servers...and we are tossing around the idea of moving to a dedicated server. Now, besides cash, what's needed? To me, its ultra confusing. Whats the ideal specs to run multiple servers on one box? we're looking at; 2 x Intel Xeon E5520 16GB memory 1TB Hard drive 100MBPS Network Port Unmetered Bandwidth Thats just the basic, not including all the extras we can add. Now to host, you need a windows license and TCAdmin? Sorry for the millionth question about dedi boxes, just want some concrete info about them, before we bite off more than we can chew. Only conrete info I've come across is "go dedicated" lol, so I ask, HOW!? Thanks in advance guys!
  17. Hey! Myself and my team of admins are currently thinking of moving our server to a dedicated server. We currently use DayZ.ST for our game server and multiplay for voice com however we are having desync problems daily whenever the server goes above 45/50 players. The only issue we are having is finding a good spec list of what our new server will need to choose a package that is right for us. Price isn't really an issue as our donations are above 100 per month so far so we want to reward our users with the best possible performance. For example, would this package be suitable for our needs and maybe allow more than one game server to be ran? Intel Core i5 3570 (3.4+ GHz) 8Gb (1x8,192Mb DDR3 1333Mhz) 500Gb SATA3 100 MBit/s Uplink Port This is from Vilayer and costs 74.95 euros. Of course this can be changed but if anyone knows of a 'better' dedicated server host please advise :D Thanks for any help in advance! If this is posted in the wrong area please delete the thread and message me the right place to seek assistance!
  18. Okay, so I'm fairly new to this forum and I really wish someone had made a post like this before even though its really simple. has some of the stuff I'm going over, and also has some things that I don't so i suggest looking at that because it is necessary. FULLY READ BOTH POSTS Also, make sure you actually update your game! 1. Backup your ENTIRE server folder, mine is named "Dayz Server (E)", and name the backup whatever you want as long as you are able to tell the difference "DAYZBACKUP" "EPOCHSTUFF" "ILYKEBOYZ" etc This includes everything that you use to maintain your server. Make sure you keep the original! 2. Download both the Server AND Client files from DayzEpoch.com 3. Unpack both of these and copy them to your original this will update your server. 3a. DayZ_Epoch_Server_1.0.4_Release Copy straight over these folders; [email protected]_Epoch_Server -Battleye -MPMissions -SQL -Tools Open these and copy contents -Binaries -Configs (The type of server you're running) MAKE SURE YOU GO IN HERE AND CHANGE WHAT YOU NEED TO -Keys 3b. DayZ_Epoch_Client_1.0.4_Release_a1 Copy "@DayZ_Epoch" straight over 4. Now what I did was I ran the server like that, joined, and then backed out and shut it down. I dont know if you have to do this or not. 5. Delete your old Database.dll (Epoch is now using new .Dll's instead. 6. Add back in your mods one at a time and make changes if they don't work! This process seemed to be a lot faster than trying to go through every file and see what changed I should say again that I am new to this and I am not really experienced in this at all. If you see anything that is wrong PLEASE comment so people know what to do instead or what not to do. Also, I know this is a newbie thing so you don't have to tell me, just trying to help people so they have a more enjoyable experience. With the update some stuff has changed (clearly) so here are a few links that helped me find what I needed when I was adding back in my mods Plot pole radius Killed a hacker moved (spawned vehicles exploding) EbayN00B's post in If you have any links that helped you please post those also!
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