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[Release] Single Currency (3.0) & Storage - DEFAULT HIVE

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[Release] Single Currency (3.0) & Storage - DEFAULT HIVE

Since the majority of people wanted this i want to bring it to attention in this section to.



What is it?


This script replaces gold,silver,tin,copper,briefcases by 1 virtual currency with a configurable name. You can buy,sell, give, receive, take (from dead bodies) and STORE this money like it was a normal inventory item. ( It will work with a different dialog then your gear dialog.) 


No more smelting gold into silver or anything related to that. Everything is in one currency ( For example "ZupasticiumCoins"). 



I probably will code this inthe default epoch code and send a merge request to Epoch Devs with an option to do 

DZE_SingleCurrency = true/false;

And if they accept it , it might be in 1.6 ^^



Topic can be found here in the subforums: ( all Detailes explained there).



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Nvm, only just saw your updated topic :)


Im creating a database script to convert the database back the default database and copy the bank + money to 1 ammount and put it on the players new money ( then then have to store it in objects themselves).


But it's not ready yet ( that script).


For code wise, i would follow the code and just delete the rest that isn't used anymore.

Because this is a independent relaese, not an upgrade

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Is the amount of coin supposed to save to the database when leaving the game or is that not implemented yet?


It's get saved in the inventory/gear section,


Be sure u edited player_sync and use my gearSet.sqf

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You da man!


i have a question for you, i am using DZMS and WAI on my server and want players to gain coins by killing each ai, and am wondering how i would go about doing this.


Many thanks,


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Im having this error when trying to join my own server in my client RPT file:


Error in expression <ace getVariable "AsReMixhud";
_vitals = _wpui displayCtrl 4900;
_Player = player>
  Error position: <_wpui displayCtrl 4900;
_Player = player>
  Error Undefined variable in expression: _wpui
File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tavi\ZSC\compiles\playerHud.sqf, line 16

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any idea on why this causes rubber band lag? 


(Rubber band lag) = you run then return to where you started running. 


I get this on ever server that is running this. I asked my mate to try. He gets the same thing.  It tends to vary in how bad it is: sometimes you can't go anywhere for 2-4 tries. 

Example: you run out of a building, then warp back inside, (repeat 2x,3x,4x).  


Not lag because I checked my ping and latency against the host site.


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