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  1. 404 on the dropbox link
  2. I have no idea what you are going on about mate. "grayness" or you just being a cheeky git?
  3. Ok so I've played a good bulk of hours on Epoch/A3 and Exile/A3. - Exile is easy mode. you start with bambi protection. If you die, you don't lose anything, besides whats on your body. Any monetary gains are kept. - Epoch not easy mode unless a sever owner like my little ponies. debug monitor: take cues from Exile. you run out of energy running... again take cues from Exile. "auto run" take cues, from Exile. I won't play Exile because its WAY too easy to be OP in one day. I had a strider before my 3rd hour. 5th hour, had a base locked down and two striders. pointless. Epoch put me off with that whole run mechanics. I'm not doing a walking simulator. Did the whole DayZ sneaker-net. . . not doing it again. Currently put-off on any mods that are running on A3. I wrote this on the Exile forums as well. Long as A2 is alive its better game play. How amazing would A3 have been if they just updated the A2 visual engine along with using multi-cores. B.I., no words. SADLY epoch servers have low numbers, basing this off of the A3 launcher while EASY @#[email protected]# mode Exile is full of people. I know all the "I want to impress the Devs" people will flame me but... no care is given.
  4. Just_R


    ok. so if I wanted to modify the original fn_selfactions.sqf and then repack into the dayz_code PBO this would work OR just have the modified bits called from the MPMissions folder. I was having a discussion about this with my mate. I appreciate the answer.
  5. I agree and disagree. You can't always just merge from one file to the next. One section of code will take priority over the other. fn_selfactions is prime example. What people should be doing is only releasing the changes they did. This way all we have to do is diff-merge the custom whatever.sqf with whatever updates is needed.
  6. Just_R


    I have a question or two. I watched a video by a well named person on these forums. He basically stated we can move things from the init.sqf into the variables.sqf thus eliminating double calls to the dayz_code.pbo. for example: spawnShoremode = 0; // Default = 1 (on shore) spawnArea= 800; // Default = 1500 DynamicVehicleDamageLow = 75; // Default: 0 DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 100; // Default: 100 MaxVehicleLimit = 100; // Default = 50 MaxDynamicDebris = 0; // Default = 100 dayz_MapArea = 16000; // Default = 10000 MaxMineVeins = 1; MaxAmmoBoxes = 5;These above things can be stated at the beginning of variables.sqf, then repacked into the PBO. this being said, why can't we do this with compiles.sqf? fn_selfactions? etc? instead of copying these files to our MPMission folder plus the changes needed for the mod(s) -- so it ends up double calling things along with adding to an increased mission file?
  7. I dont know why A3 is [email protected]#. Not specifically shaming Epoch but most all mod currently are meh. I am actually running across a lot of people returning to A2 because they think the game play is crap on A3. I have thousands of hours on A2. I don't plan on leaving it anytime soon. The only other survival / zombie based game I like would the one with Seven Days in it's name.
  8. Here is the best way to find out if someone is hacking. check the age of the steam account. If the player is a lower level and has his profile on private, watch him like a hawk. Hackers have to inject past BE. The current way they do it is: they stop or pause BE so they get a lot of BE timeouts and get kicked. The legacy GUID should be because of having your ArmA account before they change over from gamespy to 100% steam. Newer accounts probably don't have the legacy tag. Hackers are not going to risk their main account. if you want to check steam ID # and what their GUID # is, go here: http://codepen.io/micovery/full/bNbLqL converts steam IDs into GUID #
  9. I use Vert. Customer service is #1. They are fast on responses and helpful.
  10. Ok so you can have this called before any arrays are defined? I am use to top-down programming meaning you have to define the array or variable then you can do magic like this. So basically it will see the M16A2 lets say in _primary and then select stang round without you having define it, lets say in a separate array? I will have to research out how this works. See my ABOVE post
