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  1. -=GB69=- Brought to you by www.Hardcore-frags.com Hello all and welcome to out shameful push at advertising! Hardcore-frags.com is a community (all but rather new) which is pushing all forms of Arma III servers, but we are here to shout about our brilliant lag free, high fps Epoch servers. All our servers run the same modded mission which includes a status bar, missions, high loot, map edits, earplugs and more. Not only that the mission is always under development through our own test server. We have even worked on the server timing to give you 2 nights and 2 days during each restart! When it comes to running servers we are not coming at you with a silly home build computer or even a little Vps, we have under the hood a high powered very expensive fully up scalable dedicated server which will be hosting a variety of arma III servers pushing at our 12 core beast of a computer... We push for high server FPS and uninterrupted gaming with no down time, policed by a friendly non abusing admin team which strive to make sure you have a great time and even give you a helping hand every now and again... We are Bambi friendly and welcome new players. We have made fantastic map edits and would love you to come and explore all the custom features they offer. We currently run our Chernarus map through all in arma which can be downloaded on this sites downloads section but we also offer currently a Altis and Stratis version of the Epoch experience with plenty more servers coming as we perfect them. We would love to hear your feed back and we hope to see you around! Any clans / groups that would be interested in a slight head start then your more then welcome to contact us, during this recruitment time. We are also looking for moderators for the servers but would expect some game time first. Hope to see you soon!
  2. We have now launched a second server! This time with the @AIA map pack! so now you can chose how you would like to play our servers!
  3. We would like to offer to get the ball rolling a bit the first 5 clans (4 or more people) to join our server and become a regular group a customised home! it will be up to you to protect it as the objects would be static but would provide a great building platform for a base with included barracks and gear spawn buildings! We have also now added High Loot Cleared up for Hight server FPS and added Black Market Trading
  4. GB69 Hardcore-Frags.com [Custom][PvP][Chernarus][@AIA and @CUP][Epoch][Missions][Dedicated] We are looking to invite this great community to come and try out our 24/7 Dedicated servers, our team push's to bring you new content on a weekly basis adding great features and add-ons to the game! After 3 months of working hard to produce a stable and quality server we would like to now open the gates to everyone! So together with our Custom home made Cherno server map and our added features we have hoped to create a excellent server for you all. We have now Launched 2 Servers with the same additions! So now you can play with the @CUP mod or @AIA mod allowing you to decide how to play! Remote Connect Info... @CUP EPOCH SERVER @AIA EPOCH SERVER To Play Our Server... Please Download The Epoch Mod (Current) Please Download The @CUP Core & @CUP Terrain Mods From Steam Workshop OR Please Download The @All In Arma Map Pack Which Is Available In The Epoch Downloads Section Features... Status Bar Custom Spawn Gear New Map Additions (Only available on our server) Custom Loot Custom Traders Auto and Manual Ear Plugs @Cup Addon Server @AllInArma Addon Server Server Side Missions Added Vehicles New Loot Spawns 3 Hour Restarts More Added Weekly Some Of Our Map Edits [Pics] So hope to see you guys and girls come and use the server for a bit of fun and get to build and hold the base of your dreams while having the fun you deserve :)
  5. Hi could anyone help at all... When players join the server they TP to spawn and within a few min they have TP back there? anyone have this problem before?
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