  11. Agreed Plot4Life and Snap Pro needs to be a standard into Epoch. Along with Advance traders.
  12. Zupa, Can we have an on-going, online file, that explains some of the Epoch variables like: (adding to it as people ask) PVDZE_veh_UpdateWe get modders than add in their own code that don't take in account that servers will be running multiple mods that maybe pushing the same publicVariable(s). Overwriting each other and in essence breaking the previous guy's call. Raymix covered this in one of his videos. Probably because no one has a real clear understanding of what things do what. I walked into this community knowing zero. I followed about five guys and their code / videos that are actually helpful in posting why they did what they did if someone inquires. I learned more from one hour of watching a video covered by Raymix than I did reading 100 hours of forums posts. Things like this will only help the community as a whole. I know people want "custom" servers that aren't like everyone else but .. at this point how does that help A2/Epoch? it really doesn't. Lastly keep: loot spawns, or whatever options available to the server owners. Not everyone wants: god like bases or extremely non-existent loot spawning. The more options that are available to the community - the longer A2/Epoch will be around. my two cents :)
  13. I know, we as admins, always have to deal with flood of hackers that love to run into a server and trash it for entertainment purposes. I was getting feedback from people saying BattleEye wasn't banning people for months or at least for a month on the min. I broke down and wrote to BE about this subject. BE (BattleEye) responded back with some very encouraging emails stating they are actively after users that are "hacking". They are very aware of the top gentlemen who are producing the bypasses. I find it encouraging that I did get good responses back from BE. I was honestly expecting a cut and paste response, no response, or some type of angry response. I've had conversations with Punk Buster about their system always failing which I was told in not so many words to choke on a summer sausage. NO anti-hack is 100% nor will it every be, but if you had complaints or concerns about BattleEye,. . . you shouldn't. They are keeping toe-to-toe with these guys (hackers/scripters). I know a few of the members of this forum are some of the more well known scripters: I expect some trollin' from this. BE in combination with some of the tools out there will help admins with their jobs but never expect to be 'hack' free. (Don't ask me to post my emails - I'm not going to)
  14. BetterDeadThanZed, Can you explain this portion is more detail for the folks that have no clue but are trying to learn? like me :D sorta figured it out below. Can someone verify if it is correct or not? thanks! find_suitable_ammunition = { private["_weapon","_result","_ammoArray"]; _result = false; _weapon = _this; _ammoArray = getArray (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "magazines"); if (count _ammoArray > 0) then { _result = _ammoArray select 0; }; _result }; loadout_fnc_selectRandom = { _this select (floor random (count _this)) // floor gives equal distribution of numbers randomly _this select (floor random (count _primary)) // this is what it sees counts the # inside the array then returning a result to _this };UPDATE: I figured this out (to an extent). loadout_fnc_selectRandom is a custom made function. find_suitable_ammunition is used to sort out the list called by loadout_fnc_SelectRandom (randomly). Since you can't call BIS_fnc_Random before the compiles you have to define your own custom function. _primary = ["M16A2","M16A4","M4A1","Sa58P_EP1","Sa58V_EP1","AKS_74_U","AK_47_M","AK_74","FN_FAL","Winchester1866"]; call loadout_fnc_selectRandom;calls the custom function which adds up the total # inside _primary array, returns a value (10 in my above example - 10 weapons are defined). floor random will generate one random number (lets say picks #3 "M4A1") this will be passed to _this. _secondary = ["glock17_EP1","Colt1911","M9","Makarov","revolver_EP1"] call loadout_fnc_selectRandom;this does the same assigning one of the defined secondary weapons to the array called _secondary. _ammo = _primary call find_suitable_ammunition; // takes the selected weapon picked from loadout_fnc_selectRandom passed it to find_suitable returns mag to _ammo _ammos = _secondary call find_suitable_ammunition; // does the same for _secondarythis will get the appropriate ammo selection for the weapon selected for _primary. it passes ["M4A1"] to _ammoArray = getArray (configfile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "magazines"); now this part I just assume is is finding the named weapon and locating its proper magazine and dumping into another array. Then we are dumping that array into _ammoArray. NOTE: After researching I found that if the muzzle types like GL (Grenade Launchers) might prove this to be an issue? GetArray (configfile emphasis on configfile. Since I am assuming it pulls any class names from this file. I found this blurp: "Contains the game configs as they exist in memory when the game is running" . Have to assume that "cfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "magazines"); is a pre-defined search (built-into-ArmA) that finds (M4A1) >> then its magazine class name that is associated with that weapon? if (count _ammoArray > 0) then { _result = _ammoArray select 0; }; _resultif ( "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag" > 0) then { _result = _ammoArray select 0; then passes this to _result?. Count would be #3 in my example. The "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag" is one of the acceptable magazines for "M4A1" the whole part IF (count _ammoArray > 0) then { stumps me... maybe because its 3am. Can anyone expand on this whole theory I just attempted to unfold?
  15. {REMOVE} by OP. The idea was to have the "changes" that the modders were doing in a separate file. example: variables.sqf, whatever changes would be zipped up as variables2.sqf and only contained those changes relative to the mod. Etc. so-forth with any other changes. I'm just diff merging . . . I don't know if the above suggestion would be more of ahassle or easier for someone "new" to applying mods to servers or not.
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